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  2. If I knew how to proper animate and code, I would try that Thx for your feedback. Much appreciated! As I said earlier, the WIP is very, very slow, but it still going. I may be able to give you an update in the near future tho.
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  5. New MDFR Pierce Enforcer Engine 2: Credits: EmC-Unit.
  6. Hello Its Nick' ! Ive anissue with a mod than i make ! When i ALS car or my ALS Ambulance the game crash and return to the desktop ! the problem is appeared when ive modified the "Portrait" XML but apparently its not from the xml cause ive rewriting it many times for solveing the issue but that dont work I hope someone have the solution Nick ! Stand by !
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  8. So for those at home wondering NYC EMS purchased off the shelf fords in 1989 after the EMS fleet was falling apart at the seams. These 89s were mainly Collins and Wheeled coaches and there were a handful of variations. At the time NYPD Motor Transport Division (the precursor to modern day Fleet Service Division) took on a lot of the EMS overflow because EMS fleet services couldn't keep up with the work. The fleet situation in EMS was so bad that in 1987 a citation bar was issued to anyone working during the ambulance shortage. Below are a handful of 1989 Ford Buses
  9. It certainly is great to see this updated again. I wonder how difficult the coding for the supervillain attacks will be? I always like to see something creative and original, as long as this game's been around and new stuff still coming out for it, makes me feel happy.
  10. I'm sorry guys, it had to be done. It's hideous, pitiful but it's history. I look forward to all the laughs this thing will give you when it's ingame, equipped and ready to drive. Now here's something more macho. It turns out there's no less than 6 variations of this Ford ambulance that NYC*EMS used. I'll try to make as many of them as I can. The other team members will be doing livery work on this, unless there's any takers looking to help. All work in this post is by me.
  11. At the risk of going too off topic, if he's got anything from the western half of the state, please send him my direction As for folks posting their own photos, go ahead. Crowdsourcing research is a great way to keep this thread active and remind me to work on my dozens of outstanding/unfinished assets.
  12. Much appreciated, AJ Illenota has been a fantastic resource all around. His own vintage MA archives are incredible for those that are interested in that area. It's going to be so cool to see the contrast even in the Aerodynics between NY and LA style
  13. This isnt my mod or my thread, but I wouldnt mind if people posted research here. Allow me to start off with the ones I found off archive video and google There are photos of the Chevy Caprice, Plymouth Gran Fury and Plymouth Reliant on Facebook, posted by AJ Illenotna. I don't know how to upload them here without breaking my attachment limits, but you can find them there using his name. I'm proud of what we've found, especially the Bronco II. Seems that nobody else knows about it.
  14. At the risk of turning this into a depository of archive photos like the LA Nostalgia mod, is there any chance I could see a few? For some reason I haven't been able to find more than a quick front view of an old Taurus.
  15. I was thinking to myself recently that NYC or Boston would both be great bases for another 80s-90s mod and your work so far has really proven that to be true. Do you have any IRL photos of the DOT vehicles? Those are incredible
  16. Looking forward to seeing FDNY units once some are completed. The current units shown look really good so far. This one's gonna be one of my favorites for sure.
  17. Looking forward for more content! Everything looks good!
  18. Hey everyone. I want to take the time to introduce myself. Ive been a member on EMP since 2007, Longer than most of you have been alive. But I wouldn't say I'm an active poster until now. I am the primary researcher for the NYPD and EMS side of this mod as well as doing some of the skins for the vehicles. Aside from being a member of the mod team here I have been a first responder in NYC for many years. I am also in the process of restoring several police cars and I collect and restore vintage emergency lights and sirens some of my collection may make it into the mod. If anyone has any questions about NYC police or EMS vehicles from the 70s to now feel free to ask in this thread!
  19. Folks, I’ve got a project here I’m very excited to share with you all. Just about two years in the making, in quiet group chats and google drives, I am very happy to officially announce Project NYstalgia, a mod themed around New York City circa 1993. If you’ve followed me around on Discord since 2021, you might recognize this as “that private edit I was messing around with.” Well, since then it’s been torn down and rebuilt more times than I’ve bothered to keep count of. A few times, I even got damn close to shelving the whole project. But, I get by with a little help from my friends, who have pestered me and made sure that this mod stays in my head. There are many people to be mentioned, but I need to give a particular thanks to @mercurygrandmarquis1 and @Jules617 have provided invaluable research assistance, @Newfoundking has taken some of the load off my shoulders with lighting, and @itchboy has provided a majority of the models. This project is to blame for why Edgewater and Hill Street Blues have gone belly up recently. My focus will bounce back to those, eventually, but I’d like to see this through all the way. When will it be released? When it’s done. When will it be done? When I say so. Anyway, enough of me yapping. You all want screenshots. NYPD Caprices and Econoline van. Vehicle models by Itchboy, textures by mercurygrandmarquis1. Fedsig lightbars by EmC-unit and rihis. NYC EMS Caprice and Bronco Don't worry, we've got regular ambulances on the way Vehicle models by itchboy, textures by mercurygrandmarquis1. MX7000 Lightbar by hoppah LA mod team. New York City Housing & Transit Police Gran Fury and Caprices. Vehicle models by itchboy, textures by mercurygrandmarquis1. Fedsig streethawk lightbar by EmC-unit and rihis. Traffic enforcement Caprice and Taurus Vehicle models by Itchboy, textures by mercurygrandmarquis1. Fedsig lightbars by EmC-unit and rihis.
  20. I know, right? Glad you like them, itchboy made a fantastic work with them. And besides, they really give a feeling of a somewhat corrupt and underfunded police force as with everything Gotham-related. That's the general idea I wanted to give.
  21. Here is the link to all the coronas I have: https://mega.nz/folder/LoxlBCxQ#c58LCfuijBbAlZ5ztUh-YQ
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  23. I got a new computer and I'm trying to log into it but I can't remember my password, so I tried hitting forgot password but then it tells me there was some security issue and it never lets me reset it. The computer i'm sending this message from is my old one. Can you please allow me to reset my password without getting a security warning?
  24. Version 1.0.0


    The Aerodynic 24SHSP, the lightbar produced by Federal Signal for the Dutch Police. This lightbar was used by Dutch forces during the 80s and 90s. Included in the download are off course the model. the lightmaps for the stop sign and the authantical siren. The lightbar is scaled to person size. De Aerodynic 24SHSP, de lichtbalk geproduceerd door Federal Signal voor de Nederlandse politie. Deze lichtbalk werd veel gebruikt tijdens de 80er en 90er jaren. In deze download vind je natuurlijk het model maar ook de lightmaps voor de stopborden en de authentieke sirene. Deze balk is op personenformaat gescaled. Der Aerodynic 24SHSP, ein Lichtbalken erstellt von Federal Signals für die niederländische Polizei. War weitverbreitet in den 1980er und 1990er. Beinhaltet sind natürlich das Model, Lightmaps für das Stopschild und das Originale Sondersignal. Er ist auf Personengröße skaliert.
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