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  1. woitep i try to get the mod it do's fuck work


  2. One of the three persons in the car is a rescue swimmer. He can enter the water ;-) I updated the first post with some tips and tricks: General tips and tricks: Vehicles can be towed by the police. Just select a police officer and click on the vehicle. You can dispatch units either with the button or by clicking on a free area anywhere on the map with the left mouse button. The "shift" key changes the priority of some commands. For example it helps you picking up the valve and entering the DLK. You can also transport uninjured people in the RTW. If you don`t manage it to finish an event look for objects or persons on the map that have to be transported. Rediricting the traffic works best on streets with multiple lanes in each direction. The end of the redirection should be near the orignal path of the cars redirected. Othewise they will delete themselves. The stations Tiergarten and Mitte (BF, FF) arrive at first on the scene in most areas of the map. In ERS Berlin you have only a limited amount of water and air. Keep that in mind! When a homicide occurs it is really important to secure evidence. Especially weapons! When confronted with a hazmat situation try first to find the source of contamination and seal it. The doctors car automatically escorts the ambulance to the nearest hospital. Just enter the RTW with the doctor and then send both units home with the "Back to Base" button. Animals can be transported in the KLEF. Firemen can pick up dead animals. In the mod directory XML/bfreeplay.xml you can find a file where you can change the frequency of events, the ingame time and the weather. Vehicle names and their meaning VUKW Traffic Control EWA Patrol car FUSTW Unmarked Patrol Car NEF Doctors Car RTW Ambulance LHF Fire Engine TLF Pumper ELW Batallion Chief DLK Ladder DEKON P Hazardous Materials Squad KLEF Light Equipment Truck GRUKW Group carrier WRW Swift Water Rescue KRIKW Crime Scene Investigation ERKKW Hazmat Detection PKW Car FWK Rescue Crane
  3. Since some of you guys have a problem with the vehicle names - here is a list. <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_VUKW">Traffic Control</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_EWA">Patrol car</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_ZSTW">Unmarked Patrol Car</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_NEF">Doctors Car</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_RTW">Ambulance</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_LHF">Fire Engine</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_TLF">Pumper</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_ELW">Batallion Chief </string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_DLK">Ladder</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_DEKON">Hazardous Materials Squad</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_KLEF">Light Equipment Truck</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_GRUKW">Group carrier</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_WRW">Swift Water Rescue</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_KRIKW">Crime Scene Investigation</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_ABC">Hazmat Detection</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_PKW">Car</string> <string name="STR_EN_TOOLTIP_FWK">Rescue Crane</string> <string name="STR_EN_CLOSESTEWA">Selects the closest available patrol car</string> This text also appears when you hover your mouse over the names, The KLEF can transport animals.
  4. Did you start the updater with administrator rights?
  5. Mine looks the same =). That IS the ERS Main menu. Just click on ERS Berlin and start the first or second mission.
  6. For all the guys who have the ERS main menu in normal mode DO NOT LAUNCH YOUR EMERGENCY LIKE YOU DID BEFORE. START EM VIA THE ERS LAUNCHER WHETHER YOU WANT TO PLAY ERS OR NOT. Choose between ERS Berlin and Emergency 4 standard version there!!
  7. ERS Berlin released today =)

    1. cops


      YEAH!!!! finaly and it's a great mod, almost a new game!!!!!

    2. FInn Rescue 12

      FInn Rescue 12

      Grate game lots of fun I have been playing this game for the last 2 year off and on. Once you get the hang of it game flows. It has a quick load time very few CTD. I am working on the lights systems to make it more fun and realistic. I hope there is more from ERS Berlin team in the future great job guys.

  8. It should work with all versions of Emergency including 911FR
  9. The problem seems to be that EM4 can only handle a limited amount of prototypes loaded at the same time. In ERS we pushed it to the limit - so sometimes when you play long enough and call too many units the game crashes :-(. No. Not every vehicle will be added to the game. We already have too many prototypes in game. Some vehicles are planned only for missions (there will be no missions in 1.0 )
  10. Our update system [german version] Regards Woltep
  11. You can see some of them on our homepage.
  12. Good news: ERS Berlin will be released in the first quarter of 2011.
  13. Right now we have enough beta testers.
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