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  3. Hello devolper of the CPH Airport mod. I would really love to enjoy playing this mod. But when i open the link there opens no site. Please post an new link, that i and others can enjoy this mod. (Sorry for my bad english). Grettings Clixxo
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  5. I'd like to add on to this statement, there is loads of progress that was made on this mod(not a mod team member). As far as itchboy goes, he has been put out of commission temporarily by a Weather events that has happened in his home country. Life like always will continue to take priority over a 16 year old game that every mod is being made for free, modding is not a career in the EM4 community. My last little bit to say is be patient, Itchboy will be back, there is lots of things that he is able to work on just not able to show. Bama, You and itch have made an amazing product with the mod. I look forward to seeing the finalized product. Amazing Work!!
  6. Glad to see that i've helped someone although i have heard from someone in the german forums that it slow down the modloading? Not sure about this since it's untested.
  7. thanks for the reply man means a lot!! i dont want to re upload justbecauseof the awesome little buildings i put haha and some vehicle work...While i can do basic stuff i am not sure what i deleted...BUT if someone can figure out (who is an actual modder) what triggers them in the midtown manhattan mod...I could probably fix this! Or maybe teach me how to create new spawn point for all call out vehicles lol ill throw someone a couple bucks to spend some time with me! i really want to fix this thanks again" Anthony
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  9. You may just have to replace it with the original mod map, or figure out which Virtual Objects (I assume this is what you refer to) you deleting and recreate them with the same names and locations.
  10. Skin modification is available for most vehicles, including the ladder boards. Currently they're on our discord. We have a lot of skin creators and it would be exciting to see more creations! Feel free to make and upload skins, all templates are in the discord and I can bring them all over here to the page if there is interest. Gear skin template is available, but not implemented just yet, it will be shortly. Map creation can be started now in UE4. Create your own map with friends, learn to optimize and work in a real AAA game engine! There are a ton of tutorials on how to begin. The original game map can't be modified for certain reasons, but you can create your own map as large or small as you want. The ITF plugin with the ability to place the emergencies will be coming in a month apx. We hope there is some interest! Sorry for the delayed update!
  11. This right here ^ Keep in mind as well that when we had the last release available to the public, the sentiment was quite different, while there was a lot of positivity in regards to the content of the mod, we were also getting flooded with bug reports and reports of the mod crashing to desktop quite frequently. The impression we were getting was that it was unplayable for a good number of people, and we couldn't immediately find the fixes, so we figured better to pull it until we had a stable version. I can't speak for Itchboy, I just know he's been tied up with real life in recent months. As for me, I have quite a lot going on as well, most recently with family, educational commitments, and working to further advance my career. That being said, I am definitely still committed to this project and I am still actively working on it. Itchboy has been busy, but he's left me with lots of updates and a good template to continue working from. We definitely want to get an updated and stable version out to the public sometime in the next year or so.
  12. Sorry to double post but i think I know what I have done! I must have deleted an object that triggers the spawns for that spot, Is there a way to locate them and put them back? ANY help is much appreciated personally not anticipating a response as it seems people do not use these forums anymore!
  13. So, this is a weird one, I truly hope this is the right place to ask.. everything looks great and works fine, but when I call a vehicle could be any even a tow truck... it does not come into the map. I am honestly thinking something is blocking their path I've went into the map editor and nothing is there.. I say this though because it has that computer where you can call units for mutual aid, that works but not for any trucks coming from this specific spawn location... I've re colored some trucks and deleted some buildings, and before that it worked so I'm not sure what happened but I know I didn't touch any spawn stuff or mess up any path ways... Is it possible to make all vehicles spawn in a diff location without adding one by one? Any help appreciated man haha just want to play!
  14. I recently downloaded mods including the nostalgia mod and so on, the sirens don't work on mods except for the Nostalgia mod, I removed the folder from the modifications folder and tried to play using a different mod (USSR) and they still don't work, can someone help?
  15. I think most people don't realise how un-important EM4 Is when it comes to real life, obviously itchboy is busy therefore shouldn't be expected to continue this modification until he is able to again.
