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  1. As a certifiable Sutphen lover, I like what I see
  2. Over the last year, I've seen a phrase pop up constantly in discords, comment sections, and forums all over the community. The exact wording changes but the common theme is always the same. "Private mods killed this community." I'm sure everyone is guilty of daydreaming over City of Angels or River Falls at least once, it's only natural. But those mods aren't private because of some ill will of the creators, nor are they harming this community. No, dear friends, the fault is ours. I am a relative newcomer to Emergency 4's community. While I have been playing the game in one form or another since 2011, I only took an active role in the community late in 2017. Even so, over the last five years, and after reading several old threads and speaking with some real "OGs" of the community, it's pretty obvious that we only have ourselves to blame for the current state of things. MikeyPI made a pretty well structured post in 2015 about why he and Hoppah were deciding to hold development of the NYC mod for the time being. I'll post it below, as it's worth reading. I'll also post a link to the thread if anyone else in interested in scrolling through a seven year old locked thread. MikeyPI's post from 16 June 2015 (spoiler tagged for the sake of formatting) and here is the thread if you want to read further (highly recommended) By my own interpretation, Mikey wanted to wait until the state of the community improved to release his work into our lives. The state of the community never did improve, sadly, so NYC V2 stays forgotten on a hard drive somewhere, probably forever. Nowadays, all I see is people complaining about this decision. Hardly a new thing, even in the original thread some people whined and moaned over the dev's rightful decision, but what was once balanced with some messages of sympathy is now just the voices of the masses crying because they couldn't play with a new toy. Thats the root of it, in my opinion. We've become so obsessed with something new. Everyone wants a new mod so they can play something just a little different, but that desire for more has given way to a monster - theft. Now is this the "legal definition" of theft? No, probably not. I've had it argued to me that no civil or legal action can be taken for anything in this game because of all sorts of varying reasons. But my rant here has nothing to do with legality, but about respect. Itchboy is the principal victim of this nowadays - look no further than his parking script to see what I mean. All he can do is ask politely for us to refrain from using an asset he placed his effort and time into creating, and a portion of the community has walked all over that. All his scripts, models, etc. Same goes for EmC_Unit. You need not look too far to see an edit of the Miami mod out there, even though it is forbidden in the terms of service. I'll take a moment now to acknowledge that not everyone is guilty of being a vulture for other's content, this site in particular seems to have no issue for it whatsoever, and for that I am thankful. I'm sure that what I've been referring to this whole time is simply a vocal minority, their actions speaking loud thanks to their discords and other websites that function as an echo chamber. But the problem is certainly widespread enough to be of concern to all of us. Why should Itchboy, EmC_Unit, THVFD, or anyone else for that matter release anything anymore? None of us want that, but it's near impossible to blame these long time developers from wanting to withhold some of their work from us. It's not about greed on the dev's part. Itchboy alone publishes dozens upon dozens of free to use models for us if we really aspire to create our own mods. He's also present on the forums to answer questions, even the most ammeter ones. (He helped me greatly in my early days of modding.) The problem is greed for us. We become so blinded by seeing things that are "new" and we forget that these developers are owed respect of their boundaries. Their time and effort has gone into creating a product for the community, it is the absolute least we can do to be able to recognize that we shouldn't view all these projects as a depot for spare parts. But we have been treating these projects as depots for spare parts. That is what is killing this community. Not private mods, but our own greed. TL;DR - If we weren't so greedy about assets, we would have no need for private mods.
  3. I realize, two months after the fact, that I have made a terrible typo that may have confused some people. Edgewater is in Michigan - just in case anybody was confused. Updates to come this weekend, stay tuned
  4. The tiller has been disabled in the mod as I was unhappy with the model I had used in the beta.
  5. 99% of "hazmat call not clearing" cases are from people who are forgetting to remove the forklift! For future reference, everybody, the forklift goes too!
  6. I'm away for the moment, but I've got some screenshots I'd like to share. Some of you with a keen eye may have already noticed, but if not, these screenshots will make it obvious. Edgewater is not officially in Michigan! Wanting to keep Edgewater's small, seaside city vibe, while also wanting to bring the community something new, and also my unbridled love for the mitten state, influenced this decision. Anyway, heres a Michigan staple, the somewhat standardized design of a Michigan Sheriff Cruiser. Itchboy's 2003 CVPI with ThinBlueLineKY's Whelen Centurion
  7. Tonight, dear friends, I share with you my updates to the Edgewater Police Department! For fans of the old "Colgate toothpaste" design, I have some bad news. I scrapped it! I decided I really wanted to embrace the police car styles of the early 2000s. I present to you two variations of Itchboy's Crown Victoria model, one with a 2003 styled grille and one with a 1998 styled grille. Both also have Cops' Whelen Edge 9000 strobe lightbar.
  8. I've heard similar from others, so right now I'm exploring my options for a larger, more prominent strobe lightbar instead. I plan on re-lighting all of them anyway since their lighting doesn't meet my current standards.
  9. Alright everybody, gather around because I have some updates to share. Despite my lack of updates, I have been working on and off on this mod for the past year! And I'd like to share what I've done with all of you, even though it isn't all final yet. First, I'd love to show you Edgewater's "new" fire engines. Using Itchboy's Sutphen cab, as well as the rear from his Ward LaFrance ambassador E17, I crafted two 90s era Sutphen Deluges, with an edited Whelen edge 9000 lightbar by Cops for one, and ThinBlueLineKY's Whelen Centurion for the other. These will be Edgewater City's two frontline engines.
  10. Please ensure that you are copying the entire link from the .txt file
  11. Well, I'm back from vacation. Been back, as a matter of fact. I can't afford to vacation for over six months, sadly. To tell you all that this mod has changed a bit would be a massive understatement. Since being back I've done near complete overhauls of almost all departments. I'd like to show these changes off to you all in due time, but first, I hope you'll excuse a bit of a nostalgic rant. I recently just went through the entire thread for this mod, beginning to end, in order to ensure I haven't strayed too far from the mod's original vision, and also just for a bit of inspiration. In doing so I found some things that had slipped my mind, such as the Lakeview County mutual aid units. I also saw that the very last post made by the original developers on this thread came in May of 2018, only a few months after I made my own first post and tried modding for the same time. Now, those of you out there who believe in destiny can draw your own conclusions about the mod ending up in my hand. But I wanted to just have a laugh about it, and look at how far I've come skill wise. and it looks like I still can't use the page system
  12. In an attempt to add some more pizzazz to some of the set pieces around, I've given an attempt at adding 3D text to the firehouse. I think it looks good, but I'm concerned about how high-poly the text is and how it may effect performance on some computers. I'm currently working on an alternative. And the security cameras will also be removed before the next release, for realism. may
  13. I suppose I do owe everyone here a progress update, considering it has been more than 4 months since my last update. The mod is still in progress, as is Edgewater (I'll probably be posting a similar message on that thread tomorrow). I'll be honest with all of you. Version one of this mod is not good. It does not live up to the standards I set for myself in terms of quality and detail. Thus, immediately after releasing the mod, I started working on a new version. I'm now stuck in a terrible loop. I get a few assets done, then I grow unhappy with the quality of them, so I scrap them and start over. A lot of work is being done behind the scenes. I just wish to refrain from showing it until I am happy with it, which could be a while but also could be quite soon. That is to say I have no idea when the next update will come, but I promise you when it does come, it will be work I am proud of.
  14. Still looking for the flash drive in question. It's lost somewhere in my old desk. Rest assured it will be found, for both you and YSB's sake
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