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  1. Most of the missions were actually taken from Emergency 2, or at least scaled down from that game. Still Emergency DS and the older Emergency Android/iPad game were actually really good! The older mobile game was an extension of the Emergency DS game.
  2. Wrap it up folks, this one is a loss.
  3. It's been about two weeks and I wish there was a lot I could show you, but unfortunately work on the mod has been slow due to my work schedule. It's looking like January will be jam packed with work days as well unfortunately. That being said we have made some progress! It's just not screenshot worthy progress. Currently the town of Schlafenberg has a fully staffed fire station! At the start of the game you are given several firefighting vehicles and firefighters to compliment them! There are also two ambulances that spawn at the hospital, as well as an emergency doctor's vehicle! The police force also has two patrol cars, a patrol van, and an armed response unit that spawns on the map. The engineer's depot currently has an engineer that spawns. Fire units can also return to the fire station, and soon all units will be able to return to their perspective stations! A few map details have been added, including a road to the beachfront. It still needs a proper street to be attached to it. Some of the sidewalks still need to be aligned properly and a few houses need walkways and driveways. There are also some pathing issues to work out. I have also focused on creating custom audio for a lot of the town in an attempt to make the town feel more "alive". This includes the gas station, the fire station, the church, and the fast food shop. I am hopeful that before the new year I will be able to upload an updated alpha version of the mod. Enjoy the holidays ahead all!
  4. I believe it sent, I had to reverse look up your user and tag from a bot. If you don't see it it's Panzerschlag #8425
  5. I was also interested if your program would decompile EFTs from the 20xx series, however it looks like it causes an overflow when trying to parse the EFTs of 20xx. I am aware of some ways to circumvent a lot of the protection from mods that 20xx had, and NewFoundKing and myself were able to able to insert and load models about 8-10 years ago, but it was very difficult, convoluted, and required a copy of the game's engine. Chris07 and myself both have a vested/piqued interest in the implications of your project and what it could mean for the future of Emergency 4 and its modability. Would you be interested in talking about it over discord?
  6. I fixed the issue. This mission folder had a spelling mistake in it
  7. Disregard, I was testing on EM3 files I pulled off of an old external HDD that were almost completely corrupted, causing the program to hang. Tested it out on a fresh install and everything was good.
  8. I played around with it, you can extract a targa out of the EFT file more or less. Mixed results with EM3. But EM4 maps seem to work okay.
  9. They both print to the log file, and my other scripts register the debug information to the logfile with System::LogFile
  10. There was always a lack of scripters in the community, fewer still people who could compile projects outside of the confines of the game itself. The only one I can remember is the EM4 script generator. Also the EFT format has remained uncracked for 16 years, as it was used in Emergency 3, if you had waited a month and 5 days it would have been 17
  11. Hey all, I'm working on a custom freeplay script to spawn vehicles. I have looked around and found that several mods use fp.freeplay.script to spawn vehicles and turn door occlusion off. When the game starts the script should execute two debug lines into the log file bool OnLoad() { start(); System::SetEnv("e4_doocclusion", 0); Process::Kill(); return true; System::LogFile("At least the script file loaded"); } void start() { GameObjectList spawnerList("SCSpawner"); GameObject spawner = spawnerList.GetObject(0); Game::ExecuteCommand("SpawnVehicles", &spawner); System::LogFile("It's working dingus"); }; When executing SpawnVehicles an additional debug line is logged. SpawnVehicles works fine on its own, however I can tell that the script is not being executed as there is no debug line in the logfile. I have looked around, but I cannot figure out if I have to link the script file in the editor or do any additional work. I have also looked through the spec xmls to make sure that I'm not missing a file path and couldn't find anything. Any help?
  12. I am highly impressed. This is something that has been missing for such a long time, and as someone who primarily deals with making maps from scratch would have saved so much time over the years.
  13. Absolutely. Add me on discord. My man you ain't write, you ain't call, you just up and disappeared so you gon have to catch up with me.
