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  1. Heres another part of my collection that will be appearing in the mod
  2. This piece of my personal collection will be making an appearance in the mod
  3. For those who don't know I also run a youtube channel, Today I posted a Short video on the history of the streethawk lightbar which was used by housing in the 80s and 90s and then PD in the 90s and 2000s. If you like it subscribe because I can promise you there will be more NYC spec posted on there
  4. No the map will consist of 2 streets across from the portal to the holland tunnel, A big inaccessible area in the middle and then 2 streets over the Nassau line Follow me for more insider leaks
  5. Depends on the state. NY is big on standing orders so I can do a lot more in NY then other states that Ive worked (NJ and PA) so I don't need to call telemetry unless its something sketch or for a repeat dose of albuterol
  6. Exclusively Jersey City and Nassau county. The 6th and 7th Boroughs
  7. I'm speaking solely for NY BLS. Other states have a tendency for being a lot more restrictive even with signs of obvious death
  8. Yes I have declared people dead before as an EMT in certain circumstances. DNR present, obvious signs of death. I have worked jobs with medics and they can terminate CPR with medical control approval. (They have to call the doc.) On one occasion I got to call the doc myself for termination orders but that was a situation that I doubt will repeat itself
  9. Todays NYstalgia Spec post. Very few 1991 caprices were purchased by the NYPD and they were bought in two batches. The first batch of 1991 Caprices had the same striping from the original 1973 design. The second batch introduced the NYC POLICE livery which was used until 1993 with some variations through the 3 years
  10. So the mod takes place in 1993, At least as a starting off point. In 1987 the NYPD switched to DAO stainless steel revolvers (Smith and Wesson Model 64 with a bobbed hammer) which were used until 1993 The NYPD field tested ruger semi autos prior to 1993 with special units getting them before patrol. These were all recalled prior to the roll out of Semi autos (Sig, Glock and S&W) which were rolled out in the July 1993 police academy class which hit the streets in January of 1994. During this time ESU had Mini14s and MP5s. No NYC agency ever issued a Beretta pistol to police officers. Transit is a different story. The chief of police for transit who later became the commissioner for the NYPD and the Chief for the LAPD modernized Transit faster then most agencies in the NYC area, Introducing Glocks in 1990 which caused a disagreement between Transit and the NYPD and as a result the NYPD denied them use of the department range
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