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  1. Hello! I cannot message you, however if you send me a message with what you can do, I will ask if we need help in that department! Not having experience in emergency 20 isn't a very big issue, as long as you are willing to learn!
  2. You need to open winrar and unpack it with winrar!
  3. The city of Beaverfield is a fictional city in the USA. Link to the gallery Link to a recent showcase video
  4. We are looking for programmers! Emergency 5 is written in C++, however if you don’t code in C++ yet that is not a problem! To strengthen our team we are currently looking for people who want to support us in the area of programming. It doesn't matter if you've been coding for several years or if you've just gained your first experience - what's important is that you're motivated and want to work with us for a longer period of time. If you want to take a look behind the scenes at the Bieberfelde Modification and support our team, please contact us with some information about yourself via Messaging me or mail to bewerbung@stadt-bieberfel.de.
  5. It means you already installed if. If you cannot find it in your mods list go to your mods folder and see if there is a empty "London mod" folder (Not the exact name but something like that).
  6. There should be a folder within the installation zip you got. Don't know the name out of the top of my head but it has the usual mod structure. You can drag that folder in your mods folder and you should be able to install it http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  7. Hey! Quick tip dont put your email adress in the public like that. Spam bots will pick it up and go and spam you (well duh).
  8. Go to the root folder of the game, there should be an "modinstaller.exe". Right click on the mod file, select open with. Browse for a method to open it with, and open it with the modinstaller in the root file of the game.
  9. Personally i don't think they would have unmarked car's. They want to make their presence known, and with such litle policemen that would be hard to do if 33% of the fleet is unmarked.
  10. I believe there is a online london mod which is quite cool, can't find it quickly tough.
  11. What did you try? Did you already run compatibility mode?
  12. Nice idea! For units, mayby an option without a batt. chief? That would add something more intresting than instead having him straight away.
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