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Boston Mod Remastered V1 [Coming soon]

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I have been working on a project for a few months now off and on. I have decided to rework and fix some issues for the Boston Mod by FINN. I do plan on a release, assuming I am able to receive permissions from the proper folks. 


All original credits can be found in "EM4 Boston SubMod read me credits".

Work done by Mentor1159/TTBL225:
Edited and Fixed fire station scripts
Added Police and EMS station Scripts
Map Fixes
Other general script fixes
Added LWS
Massive Reorganization of File Structure (About 20 hours of work)
Massive reduction in file size due to the removal of unneeded and duplicate files










Original Credits:


EM4 Credits for Boston Sub-Mod Beta 1.0

A big that's to Hoppah for his hard work on The LA Mod. It Would not be possible without him and his team. Mike PI, NewFoundKing

Also a big thanks to list: 

Goog and CFD re-skins and lights 
NNICO models and lightbars.

J.Green for starting the concept for a Boston Mod

Shane Green Map and script work for LA Mod.

Dyson and RAFAEL MFERNANDEZ for models, house and buildings for the NY Mod,scripts,lightbars Tower Ladder,Styker stretcher and script,sirens Manhattan mod. 

Cops for Lightbars and Models Ford Taurus Dodge Ram.

Bama1234 for Models KME engine GMC Ambulance model. 

Ithchboy for Models New KME Engines for for the Boston Mod with parts for Bama's KME.
American car pack and trucks,Lightbars, Police package's.

Quincy and Loot with problem solving on the map and script work. Jd CLark because he love's the Boston Mod and made one of his own. 

All the members for there support and if I missed anyone please notify me thanks again.

Bugs,Problems ladder truck will not return to bay rear door. Fire station 3 an add on. No script also some units placed on the map. A few more bugs. Please anyone feel free to fix them  or to make improvements to the mod. 

Models can not used or altered without permission for the creators. If you use my work just credit me thanks and good luck with modeling you will need it! No one is going to help you at first until you  show a good amount of work. Do a lot of reading on the forum under support section.  I also added a Coronas folder make sure add them to your Em4 data folder open find textuers and replace with coronas folder.    

The Boston Sub-Mod is a take off from the LA Mod by Hoppah. You will need at least 4GB ram and a decent video card. Sorry not made for Intel older systems. I changed the map a little by adding buildings for Manhattan Mod. I also made the re-skins and re-did all the lights for the mod. I added new accidents too. This is a Beta at best and still needs a lot of work. Thanks again Finn have fun playing. 



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1 hour ago, AgentSmith6 said:

Incredibly excited that it's getting resurrected, for obvious reasons. Have you given any thought to reworking EMS at all (BLS and ALS differentiation etc)?

No. All ambulances will be ALS. In my opinion, much like in real life, there isn’t much room for BLS anymore. 

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30 minutes ago, TTBL225 said:

No. All ambulances will be ALS. In my opinion, much like in real life, there isn’t much room for BLS anymore. 

Boston actually runs mostly BLS crews with ALS ambulances/supervisors to run and intercept as needed. Just food for thought

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Hi, I really wait many years for this remastered version. I send you all the good vibes for this! 

years ago I made this private re edit own boston mod, so I have a lot of nostalgia 


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On 3/8/2021 at 2:08 PM, TTBL225 said:

No. All ambulances will be ALS. In my opinion, much like in real life, there isn’t much room for BLS anymore. 

Most EMS, even 911, is BLS.  I'm not saying you should change your plans for the mod because that's entirely up to you (and in the game you really do need ALS more often).  Just saying IRL BLS is still the most common form of ambulance even in large cities. It's really only smaller to medium sized cities that can afford to require all of their firefighters or ems staff to be paramedic qualified.

Source: am a smoky bandaid-boi and worked in a variety of places (U.S.)

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