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  1. This is my NYPD streethawk, Fully restored by me. This was suspected to be at ground zero because during the breakdown process a white debris was found. When I showed my mother who was a 9/11 survivor she confirmed that it looked exactly the the debris found in her office located across the street from the WTC. This particular bar also had a date code of early 1997.
  2. First off I love the mod. I have a few suggestions for this mod. Change the sirens for the later LAPD cars. When they switched from the Aerodynic to the MX7000 they switched siren from the 480k to the Unitrol Omega Can you implement the shotgun script from the Montana Mod. The LAPD used shotguns in this era Bring in a random vehicle script for spawning in patrol cars. IIRC Newfoundkings NYC Mod did this The Caltrans van is a late 90s/early 2000s model Can you add LASD deputies and CHP officers for the unmarked car? The LAPD fleet was a mess up until the late 90s and during the time period of the 80s there would be some B body furies and the rare AMC matador left in the fleet are these going to be included in the mod? LAPD Supervisors station wagons? Can you put the Unmarked impala from colors in lol
  3. Just updating everyone with our new URL http://ertrpg.net/ and join our discord! https://discord.gg/YH7YsD5
  4. So this was orignally started by Newfoundking years ago and after all these years were still around. We're actively recruiting in all departments http://www.ertrpg.com/ Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/C2jAP2S
  5. Have you decided what light bars are going on any PD vehicles?
  6. An old school code 3 lp6000 or a federal aerodynic would look good on this
  7. I agree with this, Regional Tactical teams are pretty common in rural areas.
  8. Looks like sirens are legal http://leg.mt.gov/bills/mca/61/9/61-9-402.htm
  9. I'm looking forward to this. Will the caprices that the LAPD bought in 2011 be included? (I remember seeing a bunch of pictures when they came out but it seems that they started buying ford instead)
  10. Ok cool, And if it means anything I would suggest to do one lumina, one caprice. Lumina's weren't really great cars in general and were terrible police cars. My department bought luminas in 1998 last one I saw in front line service was 2000, Most were repainted dark blue got transferred to school safety shortly after they were deemed unfit for patrol they lasted another few years before they started blowing head gaskets before they hit 50k. Our caprices lasted up until 2007 when they started retiring them due to age. That being said it would still be cool to see one in game. And good call on not doing the catfish taurus the next generation looked a lot better
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