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  3. What was the new ambulance that was added? I didn't see it, I might just not be looking hard enough. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I have recently started playing the mod and would really like to know the translations of the calls, however the pdf files seem to be unavailable. Any chance you could make them available again? Thanks!
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  6. I gotta ask about the bomb squad, i just had bomb squad call and wasnt able to find one. Can anyone help me?
  7. The light is a bit awkward. I think it can be improved, just like the old version
  8. hi, i just got Emergency 4 on steam but i got missing textures, icons, menu, mostly everything, making it impossible for me to play the game (In the image i got the LA mod in, but also happens in vanilla game
  9. are you on windows 11 i have been having the same issue and i have only had this issue after switching to windows 11
  10. This mod is definitely a favorite of mine, the northeast vibe is executed perfectly. I may have something that could be used for the EMS MCU I previously posted pictures in the project nostalgia thread but I also have this archive page on the rig, Since it's a fictional setting It could fit well. https://web.archive.org/web/20180325194619/http://www.crownisking.org/cuambo.html
  11. Hey, I just had a bloody crazy but revolutionary idea. Maybe once you finish the 90s and 80s versions, maybe you should dive further into history by making a 70s, 60s, and 50s one. Just a thought, that way we could have the American Lafrance Duplexes, the Mack 45U cabs, the Seagraves, older Firecoaches, all that. Just a thought.
  12. Not sure if this is the right spot for this but I didn't see an EM 20 forum. Is there a way to modify the key binds for EM 2017 or earlier within EM 20?
  13. I have no idea what's going on but I have just started playing after a bit and my game is bugging out the screen starts flickering black and white whenever i try to spawn in a new vehicle i have re-installed my game many times loading mods playing without mods deleting mods nothing seems to fix it, I have also just switched over to windows 11 which could be doing. logfile.txt 2022-11-24 02-04-37.mp4 logfile.txt
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  15. I've seen a couple full size dodge and chevy trucks for USFS but they were either service rigs, normal pickups without a light bar, or were classified as a light engine. I do have a FB group I'd reccomend if you'd like to see more vintage USFS info. It has alot of info on other 80s and 90s engines and non emergency vehicles. https://facebook.com/groups/366971211187437/ (Edit) also have a few LAPD misc photos I'd like to share, pretty sure a few of these are service vehicles but I cannot confirm.
  16. Thank you for the nice comment So guys we've got a couple of new units to show off...Introducing the Scania 3 series cab. These are some of the older units which will be included in the mod. There is still a few of these in service. although they are being replaced with the newer Scania cab. Scania 93M Foam This first variant is using a slightly darker red than usual and the side stripes on the cab are the older style that Essex units used to have. On top of the cab sits the old Premier Hazard Maxim lightbar, with rotating lights. Scania 93 Rescue Tender Next is the Rescue tender which carries a lot of extra/specialized equipment providing support to other units on various incidents. please note that the inside needs some editing on the Ambient occlusion map as it's very dark inside at the minute. Thanks guys Essex Mod Team
  17. Southern California Rapid Transit District, transit agency in LA
  18. I had an idea that might make that truck possible, as far as I can gather this rig was used for safely disposing of illegal fireworks so perhaps a call like that could work. I know RTD was brought up awhile ago and I have found some photos of vehicles if anyone is interested
  19. Itch - I know I speak for MANY of the followers and players of EM4 in saying WE APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO FOR THE COMMUNITY. Please continue to keep making the beautiful and quality stuff you do. It is WELL worth the wait! THANK YOU!
  20. Thank you so much for finding this info. I will likely be including a few of these. Not quite sure on the USFS though, I was hoping for a larger fullsize pickup. Hopefully one of them surfaces. A Chevy LUV would be usable for civilian use though. Yeah this could work. For the time being, I'll be looking at the GMC because there's more references for it than the 40's tender. Thank you for posting. I'll have to hold off on these until we can make a proper freeplay map with an airport. I will probably go with the MCU trailer. I don't really want to include the tarp script because of the difficulty in making it work across FP and MP. I've updated the mod with those three new vehicles. Progress remains steady on other fronts. I am continuing on creating civilian assets and I am also mustering up the courage to make the helicopters. Maybe next year will be it.
  21. i have tried that and it still didnt work
  22. If the Command trailer as an MCU doesn't work out. Would it make sense to use a Triage Script? Just an Idea to throw out there.
  23. I stumbled across these 3 photo's on flickr I'm sure many will find these interesting. One is dillon FD in the 50s, the other two look to be the same picture one says late 70s while the other says 1990s so I'm not exactly sure which is the correct date.
  24. I'm plenty patient, nothing about what I said was impatient. I was commenting on how this community has a tendency to downvote bomb anything that isn't kissing the feet of mod devs.
  25. jesus it take time to make a mod can everyone chill
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