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  1. Yes we do have a Discord https://discord.gg/qzYX4Cvxnm The Dennis has received some more work over the last few days including the Godiva water pump stationed in the rear of the appliance The Dennis wouldn't be much use without a whole range of different equipment to help the crew deal with incidents and casualties so as well as the water pump, lots of equipment has been added too Happy Weekend The Essex Mod Development Team
  2. Hi all, Welcome to the Essex mod page for Emergency 5. Essex is a county in the East of England. One of the home counties, it borders Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to the north, the North Sea to the east, Hertfordshire to the west, Kent across the estuary of the River Thames to the south, and Greater London to the south and south-west. The county town is Chelmsford, which is one of two cities in the county with the other being Southend-on-Sea which was granted city status on the 1st March 2022. Essex mod aims to be the first UK mod for emergency 5, and build a good foundation for other potential UK mods in the future, we are still in early stages of development, and none of this would be possible without the patience and expertise of the Bieberfelde development team, as they have been advising us on modding Emergency 5, seeing as there is such a lack of English documentation getting into Emergency 5 modding can be hard.This mod would literally not be possible without them so a big thank you to the Bieberfelde team. With that said lets dive into the planned features of the mod... What can we expect to see in the mod? Custom high quality models New scripts Custom emergency service buildings New Map ( not in the initial release ) UK Environmental assets/buildings ( slower progress ) The Team Freelancer - Lead Developer/ 3D Artist Fishboe - Lead Developer/ 3D Artist Fig - Environmental 3D Artist Oxygendavid - Environmental 3D Artist Now it's time to show off some of our recent models we have in the pipe line and are due to be ported into game soon. Dennis Sabre The Dennis has been a sight across most of the UK at some point and was a real work horse for the fire service up and down the country. the model has been worked on over the past month or so by myself and fishboe and we are pleased with the results so far. please note it's still a work in progress and still needs it's wheels and lights The model will feature an interior cab ( although basic for polycount reasons ) a pump room on the back which will be coming soon, along with lockers and custom equipment inside them Next on the list is the Bmw 5 series which will be used by Essex police's traffic units and ARV This model has been made by fishboe and is currently awaiting textures, This too will include an interior Lastly I've been working on the workhorse of the East England Ambulance Service the Mercedes sprinter now the cab is a mod for emergency 4 and full credits for it go to Stormi, Florian Hagen and SJonny for their excellent work. Some of you may be asking why not re make the cab to Em5 standard? This is because the model is good and is a good placeholder, We will come back a bit later on and do our own cab. The rear is still early work in progress but the final model will include an interior and animated doors + ramp too possibly We Are Recruiting! If you feel you can contribute to the Development of this mod and help us get closer to a release we would like to hear from you Official Media Essex Mod Discord Join the discussion + more frequent updates https://discord.gg/qzYX4Cvxnm That's all for now and we hope that you are looking forward to the first UK mod for Emergency 5! Stay tuned on this forum and Discord for more updates Looking forward to your feedback Essex Mod Development team
  3. Thanks it's good to be back and modding Em5 This time I can confirm that it is not a new West Midlands mods, I've added some more details to the rear of the engine, most the exterior work is done now, Just working on the inside although it's taking a bit more time that I would like, it can get fiddley. Please Note the wheels are just placeholders. Also my good friend "fishboe" who has worked with me on other mods for various games is also part of this development team and is making excellent progress on a BMW 5 Series Estate 2019. More pictures to come soon I also say again that if you have some modding skills, ideally 3D artists and scripters and wish to learn how to mod emergency 5 then please drop me a message
  4. Hello everyone After a long time away from this forum and Emergency 4, I've decided to return, as I've been playing a lot of the Bieberfelde mod for Emergency 5 and have been impressed with it's modding capabilities. Because of this I'm working on a New Emergency 5 project which I'm not ready to announce the details of yet, but that will be coming in the coming weeks/months. The Purpose of this post is I'm currently looking for a couple of teams members, who could contribute to the mod and it's development. If you feel this is you please drop me a message to register your interest I'm going to post a few pictures of a model I'm currently working on, it's still under construction but for those of you who recognise it, it's a dead give away of what is to come and what country That's all for now Thanks Freelancer
  5. Very nice, look forward to seeing it finished.
  6. Shall try and revive this topic a bit. Here's some recent work on a British Bren Machine Gun. Still a lot more to do but it's starting to take shape.
  7. Plans for opening lockers have not been discussed yet.
  8. I really like this, and shall include this in the mod it will make a nice addition
  9. Maybe RRV was the wrong word to use, either way here is what it's based on https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8029/8040636790_cb422b4a05_b.jpg
  10. I do have plans for BTP but i doubt they will make an appearance in 1.0
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