  14. Another week, another update. Sadly my vacation time is running out, so forthcoming updates will likely be slow. Instead of focusing on map texture updates, most of the progress this week has been on scripts and importing some assets from Emergency 3. Most of the map texturing done was some small things, such as improving road and sidewalk textures and changing the sand texture on the beaches. A few new car accidents have been added. I also spent a lot of time play testing the map, particularly with fire spread. I have realized that a lot of fires in the game, even smaller fires, grow out of control fairly quickly. While it offers great gameplay, it can be very difficult to reasonably control raging infernos with only a select few units, with gameplay being centered around a small town I feel that the player will need more options to control the raging fires. I have decided to give the bulldozer extra function and have been experimenting with adding in trees that can be destroyed with the bulldozer. One thing that I've felt has been missing from the base game is the ability to change firefighters to various other uniforms, such as breathing apparatus or the diving suit. Firefighters can now change into breathing apparatus from any firefighting vehicle. Firefighters with breathing apparatus can change into ABC protection at the equipment truck (RW/GPT) or the decon truck. (DEKONP). Firefighters can also change into a diving suit at the equipment truck. And rounding out the custom scripts is a go to hospital script! Ambulances can now go to the hospital. Currently there is no "return to station" script, so it is very limited. I have also started work on a spawn script, as well as a flashing lights script. Also some scripts that I made for a different mod are in. Doctors no longer spawn with emergency cases, they must get one from the EDV/NEF. Doctors also no longer can be staffed on ambulances, they must be summoned on the EDV/NEF. To balance this change paramedics can now assess patients and treat them better, so not every casualty requires a doctor. You will also notice that some new stations have been added. Currently these are place holders. Some brand new custom stations will be coming soon. However, if you are interested in checking them out, the new stations can be found here and here. Currently I am working on a startup script to spawn vehicles. This is the city engineer's office. It will have a parking spot for an engineer's vehicle as well as a bulldozer, and possibly a crane. A tow truck will be available on the map, however it will be at the auto garage on the map, not the engineer's office. Additional tow trucks will eventually spawn outside the map. Eventually you will be able to spawn additional engineers and TEC/THW persons at this building. I have debated on expanding the roles and duties of technical services and may add in additional persons, though this will likely be very far down the road. This is the town's hospital. It has been adapted from a building from Emergency 3. In fact most mods back in the day used this model as a stand in hospital, so it should look familiar to long time Emergency fans. The attached ambulance station will have two ambulances and a doctor's car. Eventually this service will have a color scheme similar to Die Johanniter, and will operate the area's only medical and rescue helicopter. The town of Schlafenberg will also see a single ambulance with a different color scheme from the hospital station. The liveries will come after I upscale the textures. This will likely be the most labor intensive part of the mod. Additionally the mountains and forest to the north will eventually be changed to support a more complex and satisfying gameplay component, with the inclusion of search and rescue teams for the deluxe missing persons events as well as individual trees, rather than filler forest objects for tactical control of fire and better unit movement. As you can see below the town has grown considerably since some of the first screenshots of the mod. The town will continue to grow and be detailed as the mod progresses. A single EMS station will soon be present in the town. Patrol routes will also be present in the near future, however they will be on foot through the town proper, rather than by vehicle! The neighborhood and farms to the north and the west now have a name. As part of an inside joke they will have the official name of Toasterhausen. There will soon be a small fire station with a single truck located by the neighborhood and car shop. Pictured below is the area's water pumping facility. Also, I just wanna get a goth GF. (jk i already do and sarah if ur reading this ily) With my work schedule being quite erratic I was wondering if there was anyone who might be interested in hopping aboard this project? I will need quite a bit of help with UV mapping all of the base game vehicles. The goal of the mod is to keep as much of the original game intact as possible. I don't think that the original game gets enough credit most days. I hope you all enjoy this small dev blog. I will try to make a new stable package of the mod and upload it within the week.
  15. I stay missin them days man, . I'm sure I could write a dissertation on the community over the years. Sorry it took a hot second, I *think* this is what you are looking for. This is 2.0.8 and was downloaded sometime in 2012. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r7z5i7qpcssklmh/Los.Angeles.Mod.v2.0.8-4x4.rar?dl=0 Here is YSB's separate patch https://www.dropbox.com/s/4wtfg8e7s7w8o42/Los Angeles Mod v2.0 4x4 Patch 9 by YSB.rar?dl=0
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