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  1. I have a copy of 2.0.2 doesn't look like it has w00ds map but I will check my files from the last decade to see if it's on here. Discord is Panzerchlag #8425 if you wanna get in touch there.
  2. I fixed the issue. "metastrings" in the spec folder was copied from the base game, and as such it was referencing the base game lang folder, not the one in the mod.
  3. Your experience is going to be more CPU based than GPU based. I used to run the game fine at 1080p with a GT220. Just get a modern system, this game is not worth the headache of buying old hardware.
  4. That's what I thought too? I checked the constructor as well and everything is correct.
  5. Hello, I have several custom scripts I've made for my mod. Currently when I load the game they will display the name of the command script as it is in the code. For example the script that changes a firefighter to a firefighter with respiratory protection shows up in game as "SBAS_ChangeAS". I have added some strings to lang/en/commands.xml but they do not show up in game. Do I need to define these as a constant in the script during declarations?
  6. It has been quite a week in the town of Schlafenberg. I resurrected this project without any big hopes, but I surprised myself with how much I have worked on it. The village itself is mostly complete! There is one more parking area by the city engineer's office that needs to be made, and some details such as driveways and walkways need to be added to the map for continuity. From there comes the labor intensive task of detailing the textures. That means blending the sidewalks to make them look natural, mixing the dirt and sand textures of the river and beach, as well as adding decals and detail polygons. Traffic striping will also be added, mostly in the form of crosswalks. There is now one escape path on the map! So criminals will actually flee. I will be adding some more in at some point. There are is one set of working traffic lights on the map, some gas explosion missions have been added, as well as electrical boxes added for more available missions. Ambient polygons have also been added, and custom sounds are on the horizon, leading to a map that is very alive and vibrant. Also some variations of pedestrians have been added! Here's a sneak peak of a few skins that were added for more variety. You will be seeing more variations of vanilla skins added to the mod as time goes on! The skins will undoubtedly be one of the more labor intensive tasks. Tentatively I have plans to Re UV map all of the vanilla emergency vehicles and persons to HD textures.
  7. Several years ago I started to build a new freeplay map based upon a fictional European town I had made many years ago. In the past few years my wife left me, COVID has left me busier than ever, and I rarely get time to myself. I've posted some screenshots on discord, facebook, and on steam and I've had plenty of interest of a release of this mod. Currently the mod is hosted here on Emergency Planet. It is in an alpha stage and I have no problems sharing it with you guys. The mod uses the default resources of the game, and I have a few scripts I've made that will be added in a future release. The progress map is as follows... Basic map texturing - 80% Map texture blending - 25% Map scene editing - 70% Map pathing - 50% Pedestrian skin variations - 5% HD remaping of vanilla vehicles - 0% New and expanded textures for base game units - 0% Custom EMS scripts - 50% (Not implemented yet) In map stations - 10% No, I will not port this map over to whatever mod you are playing. The updates will come out as they come out. The mod can be found here:
  8. Version 0.1


    Have you ever thought to yourself "man, the base game is really boring and looks outdated" or perhaps you want a new freeplay experience after several years of the base game? Well look no further. This mod is currently in alpha state. I have worked on it off and on for a few years. I have decided to pick the project back on to make a total overhaul using as many vanilla resources as possible. MANY FEATURES IN THIS MAP ARE MISSING OR DO NOT WORK PROPERLY.
  9. Add Panzerschlag #8425 on discord and I will help you out.
  10. Huh. A week or so late, but the Miami mod is out. You had a lot of free time this past year in corona lockdown didn't you?
  11. Recently got bored, since the homies and I finished up on Northview and we're all busy with our lives we haven't played EM4 like we used to. Decided to go on the hunt of some new mods to play after getting bored of BFE. And holy shit bro. I don't know how I slept on this for so long. Master class mod, I played it for most of the day yesterday while recovering from being sick, this is the best coat of paint and fresh air I've seen in the LA Mod since Xplorer's mod. Stellar job man.
  12. Yes. Promotion Software is associated with Sixteen Tons, I don't know off hand if it is owned as a child company by 16T or by Pheonix Games which bought 16T. I wrote a bit about it here:
  13. Go into the editor, select each traffic light, every traffic light has a number at the end of it. Change that number to 70-90.
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