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  3. Anyone else has issues with the getaway car? What happens with mine is that I take the negotiator, talk to the suspect and call for a getaway car. after the car arrives the suspect just goes into the car and you can't do anything with it, it dosen't drive away, can't move it. The only thing I can do is use the helicopter to get the suspect out of the car and arrest them. Anyone else have it? or a fix for it?
  4. Hi Guys, I know this has been asked alot before! I have been playing the game for years and never had any issues but today I have tried to go onto the game and the black screen of death has happened, it loads the editor but then will not run the game, I have a digital copy through steam and have un-installed the game and also un-installed steam then re-installed but still the same problem. I have tried the usual changing the em4.cfg file but that has not worked either, also updated the Nvidea graphics drivers and still the same problem. Please can someone give me a ha
  5. Yesterday
  6. Here is an image of another street in the upper part of the map before it then moves into more suburban housing. I have been trying to have it so it slowly fades from the urban area to rural area with larger plots of land for houses and bigger open streets.
  7. Well you were on the right track by copying the files. Basically what you want to do is to chose one of the versions and rename them. You then assign the correct, copied, v3o file to the copied prototype file via the editor. After that you just add a line for the fourth version in the portraits file (with the correct file path for the prototype) and create a new units folder with the files in there as well. Also in those files you fill in the correct path for the prototype. Then make sure to change the Unit ID so the game actually recognises that a new unit is in town and add that Unit ID to t
  8. Another addition to the fleet. This time, it's an older Dodge Van.
  9. Reset the screen to the previous value. If this resolution doesnt work, try another, lower resolution. Not all high res or widescreen resolutions work in Em4 unfortunately.
  10. Nice work ...I know how difficult it is to create a map from scratch, especially wanting to put parts of real areas in it ... continue the work and don't get discouraged!
  11. Last week
  12. So I was wondering how I can get more models for personal. Here’s an example, so the Miami mod is a recent one I’ve played where if you click on spawning the police officers you can get three versions of male or female. Is there a way to make it possible to add more spawn able models ? I’m saying if I edit the skin and have a “4th design” of the police officer how can get get that fourth one to spawn? I tried copying all the files so that there’s a 4th male and female option but can’t get them to spawn in the game at all
  13. Cheers for the comments guys! I've still got lots to do going forward. I am focusing most of my time on the map so there is at least a solid foundation to work with and then I will move onto sorting out the rest of the playable units. I am also making the map and playable units as true to scale as I can. I know we're probably used to seeing a person model bigger than the actual vehicle or building and I know some may say whats the point in bothering with it, but for me it makes the vehicles stand out and try's to replicate their size but on a smaller scale. My next work on the map will be
  14. Nice to see another NY mod in development! Waiting to see the results
  15. I have been working on the map again today and have been able to expand and further develop the map. Please let me know what you think. There are somethings in the screenshot which are to be changed.
  16. Hi Itchboy, Yeah I saw your models mate and I think the KME you did will be the best fit. Thanks for your help
  17. Here you go. I also have a Seagrave in here. If you're doing this for FDNY, I hope it helps you out. In the future, maybe later this year or well into next year, I will be uploading more KME and Seagrave models to this set.
  18. Hey folks, I thought I would post this to see if there is anyone who may of potentially already made this. Has anyone or does anyone know of a KME Severe vehicle model for the game?
  19. In the editor, you'll find the doors in the Scene window. Go to the Objects tab and to _VehicleParts_doors. To edit a vehicle's doors, go to the Vehicles tab, select the vehicle, click on Edit, then go to Edit Children.
  20. I couldn't figure out how to do that, could you give a quick rundown?
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