  16. Hey guys. Question, is there any mod out there that is like based in a very old timeline, like 1800s-1950s type of old (part from the project nostalgia and hill street blues which are both 70s-90s) that is public? It's been done before with other Emergency games like 2014 and 2017 with different missions, for instance, there is a 1890s and 1500s mission for 2017 and 2014 Very old units and missions have been done in those two games, so why not make an old style mod for EM4/911:FR? I would imagine it would take a long time to model and script. Just a couple of ideas: - 1890s mod with horse pulled fire/ambulance carts, hand drawn pump carts, maybe some paddy wagons as well, (of course police will have to ride with a paddy wagon or a very old steam powered car since there's no foot patrol command) - LA 1940s mod, something like LA Noire with the fire and police units of the 40s (for example, tank wagons, truck companies, engines, chemical wagons, police station wagons, sedans, vans, etc.) Really any very old style mods would be interesting to see and revolutionary in the EM4 modding community
  17. Yes we do have a Discord https://discord.gg/qzYX4Cvxnm The Dennis has received some more work over the last few days including the Godiva water pump stationed in the rear of the appliance The Dennis wouldn't be much use without a whole range of different equipment to help the crew deal with incidents and casualties so as well as the water pump, lots of equipment has been added too Happy Weekend The Essex Mod Development Team
  18. Looks so good! Do you guys have a discord?
  19. @EmC-Unit Here is your copium. Fully custom build. one of many to come
  20. Hi all, Welcome to the Essex mod page for Emergency 5. Essex is a county in the East of England. One of the home counties, it borders Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to the north, the North Sea to the east, Hertfordshire to the west, Kent across the estuary of the River Thames to the south, and Greater London to the south and south-west. The county town is Chelmsford, which is one of two cities in the county with the other being Southend-on-Sea which was granted city status on the 1st March 2022. Essex mod aims to be the first UK mod for emergency 5, and build a good foundation for other potential UK mods in the future, we are still in early stages of development, and none of this would be possible without the patience and expertise of the Bieberfelde development team, as they have been advising us on modding Emergency 5, seeing as there is such a lack of English documentation getting into Emergency 5 modding can be hard.This mod would literally not be possible without them so a big thank you to the Bieberfelde team. With that said lets dive into the planned features of the mod... What can we expect to see in the mod? Custom high quality models New scripts Custom emergency service buildings New Map ( not in the initial release ) UK Environmental assets/buildings ( slower progress ) The Team Freelancer - Lead Developer/ 3D Artist Fishboe - Lead Developer/ 3D Artist Fig - Environmental 3D Artist Oxygendavid - Environmental 3D Artist Now it's time to show off some of our recent models we have in the pipe line and are due to be ported into game soon. Dennis Sabre The Dennis has been a sight across most of the UK at some point and was a real work horse for the fire service up and down the country. the model has been worked on over the past month or so by myself and fishboe and we are pleased with the results so far. please note it's still a work in progress and still needs it's wheels and lights The model will feature an interior cab ( although basic for polycount reasons ) a pump room on the back which will be coming soon, along with lockers and custom equipment inside them Next on the list is the Bmw 5 series which will be used by Essex police's traffic units and ARV This model has been made by fishboe and is currently awaiting textures, This too will include an interior Lastly I've been working on the workhorse of the East England Ambulance Service the Mercedes sprinter now the cab is a mod for emergency 4 and full credits for it go to Stormi, Florian Hagen and SJonny for their excellent work. Some of you may be asking why not re make the cab to Em5 standard? This is because the model is good and is a good placeholder, We will come back a bit later on and do our own cab. The rear is still early work in progress but the final model will include an interior and animated doors + ramp too possibly We Are Recruiting! If you feel you can contribute to the Development of this mod and help us get closer to a release we would like to hear from you Official Media Essex Mod Discord Join the discussion + more frequent updates https://discord.gg/qzYX4Cvxnm That's all for now and we hope that you are looking forward to the first UK mod for Emergency 5! Stay tuned on this forum and Discord for more updates Looking forward to your feedback Essex Mod Development team
  21. Hello, Very nice mood you have there! Can you send me the modification so i can play it? Best regards/ Melhores cumprimentos camarada!
  22. Sorry for the polish game first Now for real... If you don't understand the game mixed with bieberfelde mod files (probably bc it can be wuppertal too!) My units are freezed and these weird "fail if" are there can anyone help? i don't know how to fix this EMERGENCY 5 2022-05-02 17-35-24.mp4
  23. Hello, the modification is still being worked on and that heavily. We just started with the first map building steps. Since we are building nearly every model from scratch and planning on some exclusive models as well it’s a long process. By today we have grown to a size of 9 Team members and still searching :=) Mainly for Assistance in 3D work and scripting, for a faster progress. We are most active on the EM4 Ressource Discord, there we nearly Post Daily Updates.
  24. A new Volvo XC90 Armed Response Vehicle, model from the west midlands rescue mod and the skin and lighting by me 




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