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  1. Looks great Floh! So nice to see a USA mod/map in Emergency 5 am very much looking forward to see it being released it's a much needed boost for Emergency 5 Well done Beaverfield Team From Freelancer & Essex Mod Team
  2. Hey guys, We have some more images of the BMW X5 we'd like to share with you witch includes 3 versions, traffic/armed/unmarked all the marked versions feature the whelen justice lightbar, you may be aware from the pictures that they all have the same number plate but this will be changed soon Traffic Armed Unmarked @Ripper31 Unfortunately the Peugeot 308 will be included but you will be pleased to know that Ford Focus estate and Vauxhall Astra estate will make up the bulk of the police force Thanks guys Essex Mod Development Team
  3. I would have to disagree, yes it looks confusing at first just like any new software. But just like anything it takes a little time and practice. Emergency 4 is really old and uses outdated techniques Where as Em5 bring everything to modern standards with PBR textures and a much more modern/powerful and in fact an easier to use editor. There will be more tutorials on the way, I hope I can persuade some of you guys to make the jump. If you have any questions please leave me a message here or join the Essex mod discord and message me personally on there. We do all we can to support newcomers
  4. Hey guys, Work continues on building the alpha and getting units functional, Now we have our first two sets of sirens one for the Volvo and the other for the Dennis, We also have working rear reds on the Volvo as seen in the video https://youtu.be/WOmp98wRLX4 Fishy has also been busy building his next model and it looks Here is his BMW F15 2016 X5 Model witch will be an ARV and traffic unit More to come on this soon Thanks guys Essex Mod Development Team
  5. Hey guys, We've been a bit quiet recently but don't worry we're still here, I've been busy trying to build an alpha version for the team and trying to deal with all the issues that comes with it, so progress has slowed down while we work our way through these issues. In the meantime I've got some renders to show off from our latest 3D artist to join the team "HeymallHero" Here is the Nissan Navara Pick up truck witch will server as a HART unit. The model is not quite finished and needs a piece built on the back and of course the lightbar witch will be coming soon.... That's it for now guys Stay tuned for more Essex Mod Development Team
  6. "Mod creators should be glad that their work is being used in other mods" Again this is so wrong, I don't know what your modding abilities and weather you've made a mod but mod creators are just happy to release their work after what can take up to years of development. To assume this statement you've made is wrong. Modders are not happy to see their work ripped off and see others claim it's their own due to the fact they've slapped some different colours onto it. The only way you can achieve the skill set of itchboy is to do the exactly same thing he and others before him have done and invest your time in learning. We've all had to do it and have taken many years of trail and error. As "AShadowbox" mentions above you can not be so entitled to tell mod creators what to do with they work. If you don't like it, make it yourself just like we all did. If a mod creator wants to sell their product for GTA 5 then they have every right to, they've invested their own time into it and what is wrong with a little reward, most paid mods I've seen are cheap. People seem to forget making mods can cost money take for example my Essex mod for Em5 I've paid out for every single one of our blueprints so we can have the highest quality drawings possible. Then not to mention I pay for Substance painter witch is my 3D texture program, again to achieve the best finish possible. and of course high quality PBR Textures this is adding up to hundred's of pounds, all of this comes out my own pocket witch I will release for free. Then I have to read about someone complaining about modders because they can't get their own way? Unfortunately your post is making you look bad, this is what is wrong with the community self entitled individuals disrespecting the hard work of modders.... The old saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you" comes to mind...
