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  3. No SAS but SFOs in 'Black Kit' are available.
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  5. OOh looks good! did you Include SAS Units?
  6. OOh, another project? Is that Montana Mod, the developing your own separate game you mentioned or something secret?
  7. Lately progress is a bit slow while I work on another project. This is the only thing I've been able to work on for this mod. I might be adding just one Firecoach tiller because LAFD ever acquired 2 in their entire history. If I go through with the Heavy Utility, I'll be doing a poll of which wrecker should be included in the mod. Firecoach or Mack.
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  9. Version 1-3


    I noticed that Hoppah's link for the Additional Units sub mod is broken. Fortunately I saved it some time ago, so I'm reposting it. All credit goes to Hoppah. This mod features additional units that can used with Hoppah's LA Mod 2.1.
  10. Yes, we are working on it. We have the prototypes, maps and models almost finished and now we are fixing bugs in maps and scripts but 10/20 missions are completely finished.
  11. While looking through the LAFDHS photo archive I came across a few shots of the firecoach tillers These two show what I believe is Truck 20 after serving Station 105 in the 80s and being relocated again to station 35 in the late 80s or early 90s Last two are b&w photos of truck 63 in the 1970s http://www.usfirepolice.net/ca_california/ca_lafd/ca_los_angeles_retired_ladder_58_(2)-1.jpg Came across another photo of one of the two that LA purchased this time serving station 58. Must have been a short term assignment for that rig as the apparatus records dont show anything about either of the trucks serving station 58
  12. I appreciate the support. Unfortunately I am in a gray area for monetization. The submod and all it's assets are in the Em4 format of .e4p, .script and so on. As a result, they are considered "game assets" and based on my understanding of the EULA, I can't monetize that. I also can't monetize the models themselves because they contain work of other people like Phantom, EmC-Unit, Ibarra and Hoppah. Most likely I will only setup Patreon or Paypal once I start developing my own separate game with 100% self made assets.
  13. Beautiful models I just love these cars from the 80s and 90s Have you ever thought about using Patron or Paypal donations? i would really like to support your work.
  14. Yea, thanks for the report, but i saw that at my own side. One time it works, another time it bugs out, and my attemps to find out whats wrong, failed. Burning chopper is a "civil car" so the game think it can get burning callout. Wont alter this.
  15. I think you found a BHPD car, and one that isn't on the internet no less. Nice find. No plans on BHPD but maybe it's something you might be interested in? I believe your source and what you have to say about it. For now I will keep my expectations low and just put one more car in, just like Port Police/Warden because of a lack of references. For the time being I'll also put more work into FD and EMS (besides the civilian cars) because I feel like there's still a few things that are missing from them. Previously, I have been aware of airport operations cars for guiding planes and what. It appears to be the same as the black and white but with completely different lighting, livery and setup, This appears to be a Ford Maverick. Based on 11john's info, Security Bureau used the same car as Airport Ops. Now the mystery deepens: What was used between 1979-1985?
  16. Bug report: The bomb robot does not seem to spawn in sometimes (noticed it more near the corners of the map) and they also keep my bomb squad guy from moving (I also can't remove the invisible robot) (Also ignore that exploded helicopter, the "car on fire" helicopter incident totally didn't happen again ) (Images taken in 2 different spots,)
  17. I did some research and found this website: https://www.lawa.org/groups-and-divisions/airport-police/about-us/apd-history Apparently they were staffed by mostly just unarmed security, armed "Security Bureau" peace officers, and a regular sub-division of LAPD patrols pre-1984 (as seen in a few Adam-12 episodes like Squad 65 said) . So it's possible they didn't have any cars at all and just patrolled the interior of the airport while LAPD patrolled the roads, however I'm not sure given the blurry photo above.
  18. There is a few scenes in Adam 12 at LAX. It looked to have the tin cans with LAPD during the late 60s to early 70s. Found this too Hope this other one helps in general
  19. Can't quite tell with that tiny picture, but I do appreciate the pictures of the Caprices. Thank you for sending them. Ill look into that agency, maybe I'll be able to find some but I appreciate what you can find too. My thoughts on the cars: Some have the ramabar but others seem to not. There's also a variation of LP6000 lightbar there too.
  20. LAXPD apparently wasn't a thing until 1984, they were named "Airport Security Bureau" before that. This is the only pre 1986 law enforcement looking vehicle operating on LAX I could find, from a blurry pic taken in 1978, seems to be equipped with a Twinsonic: At least I found 2 more pics of late 80s Airport Police vehicles today, second one is from Van Nuys:
  21. Haha! Press the magic button and you can park your vehicles
  22. Thank you. I do know about these videos but the quality isn't enough for me to fully figure out the vehicle. I am looking into getting money together to buying the DVD collection of this series but it's not that big of a deal; I know quality pictures of these vehicles will eventually surface. I at least have most of the vehicles here such as the SWAT vans and this big Ford truck. I don't have any plans yet for that long Chevy pickup because the roof equipment (similar to Lenco Bearcat MARS) doesn't really work in this game. The effort of having to research that mechanism wouldnt' be worth it for the game. I have no idea about the slicktops; my only guess is that they were testing a handful of units out before cancelling the policy, then re-activating it by the mid 1990s. Do you have any information on LAX airport police units before 1986? I know about the green supervisor car, but I am looking into what airport PD had from 1979-1985
  23. amazing work I believe this vehicle also appears in one of the LAPD Life on the Beat episodes: (good side shot at 3:40) check this one out too, some footage of other SWAT vehicles, including a heavily modified white pickup and a few vans: About those pics of 80s slicktop vehicles from earlier: those are really puzzling me, I only heard that they started using them after the 1992 riots to improve public relations, replacing the unmarked vehicles previously used for gang enforcement and other duties.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    This is a skin package for itchboy's 2016+ 2016 Ford Explorer / Police Interceptor Utility These skins are initially for my private modification, but unfortunately I don't have enough time to complete it so I decided to upload them to this site. This pack includes NYPD Skin FDNY EMS Div. Skin FDNY Commissioner Liaison Skin LAPD Skin Original Model by itchboy and EA Games Hope You Like It .
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