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  4. Que buena pinta tiene, ojalá algún día publiques el mod
  5. Here's an editor manual if you want to make those more complex calls or change the map a bit. https://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/1130-emergency-4-editor-anleitung-englisch/
  6. The basic approach isn't actually that hard. The fist step would be to save it as the freeplay map and remove the mission bound persons/vehicles/objects from the map. Since the map boundaries are already in place, the medical calls and fire calls should work right away. MVA's, protests, gas-explosions etc you would need to implement yourself, I believe there are good tutorials on that available. Probably some additional unit spawn and exit points are required as well, since not every unit is available in the mission, this is all described in the Editor manual. And off course further customization such as stations etc that you would like to have on the map you would need to place them yourself and set up the required virtual objects and triggers for the scripts.
  7. This post will be a bit heavy, but I found some things, but first, I have a question: Any plans for the RTD Police? I found this Econoline some time ago: I don't know wich use this had. It's kind of awesome with the spare tire and the antena. I thinkt that the photo is at the LAPD Police Academy, but not sure what was the pourpose of this vehicle. I also have this F250. With that lights It dosn't looks like a utility: And, for the last, this pair of buses: https://www.ixomodels.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=76_92&product_id=2936 The last one is for sell in Europe in some Diecast collections. In this liveries I found Chevys, Fords and GMCs Hope this post is not to heavy!
  8. Yeah, someone explained it to me on discord, I got it working, thanks
  9. The first post has the LAPatrol scripts with the change implemented.
  10. Hello guys, How do I implement the map from the L.A. mod mission where the children are abducted and the kidnappers hide out in the woods after they shot the parents into a freeplay map? Would it be hard to assign freeplay events and spawns and whatnot? Thanks for any input. That map is the perfect setting for a small town/suburb police patrol
  11. Sorry to reply with this huge gap in time but, can you post a correct example? I don't understand where to put it (or someone will explain)
  12. Private right now but might be released in future. (Taken from 1st post)
  13. 1 year since we were blessed with this masterpiece. Thank you, Itch.
  14. Well the old version is all there has been for the last what, 3+ years? For everyone besides itchboy and whoever else is helping develop/test it. I don't see an issue with sharing the old version considering we won't be seeing a new version any time soon.
  15. The city of Beaverfield is a fictional city in the USA. Link to the gallery Link to a recent showcase video
  16. We are looking for programmers! Emergency 5 is written in C++, however if you don’t code in C++ yet that is not a problem! To strengthen our team we are currently looking for people who want to support us in the area of programming. It doesn't matter if you've been coding for several years or if you've just gained your first experience - what's important is that you're motivated and want to work with us for a longer period of time. If you want to take a look behind the scenes at the Bieberfelde Modification and support our team, please contact us with some information about yourself via Messaging me or mail to bewerbung@stadt-bieberfel.de.
  17. Exactly. If I remember right, its against forum rules aswell.
  18. IF I remember correctly, Itchboy was not happy with how the mod crashes, so he had removed it, with the idea that he was making a MUCH BETTER and STABLE version. I respect Itchboy, and even though I have that old version, I would never share it without his permission.
  19. Will you ever release this mod out for the public?
  20. Please help it does this to every mod that requires mod installer
  21. It’s just how Itchboy wants it. The original V1.2 is around somewhere
  22. Not being allowed to share the only remaining version of a mod that hasn't had an update in years is quite strange. I prefer playing the game over years worth of discussing the mystical 2.1/3.0 update....
  23. Love the detail in this mod it definitely shows the work that's been put in so far, keep up the great work. I have two questions about the mod, First in terms of firefighting apparatus will there be any additional units that can be called in as additional support, or will it only be what is on the map? Lastly whatever happened to the seagrave engine shown around late 2017? I don't believe it's been shown since then, I thought it wouldn't be included because of the age of the rig but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
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