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  4. There's a script that runs after loading that spawns and sets values for vehicles, find "setspeed" in it and adjust for each vehicle. Traffic vehicle speed is set in the paths they follow, and you'd have to change those in the map editor.
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  6. Something that has always bugged me about EM4 vs EM5, was how slow the vehicles (subjectively) seemed to move. I understand the gameplay balance reasons for it and I know it's a "me" problem, but after discovering the Unit Speed options in the xml files of the base game, I whooped for joy because now, I can enjoy the clearly superior game with more comprehensive modding! Only...the pre-spawned vehicles in the LA mod, etc, all spawn with the default speed, rather than my changed speed values. If I summon them in from off-map, they'll work, but the vehicles already (and much more immersively, I might add) placed on the map do not. What values do I need to change in order to affect those? In addition, what files do I need to edit in order to edit the speed of the civilian traffic, because I feel that that could use a boost as well.
  7. There are 2 portraits.xml files. Which one did you change? Was it Specs/portraits.xml or Lang/en/portraits.xml?
  8. I got the drafting to work with the all 3 (Large) Pumpers except for the Brush Units, However I think it is just positioning to the river. I'm just not sure how to face the Brush Unit when drafting at the river. Thanks!!
  9. Huh, that's funny. Maybe contact someone who helped develop this mod for more help, like itchboy or bama for example.
  10. How can I reduce the frequency of hazmat calls? Congratulations on the mod, it's my favorite!
  11. Hmm, I tried all 3 (Large) Pumpers I couldn't get them to draft off of the offier's side & I had the right next to the river. I even tried one near the Swift Water Boat Launching point of the river.
  12. I'm sure it still works, and that it would still be in the mod. You need to position park the apparatus, parallel to the river, and park it close. There should be a suction pipe button on the commands bar. Click that. If it's ok, it will work. If not, it will tell you what to do.
  13. Pardon me for bringing this old topic up again, Is it possible to do Drafting as of today (6/3/24) from the river/pond/lake or was it a feature that tried for a while was removed due to not working as intended? If Drafting is working how do you active it? Thanks!!
  14. Heyo Its Nick' When i select my fire trucks and batalion chief car in the menu of the fire dept the game crash ! its appeared after have modified the "portraits" xml ive trying rename my firefighters, captain and chief prototype and rename the "units"but its not working ! ive used the F220 firefighter v3o for these personnels and same for the bataillion chief here a link to the v3o : https://em-hub.de/filebase/file/419-feuerwehrkräfte-mit-f220-helm/
  15. For those who don't know I also run a youtube channel, Today I posted a Short video on the history of the streethawk lightbar which was used by housing in the 80s and 90s and then PD in the 90s and 2000s. If you like it subscribe because I can promise you there will be more NYC spec posted on there
  16. His MA stuff alone makes me wish I had any modding ability to make a Bostalgia mod from around 1991, before all of the mergers
  17. The one day I don't check the group myself I miss my favorite niche of cop cars. May god bless and protect AJ Illenota forever and always.
  18. I have a video for a Thunder Siren, which is the same kind of siren used on at least some of the MPPD vehicles. There's Wail, Yelp, Thunder, and Hi Lo.
  19. Just some cool reference photos, Southern Pacific Railroad Police from the 90s, courtesy of AJ Illenota on the "A fire truck (or emergency vehicle) of a different color" Facebook page.
  20. Hello ! ive a probleme with the script ! When my firefighters connect their hose to the fire engine they can't cool or extinguish objects but the vehicles with a cannon can ! I don't know where is the problem !
  21. Found a solution, there's a light patch somewhere (i dont remember where) and i just replaced the coronas in the MAIN GAME's coronas file with the coronas in the light patch file
  22. Oh, there's one that does work. mhphqcontact@mt.gov. Hope it works for you, cuz it does for me.
  23. You know, that was probably a good step one, but I couldn't find a good email for them.
  24. I am literally emailing the Montana Highway Patrol right now to see if POVs really do count as emergency vehicles, under MCA 61-8-102 (2)(a). @Sangmi
  25. The simplest solution is to take note of their exact position, then edit the minimap.
  26. Just found a bunch of assets for us that would be useful in this forum page The link is below https://www.ctfirephoto.org/Joe-Marino1/FDNY-THE-70S-80S
  27. Now with some mods using “Limited Water Supply” on the Engines like the Montana Mod v2.5, is it possible to have the Hydrants marked on the mini map? That way the player knows where the Hydrants are to refill the tankers.
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