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  1. Just got it today and I have no idea where the key.xml (or if it has one at all) so i can change the annoying arrow keys to WASD
  2. Can't wait for this to come out when its completed
  3. How do you get them to function? Every time I place them down they always walk in place and don't do anything at all. They're all set to civilian and their animation is set to zombie as well. Only tutorial that's out there is from 12 years ago. Which is outdated but still somewhat useful (since it shows where you can get all of it). Using the LA mod (v2.1) btw.
  4. just gotta repaint it to say to SWAT and make it black or whatever color it was back then >:3 Also I'm having issues with the coronas of this mod. I dont know whether its how im installing it or what because I keep getting the same white squares like in the outdated/dead Hong Kong mod.
  5. Found out the problem. In order to access the games editor through steam. You have to launch it from your library which will then give you the option to launch which application you want. It actually does work. Just takes a few minutes to figure out since every tutorial out there is outdated
  6. I've put -editor on the shortcut through properties as for doing it through steam I have no idea how or I find it. If its just open steam, right click, properties then I doubt it works Tiller works in the missions and the heli is fixed just tested them
  7. Alright I'll test it when I can. Also do you know how to get the editor to work on the steam deluxe version? I've already gotten the editor to launch but all get is the same menus from the normal game. I don't get a single editor tool as shown on every tutorial video
  8. All it does is start up the game normally and then there's an empty grid map with the normal menus. Not a single editor tool shown like in every tutorial video.
  9. For the heli it's both I think. One thing that I know for sure is the AI gets stuck and is uncontrollable (helicopter works fine at least but the paramedic with a stretcher doesn't work) The tiller isn't available in the menu during the campaign mission Summit bombing. It works fine in free mode. I haven't tested it in any other mission yet.
  10. In the campaign the tiller isn't available. It's also the only working ladder in the mod. Thus making the mission impossible to beat since you have transport all victims. I've seen that happen to myself as well. Had a person in shock and the paramedic with the stretcher got stuck on the back of the heli
  11. Oh boy more stress on installing the mod again. Time to find that video I used to get it to work somehow. I use a surface pro 3 (which surprisingly runs EM4 pretty well). So far every other mod I played installs easily cause its just a click and drag type of thing. But as for the launcher for the LA mod I could use some help with that. It never recognizes the folder and the manual .pdf file can't launch cause of a strange error.
  12. Don't really know how to explain this error but I somehow managed to break the entire mod. Every time I try to reinstall the mod it says do you want to replace the old installation. I press yes it does the replacement but never actually replaces anything. I deleted the file completely and the mod still acts like the folder is there. I deleted the mod folder because I messed up on the custom map installment (as shown below if it does upload, my wifi is terrible). I dragged and replaced the files thinking thats what had to be done. Launched the game loaded the mod and crashed. I start trying to use ctrl z but it had no effect and now here I am. Back to square one. Where the mod installer still has that damn bug the devs refuse to fix. Maps.rar
  13. There is no wanted icon for the hacker in that mission. Follow the dispatcher's instructions when you investigate the NET services building. He mentions a *satellite dish*. There's your hint. Here's another an axe is required once you find them.
  14. Didn't seem to fix the lights at all. I extracted the files and replaced it (since they were the same files) tested it out. No change.
  15. Would be cool if some of the TEC (or DOT since this is a reskin of the LA mod) vehicles were reskinned as well. Even though their aren't any models of the tow trucks or engineer's van from Resident Evil. Especially the medical helicopter.
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