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  2. Invisible MVA at Motel Also if you're still here please look into the DNRC Brush Truck bug I posted at bit ago, the pump doesn't work
  3. It was one of the first things that came to mind when I saw it. It'll be interesting seeing that rig amongst the other FD units. especially in tandem with the DVFD ladder truck.
  4. Late 2000s Ford Expedition I believe. It wasn't me who made that choice. That's definitely a bug I'll have to fix. Thank you as always for finding this stuff out. You saw the Mack model I recently did and I think you can already figure out what I actually wanted it for. Sadly no.
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  6. Another new vehicle showing up. Might be a bit too modern for the feel of the mod but DVFD has their own command pickup now.
  7. I see this and I instantly think that maybe you're interested in this:
  8. I want to move the Secret Service Agent from the LA Mod and the associated vehicle over to my version of the London Mod (Own Use) Anyone got any tips to help me do this? Thanks
  9. Looking good. Could see those being good in other retro modifications for playable units. The third photo down kinda reminds me of the tractor used on FDNY CR3 although I'm fairly certain it's not the same model truck.
  10. New Miami Beach Fire Rescue Battlaion Chief: Credits: Itchyboy, EmC-Unit. P.S. I have decided to cut retro MDPD dodge.
  11. Small issue with DVFD Ladder truck, it lacks the flood light option, the flood lights only activate when you press the "directional lights" button but that disables the Master Lights which looks bad on scenes plus the truck literally has no directional lights anyway so I think this was just a mistake, please change it.
  12. I have begun working on modelling truck assets. There's quite a lot to get through but I hope there's enough.
  13. Looking good so far, but can you please add credits to the assets that you've used for this project. It would also be cool if you specified what you made.
  14. Last week
  15. We now have the First few fire appliances being made. The first vehicle completed is the Command Support Vehicle, This vehicle is typically send to incidents with multiple pumps where additional support and control is needed.
  16. Everyone is more than welcome to tell me their province/territory's POV laws. I want this post to be as accurate as possible.
  17. Itchboy, I was just wondering. What model is the MPFD chief's vehicle (from pre 2.5 versions of the mod) based out of? I am intrigued by that model of vehicle, and I'd like to know what it is. For curiosity's sake.
  18. Repaired, Turns out i had to put Emergency 4 in High Performance Mode,
  19. I'm looking at creating a British mod based in Hampshire and would like to know if anyone would be interested in helping/joining the Hampshire development team. To start the mod it will be fire orientated then as it progresses moving on towards Hampshire police and the South Central Ambulance Service. Plans For Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service; Initial plans are to base in the south of the county around Portsmouth and the surrounding areas, with possible expansion in the future. I am also looking at implementing Specialist fire appliances such as HVPs, USAR, Rope Rescue and much more. Plans For Hampshire Police; Within the police there will be many divisions including Response, Firearms, Traffic, Dog Section, Counter Terrorism and much more. Plans For the South Central Ambulance Service; Within the ambulance division there will be many implications such as HART (Hazardous Area Response Team) different styles of emergency ambulances such as Ducato's and Sprinter's along with RRVs such as Mondeos and Skoda Octavia's, Not Forgetting HEMS. This will all be made as accurately as possible for the best emersion and satisfaction whilst playing and any Suggestion and help is greatly appreciated and credits will be given where necessary. Thanks For Viewing and Hope to push some updates soon.
  20. Hi, i have major issue with Emergency 4, whenever i want to select police or DOT Vehicle my screen starts flashing white then going dark. Anyone knows how to repair this? P.S. I tried reinstall and verifying game files.
  21. Is there a way to move the flood light on the rescue truck?
  22. I am looking to make a mod based around my hometown. It is an all volunteer ff community and I am looking to replicate the map and units. I need someone who can design a custom map, design custom vehicles, and help me with the coding. I have all of the information written down but do not want to publically share so no one steals my ideas. Please email me @ ben.figura.531@gmail.com I can tell you that it does involve volunteers responding to different stations and a large custom map. I really need help with this. I have pictures of the map area, real life places to replicate, and the vehicles to replicate. It would be an american Fire, EMS, and Police mod.
  23. I think you're correct in saying that POVs in Montana are not emergency vehicles. There's this guy on YouTube, says he's VFD in Montana. Reds on POVs does not equal emergency lights like on a cop car, ambulance, rescue vehicle, or fire truck. The reds on a POV are just like the greens in Alberta, Ontario, or Quebec. No sirens. No rule breaking. No emergency vehicle status. Doesn't matter if you're a chief. (1) N150CZ - YouTube
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  25. The loading during the mod is intentional and you have to wait. As for the base game, you may have messed up your Em4 files; I'd recommend reinstalling the game itself instead of installing Steam again.
  26. Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into the DC Engine, and all the other bugs I'll get to once I get someone to do lights and animations.
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