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  2. Se te va a querer mucho por estos lares como sea verdad!. Un saludo paisano :)!
  3. Thank you, and bless that organization. They helped me find a good amount of what I needed for this project. I hope they can someday see my project and what I've been able to make. Sadly they haven't responded by email or social media.
  4. The title is Horses to Horsepower It was compiled by Dave Cox and Walt Jaeger and the LAFDHS.
  5. Speaking of, what's the title and author of the book? If it can be bought I might look into seeing if it's possible,
  6. I'll see what I can do, it's difficult to get the lighting to cooperate and it covers equipment from the late 1800s up to 2014 which makes it over a hundred pages in length.
  7. In the first place, I removed that one because it was confirmed not-legit. However I know there are fans of it; I have a Vector Caprice unit in store for the future for another agency, one that I previously said I wouldn't make. I'll be reusing that asset for this one. You could PM me if it's too massive, but I would like all the LAFD content it has. I am also interested in retro apparatus of other cities, specifically SF, Vegas, Miami, and Chicago.
  8. What all would you be interested in? It has some photos of the crown snorkels and telesqurts pictures of some of the older seagrave tillers and a few specialized rigs and unique engines, That's just a small amount of what it has.
  9. Itch, any chance you could bring back the Port Police Caprice with the Vector lightbar? For some reason that was my favorite cruiser out of all of the 90s cars
  10. Can you please share the rest of that book? I would really like to see what else we could try. Now thay I have a left side and better angle of the pump, I think I'll make it just because you provided pictures. Thank you so much. I've uploaded a few more script fixes. Nothing major but hopefully improves stability. Don't expect major vehicle updates for a bit. I need to build up some assets before I can make expansions. Expect most of the new vehicles to be "recycled variants" for example, a new lightbar variation.
  11. I recently found a picture of a 1978 brush patrol I figured I'd share it here, I also got a picture of the same model truck from a different angle from one of the books I have on the LAFD. Unfortunately I haven't found any shots of what the pump looks like or any other rear shots for that matter. They might be of some use though.
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  13. What about this truck http://www.usfirepolice.net/ca_california/ca_los_angeles_county_1/ca_lacofd_retired/ca_los_angeles_county_retired_ladder_104_(3)-1.jpg
  14. I know about the show but not enough to care about making the vehicles for it. Maybe someone else can. I wouldn't mind making an AMC and Plymouth unmarked unit, because we confirmed those made it into the 80s. The Adam 12 marked units, not so much. Many of the ambulances in the show also didn't make it into the 80s, let alone the 90s. Maybe some fire apparatus but the most I can get is the County FD Crowns. The show has lots of LAFD rigs too, I know but I already made them independent of any reasoning for the show. Earlier today I did release the update containing some bugfixes and the 2 new Fed cars. I hope to get more done soon but for now you will have to settle for quick and easy to make units.
  15. Just go to the gallery, upload your image using the "Continue without using an album" and insert any caption or text that's appropriate to your picture.
  16. Those federal SUVs look great. You have done some great work these past few months on this. I applaud you. Hey! Now you just need to go back to the 60's and 70's and do an Adam-12/Emergency themed addition to the mod and you'll have the complete set of Los Angeles themed vehicles. /s
  17. These two. They will be exclusive to LA mission 8 and I will not be making changes for these to be playable in FP. I'll look into these issues. So far the two issues are real but the sync'd lights on that one ambulance are there for variation.
  18. I have so far spent more time than I should have but less than I'd want with this mod, and so far haven't run into any real issues. I did find a few minor things though: -The CHP '82 Impala has an amber flashing emissive/polygon/thing and corona instead of the blue one I'm pretty sure should be there. Presumably something that got copied over from an LAPD bar that went under the radar because at a glance it appears fine. -The '97 airport PD Crown Vic has one unit number on the drivers side, but two on the passenger side. Looks like something funny may have happened when flipping the texture from one side to the other? I still find it interesting just how many different livery variations they've had over the past decades though, but I digress. -ALS ambulance 3 as it's referred to in the files has its fender lights flash in sync, rather than alternating red/amber like the other ones with a similar setup. That might be intentional, I don't know, but it seemed off to me at least. And that's it, at least so far. I'm a sucker for old rotator lights so this mod is practically virtual heaven lol.
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  20. I was wondering the same thing, but unfortunately I don't have an answer. Supposedly there's something called "Map Dialog".
  21. Also How Do I put It In The Gallery
  22. I Like This Submod That You Make But I Will Put It in The Gallery
  23. 99% of "hazmat call not clearing" cases are from people who are forgetting to remove the forklift! For future reference, everybody, the forklift goes too!
  24. It's probably the bugged callout with the men in the container. I'll take care of those ASAP, and some scripting errors.
  25. About the HAZMAT call after you remove everyone call DOT and remove the barrels and the forklift for me works
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