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  1. Thank you for the nice comment So guys we've got a couple of new units to show off...Introducing the Scania 3 series cab. These are some of the older units which will be included in the mod. There is still a few of these in service. although they are being replaced with the newer Scania cab. Scania 93M Foam This first variant is using a slightly darker red than usual and the side stripes on the cab are the older style that Essex units used to have. On top of the cab sits the old Premier Hazard Maxim lightbar, with rotating lights. Scania 93 Rescue Tender Next is the Rescue tender which carries a lot of extra/specialized equipment providing support to other units on various incidents. please note that the inside needs some editing on the Ambient occlusion map as it's very dark inside at the minute. Thanks guys Essex Mod Team
  2. Hey guys, It's time for a new dev update and this is one of the bigger ones So lets get started. First off lets take a look at the Volvo V90 Traffic unit featuring the Aegis lightbar, We will also include variants using the Whelen Justice. Volvo V90 Traffic Unit Aegis Lightbar Lets take a closer look at the Aegis lightbar Next up is some work in progress pictures of a Ford Transit Connect with a very basic interior this particular variant will serve as a USAR dog unit. This variant also includes an older style lightbar the Premier Hazard Midimax. UK Environment Assets Next is a range of various uk assets as we continue to build upon our library for the future map. We hope you enjoyed today's development update Thanks Guys Essex Mod Team
  3. Essex's roads are about to get a whole lot safer with the Volvo V90 Traffic unit nearing completion This version features the Aegis lightbar, but will also include the Whelen Justice Enjoy guys Essex mod Development Team
  4. That was my thinking too Still got more videos to make just haven't got round to it yet.
  5. Hey guys, So October was a busy month for the team especially in environmental assets. So today I put together some pictures to recap on last months progress. Definitely getting some English vibes with these assets now Expect to see some progress on Fishboe's Volvo V90 soon as it's nearly ready Thanks Everyone Essex Mod Development Team
  6. Hey guys, just a quick one, It's been a busy week for us and we'd like to share a few images with everyone showcasing this week's work, which includes some new environmental assets and the Volvo V90.... Essex Mod Development team
  7. Chapter 2 Model Preparation/Export Using The BMW 5 Series As An Example First lets make a new folder in our workfiles folder called bmw_5_series. now when I come to export the bmw 5 series I'm going to export the model file as bmw_5_series.MESH, but before we do that we need to do some prep work in blender. But we export our 6 textures for our model in .tif format in the workfiles>bmw_5_series we can name them like this bmw_5_series_c.tif (this is our colour map) bmw_5_series_s.tif (this is our spec map) bmw_5_series_g.tif (this is our gloss map) bmw_5_series_n.tif (this is our normal map) bmw_5_series_e.tif (this is our emissive map) bmw_5_series_ao.tif (this is our ambinent occlusion map) PLEAE NOTE: It's important to use all LOWERCASE and _ for spaces as the Emergency game dosen't like it otherwise and won't work. Let's go back into blender ( see video )
  8. Chapter 1 Introduction What you will need Blender 3.3.1 ( avaliable on steam ) OGRE Exporter https://github.com/OGRECave/blender2ogre .SVN File System https://emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2444-svn-hilfsdatei-em5-em2016/ I'm Freelancer, one of the developers of the Essex Mod, I've been working on Em5 since April 2022, it's been a great journey so far and I've learnt a lot, I couldn't of leant any of this knowledge without the Bieberfelde Team and there amazing support and patience I'm not claiming to know everything about emergency 5 because I don't I'm still learning as I go. However I'd like to share everything I've leant and try and make a complete English guide on how to make a mod for Em5 (Both video and text) Hopefully this will encourage more modders to make the jump to Em5, because in my opinion it is superior to Em4. This Chapter is a brief introduction to modding Em5 and covering what you will need and preparing the workspace. 1.0 Brief understanding of what the difference between Em4/Em5 Em4 is really old forget everything you know about it because it don't apply to Em5. Em5 uses new game techniques and modern standards, which short term can be a pain if your not familiar with them but long term it is a lot better and easier in my opinion. -Many more textures map are supported in Em5 We need 6 textures to make up a vehicle, Diffuse map ( Colour ) Specular and Gloss maps ( how shiny/metallic something is ) Normal Maps ( adds extra detail without using polygons ) Emissive Maps ( generate light, for example rear headlights,headlights,blinkers) Ambient occlusion map (generates shading on the model) If your not familiar with some of these maps I suggest you look on google for more info For scripts out there, I've heard Em5 is a lot easier to write plugins for using the c++ language brining lots of new possibilities Emergency Ludenscheid is a good example of this as they have a lot of gameplaying enhancing scripts. Em5 models can be more detailed around 13-15K is a good pinpoint for models but some models can be more detailed, there is a max import limit of 27000K per mesh ( we can join mesh's together in the editor to go over that max limit if need ) 1.1 Lets take a look at what we need to get started. I'm going to assume your using blender, I'm using the latest version 3.3.1 Emergency 4's model format was .v30 if I remember correctly but in Em5 we use .MESH files. To export .MESH Files we need the OGRE Exporter for blender wich can be downloaded here https://github.com/OGRECave/blender2ogre Installing OGRE Exporter There are tutorials on how to install in the link but I'll copy and paste this text here Copy the io_ogre folder into the $BLENDER_DIR/scripts/addons folder. 