  7. I'm sorry but this is so wrong, It is frustrating to see you and other complain about modders because you don't agree with their terms of service/usage of that particular mod. If a Modder decided you cannot use their assets/mods it is entirely their choice and that is the end of it, If you don't like it the best thing you can do is to put your time and effort into learning the skills necessary just like we did, so your able to create your own work instead of relying on others. In my opinion it is in fact people like you witch damage the community and turns future modders off from wanting to create new content Imagine spending countless hours working on a project building assets, testing and troubleshooting issues and then releasing the product free of charge only to have people post how it's not fair that they can't use your work. In my mind this is madness and is where the real fault lies.... As an ex Em4 modder I'm glad I'm not active in this community these days. Thankfully this thing doesn't really exists in Em5. It's really disheartening to see and shameful
  8. Merry Christmas Hello Everyone, it's that time of year again and the Holidays are just around the corner. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Well what a year it's been and a great journey we have been on since starting this project back in April, We're very happy with the progress we've made from not knowing anything about modding Em5 to where we are now, of course none of this would of been possible without our friends we've made within this amazing community such as the Bieberfelde and Ludenscheid Dev teams so once again a big thank you to these guys as none of this would of been possible without their help. We are really excited to carry on developing this project into the new year and will continue to push ourselves to build a very high quality product and of course the first UK mod for Em5 Here is a picture of our first asset we ever imported in the Emergency engine To what we have now Not to mention the collection of UK environmental assets that we've been buildings from houses,shops,uk road networks and more... It's great to see this project starting to take shape although still early days. We'd like to share a few new images with you today, one being the Skoda Octavia Scout RRV unfortunately I couldn't get the lightbar done in time for this picture and the Skoda still needs some tweaking. However we didn't want to post this Christmas post without new content to look at so here it is so far Fig has also been developing a new Ambulance station, although not much to share right now he did send us these pictures witch is the first small part of a larger station More to come on this in the new year So that is everything I wanted to cover in this post, the Essex mod team is winding down for the holiday season and will officially stop work today for at least 2 weeks. Once again we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New year Thanks Everyone Essex Mod Development Team
  9. Hello everyone, It's update time again and this week has been another busy one so lets jump straight into it... First off we've got the Mercedes Sprinter LWB more or less finished ( minus the lightbar's they will be coming soon.) The Mercedes Sprinter IRU (Incident Response Unit) is jam packed with all sorts of specialized equipment responding to various call out however big or small. Next up we have our first USAR unit this one being the Ford Transit Connect dog unit with the Premier Hazard Midimax lightbar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwcWs2Uj0WE This week I've also been putting together a small test map mostly for the purposes of testing our new UK Road model/Infrastructure It's also been a chance for me to learn the very basics of map making ( Still a lot to learn ) I've put together some screenshots that we'd like to share with you, witch will give you an insight to what a future Essex Map will look like.... That's all for now guys Essex Mod Team
  10. Thank you for the nice comment So guys we've got a couple of new units to show off...Introducing the Scania 3 series cab. These are some of the older units which will be included in the mod. There is still a few of these in service. although they are being replaced with the newer Scania cab. Scania 93M Foam This first variant is using a slightly darker red than usual and the side stripes on the cab are the older style that Essex units used to have. On top of the cab sits the old Premier Hazard Maxim lightbar, with rotating lights. Scania 93 Rescue Tender Next is the Rescue tender which carries a lot of extra/specialized equipment providing support to other units on various incidents. please note that the inside needs some editing on the Ambient occlusion map as it's very dark inside at the minute. Thanks guys Essex Mod Team
  11. Hey guys, It's time for a new dev update and this is one of the bigger ones So lets get started. First off lets take a look at the Volvo V90 Traffic unit featuring the Aegis lightbar, We will also include variants using the Whelen Justice. Volvo V90 Traffic Unit Aegis Lightbar Lets take a closer look at the Aegis lightbar Next up is some work in progress pictures of a Ford Transit Connect with a very basic interior this particular variant will serve as a USAR dog unit. This variant also includes an older style lightbar the Premier Hazard Midimax. UK Environment Assets Next is a range of various uk assets as we continue to build upon our library for the future map. We hope you enjoyed today's development update Thanks Guys Essex Mod Team
  12. Essex's roads are about to get a whole lot safer with the Volvo V90 Traffic unit nearing completion This version features the Aegis lightbar, but will also include the Whelen Justice Enjoy guys Essex mod Development Team
  13. That was my thinking too Still got more videos to make just haven't got round to it yet.
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