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  2. I have found the cause for why paramedics randomly disappear when you call them. I am uploading a fix for that, and also an untested alpha version of MP functions. If anybody is available to try the mod in MP, let me know how many bugs you encounter. I know at least that the parking script is not compatible with MP. Some work will have to be done to fix that.
  3. You may be having a memory leak bug that causes your hardware to display artifacts (glitches) due to a lack of memory. What are your system specs; CPU, GPU, RAM? What you are describing sounds similar to a few isolated reports that we got for the old Montana Mod, where glitches appeared in people's playthroughs after 2-3 calls. I personally experienced this but only after a 30 minute session. New feature coming to the mod soon. Please wait patiently for EmC to get these fixes and features uploaded.
  4. If I can remember right I have. Cause I did it once myself then on the second one followed a YouTube video. It seems to happen when 2 calls are happening and you click the map to jump to the other the white boxes appear.
  5. Please let me know what you think of this set for a emergency series. I think it's complete. Would you add something? - Municipal Police. Btt. Moto all road. Snowmobile Car. Van. 4x4. Tow truck. - National Police. Moto. Car. Car un detective. Station interceptor. Station interceptor un. Mpv. Mpv k9. Van. Van detention. Van w x-ray. Van Command w surveillance n drone. Jet ski. Rhib. Patrol boat. Heli p
  6. True, Unreal is Top. In which way could this be a game changer? Better graphics? Bigger map/scenarios?
  7. You have to edit and increase the MaxParkingSpace value in fp_params_endless.xml
  8. Yesterday
  9. Ok have you tried redownloading the mod and installing?
  10. Have you considered adding a designated parking space for a battalion commander vehicle at the fire station? And maybe make fire and EMS commanders callable from the station panel?
  11. No I installed the coronas. The coronas are more for the lights on the vehicles not for big white boxes on the map. As far as I know nope.
  12. Thanks for reminding me. I just went off my head.
  13. Enjoying the mod, great job. Running into a little issue where I cannot purchase vehicles (an ARFF truck for example, is greyed out)
  14. can someone pls help me with the netherlands mods on emergency if i download the mods i cant even get the zip file so it dont go in the mods
  15. Please add atleast 1 smaller station on the map that includes a rescue and a utility. And I found a bug where the life guards were not able to save a drowning person, I tried making the life guards swim to the drowning person but instead they were sitting their pointless
  16. its the coranas you didn't install with this mod that it comes with read the Read Me PDF and it'll get rid of the white boxs
  17. If they utilize Unreal as listed in the job descriptions, that would be pretty awesome.
  18. It isn't the lights for the vehicles it's like big white boxes on the map, but they aren't there when I start the game up.
  19. Last week
  20. After the unbelievable success of the German 'Bieberfelde Multiplayer' modification for EMERGENCY 4 we have exciting news about the fictive county 'Bieberfelde': The first release version of the 'Bieberfelde - Next Generation' modification for EMERGENCY 5, EMERGENCY 2016, EMERGENCY 2017 and EMERGENCY 20 Years has been released! We have many new vehicles and a completely new map. We also have completely new gameplay mechanics based on new plugins for the game. Your vehicles will be stationed at fire and rescue stations, your personal will crew the vehicles and dispatch to the incident site
  21. I remember trying exactly the same thing a few years ago. At least you didn't do it to all your vehicles before testing how it works...
  22. Are the random white boxes there at the start?
  23. Planing On Doing The Florida State Police MRAP?
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