2. Enable the addon in Blender: Edit menu > Preferences > Add-ons. Search for 'ogre' and click the box up the top left. 3. Configure the plugin prior to the first run. 4. Set the correct path to OGRETOOLS_XML_CONVERTER 5. for Ogre (v1): path should point to OgreXMLConverter.exe. This can be found in the Ogre SDK 6. for OgreNext (v2): path should point to OgreMeshTool.exe. This can be found in the OgreNext SDK 7. OPTIONAL Set MESH_PREVIEWER to a path pointed to ogre-meshviewer.bat. This can be found in OGRECave/ogre-meshviewer 8. Make sure that USER_MATERIALS isn't set to a directory like "C:\". The addon scans this path recursively and will crash when it hits a path it doesn't have permissions for. If everything is set up correctly go to edit > preferences > Search OGRE it should look something like this. That is everything done the regarding OGRE plugin .SVN File System Next we are going to create a folder on our desktop or anywhere else you like. Lets call this folder "workfiles" Next you will need to download the .svn file system https://emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2444-svn-hilfsdatei-em5-em2016/ once downloaded simply drag the .svn folder into the workfiles folder. You will not see the .svn folder in the workfiles folder once you've copied and pasted it becuase it is an invisible file. This essnetially makes our workfiles folder act as a dropbox for our future models and is where we will find most the files that make up our project. Here is in examlpe of my workfiles folder with the Essex Mod. Preparing + Understanding The Basic's Of The World Builder I strongly reccomend you watch this video, I know it's in German but there are English suntitles avaliable he will teach you the very basic's of using the editor and more importatly he will set up hotkeys and config the editor, I've copiyed there layout + hotkeys so it will make it simplier down the line. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4MGTixQzUQ It the Next Chapter we'll take a look at a model in blender and what we need to do to prepare it. If you need support with any of the above please leave a message. Thanks Freelancer
  9. Hello guys, It's been a little while since our last post, don't worry we're not disappearing, we've just been busy with life recently. However that's not to say that we've not been working behind the scenes. Today we'd like to share with you two new vehicles that will be joining the Essex fleet. Firstly is the Volvo V90 police traffic unit, currently being made by Fishboe Next is the East England Ambulance Service HART IRU Unit, which I'm currently converting our original sprinter model into the long wheel base variant and all the other additional bits that come with it That's all for now guys Essex Mod Development Team
  10. As I'm sure most of your are aware of the current events here in the UK. As we head into 10 days of mourning the team have decided all work on the Essex mod shall stop for 10 days as a sign of respect/take time to reflect on our queens amazing 70 year reign
  11. I would suggest posting this on the German forums https://emergency-forum.de/ They were able to help me out with any questions I had regarding modding Em5
  12. Hello guys Despite the really hot weather here in the UK we've still been working and we're ready to share our first East England Ambulance Service vehicle the Mercedes sprinter The cab received a new model built as we was planning on using an old em4 model but decided for a re build so there is no drop in quality Here is some pictures of the first test port, still texture tweaks to be made and more parts to be imported, equipment, wheels, lights etc.. Stay tuned for more developments on this coming soon... Thanks guys Essex Mod Development Team
  13. Time for another update guys The Whelen Justice light bar has been added to the game and can now be seen on the Essex police bmw 5 series traffic unit Next are some of our smaller map additions seen here is a typical UK traffic light and a street lamp ( more variations are on the way ) The remaining parts of Southend fire station have also been imported into the game, this now completes all the buildings that make up the compound, although it still needs some walls and gates to be made Next to get some love is our first East of England Ambulance Service vehicle which is the Mercedes sprinter, we originally was going to use an old Em4 model for the cab but have since decided to build our own, will have some pictures of that to show soon in the meantime take a look at the rear. That's all for now Essex Mod Development Team
  14. Hi all, Time for another update, first on the list is fisboe's BMW 5 Series traffic patrol car which is now all ready to go with just the lightbar left to do We also now have our own YouTube channel and have uploaded a couple of videos demonstrating some lighting work which has been done this week, We've had to use Jan moo's flares from the Bieberfelde mod team as I haven't worked out yet how to create our own. still need to add flashing head lights to them but we don't have our emissive textures maps set up yet, but they will be added soon A close up of the Whelen Edge 9M as seen on the Dennis Thanks Everyone Essex Mod Development Team
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