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  1. Great work guys on the Montana mod man lot's script work and old school units lol! Some nice goose eggs with the map controls.
  2. Nice work on the Ambo EMC what was up with the Aline invasion at Miami Mall 9 to 10 ft beams walking around shopping man massive PD response and not for teens fighting BS on that lol! Some type portal open traced back to Antarctic where you can't past the Ice shelf hmm!!! X files was right lol!
  3. Keep up the good work take your time don't let it take over your family life or friends it can be addicting, just have fun with it good luck!
  4. Looking good but I would have to buy or upgrade to a more advanced computer to play later games still stuck in the past, windos 7 Dell XPS 420 lol!
  5. All set now win RAR didi n't work 7 zip worked, opened the file thanks.
  6. I have google chrome still no luck, oh well.
  7. To stir up some controversy lol! This site is to quiet and why is the tower ladder so screwed up anybody? Yes sorry members that is some of my personal editing of the Miami mod oops! Also just a suggestion we should go with a more modern stretcher like the Stryker but it is pretty cool script how the stretcher go's up and down:)
  8. What is up that ladder all messed up!
  9. Still no luck could be my computer windows 7 pro if working with other members damaged format or corrupt.
  10. Anybody having an issue down loading the mod? I'm getting a file corporation message from mage!
  11. Very International European looking but nice addition to there fleet not crazy about the electric batteries tho!!!
  12. Models are looking great nice work EMC.
  13. Go back to Windows better for older games "DoH"
  14. Looking good 2.5 tho I have not downloaded or played it yet...
  15. I like the ladder Truck it all looks good map in all nice work. I still play the 1.3 London mod I did do a little update to light systems gave my twist and fixed the minor traffic issues but over all they great job on the mod.
  16. It's going to look great when completed.
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