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  1. My advice. Focus on a skillset. I would say making models for starters but if you're like me, I focused more on scripting. To each their own. Visual art wasn't my strength. Just be prepared to take initiative and ask questions, but be prepared for more of a lesson in catching fish then being handed a fish. Focus and stay determined!
  2. I'm not trying to be rude, but if you have that many conversations, shoot them a link to EMP in someway. As you said, forums just aren't the prefered way these days, but it has it's pros and cons as well imo. Maybe it's time for EMP to evolve in some way? Regardless, spread the word in the meantime while you continue to get your project up and going. Every little bit helps if you want to see a more active community. I feel like you have a major challenge ahead of you, but if it can help possibly attract fans and devs alike(or even fans to eventual devs), that's a good thing. Good luck!
  3. No way in hell I expected such a fast response! Spot on and excellent work! I'd love to see an update to that mod one day, but I know you have plenty on your plate as is.
  4. In addition, I feel it helps add some authenticity to the game not to have a base for them. In a case of Cal-Fire call out, I'm going to assume we are talking a longer response time then an average LAFD and possibly even LACoFD response as they are going to more rural harder to reach areas. The mod is looking great even if I personally don't like the aesthetics of a lot of the vehicles from this time period. The Trans Am is looking great though!
  5. So, I did a little searching for US Volly mods in this day and age. I came up pretty dry besides Montana Mod 2.5. II recall at one point in time there was a US based Volly Mod for EM4. It had a small station in the upper left corner of the map with like 2 trucks, and a larger station with about 4 or 5 trucks plus a Battalion Chief and possibly EMS captain in the bottom right. I can't recall the name but maybe this rings a bell with someone that could tell me the name?
  6. So needless to say it's been a hot minute since v2.5 has been released. I hate to be negative on such a phenomenal project, and I hate to sound ungrateful, but I wish we had a 2.6 by now. I have no idea how much work has been done to 2.5 since release, but I wish we had just a slightly polished version of 2.5 before we hopefully see a v3 one day.
  7. All due respect it's 2023. Can we skip the mod-db link to text to mega and just post a mega or cloud host url and be done? Is this any worse than a certain dev asking people to download mods through a profit driven url shortener as I tried 10 years ago before you were even on this site(officially) much less the most impressive developer since the legendary Hoopah who broke grounds with the LA Mod and in 2023, all respect you pushed the game engine to extents even further than he might have dreamed without officially speaking for him.
  8. I have 2.0.1 amd 2.5 stashed away still. It'd be nice to share them here. It's not like Bama was ever seeking monetization for his work unlike some devs. No name's mentioned.. So what is the true harm of releasing them under some kind of shareware licensee. Not sure if Bama is still around these days but if not, what's the big issue? Like he is going to file some sort of lawsuit for releasing his work claiming he lost out on thousands of dollars. I can't see any lawyer in their right mind take such a case! I personally hope my work will be shared in any way shape or form for as long as there is someone out there who wants to play it or use it for their own mod in some way. Credit would be nice, but at the end of the day, we are all here to have fun. We shouldn't be worried about silly lawsuits. Worse case scenario would be if he made a DMCA complaint, In which case, remove the content, and be good to go. Stan has used the same hosting company for ages and surely once DMCA is not going to cause any more harm than say a speeding ticket.
  9. So there's a new game in the series coming. Hopefully with better modding support! https://store.steampowered.com/app/850170/EMERGENCY/
  10. Blast from the past here with my 2 cents, and I agree with both sides. @annabellica I believe you could find more grace with your wording, but I don't completely disagree. I haven't played an updated version, so there is that but of all mods that I played this was my least favorite. I will have to boot up a new version and see what has changed. @itchboy while I agree in terms of respect, and I say this with all due respect, I have to disagree in terms of gatekeeping. What harm would a seperate thread of screenshots be at best? So it's cool that the modders like ourselves get to have the enjoyment of others seeing our work but to deny that to others? We are all in this for one reason, enjoyment. No one here is trying to make a profit so why is it so hard for everyone to essentially just open source everything and share open and freely? I get from experience it is a very time consuming process, but it's not like there is another English based outlet for mods these days making it obvious if someone has used another's work without giving credit.
  11. Place the Nostalgia Mod folder in your EM4 Mods folder, like so: C:\Program Files (x86)\sixteen tons entertainment\Emergency 4 Deluxe\Mods\Project Nostalgia Submod C:\Program Files (x86)\sixteen tons entertainment\Emergency 4 Deluxe\Mods\Project Nostalgia Submod\Audio C:\Program Files (x86)\sixteen tons entertainment\Emergency 4 Deluxe\Mods\Project Nostalgia Submod\Emitters And so forth. Then load the modification in the game menu.
  12. I recall a way to disable voice commands via the config file but searching google and the forum is not finding anything. Can someone refresh my memory?
  13. Bug: When the ladder is activated/extended, and you hit rapid deployment, it causes a script error. Bug 2: If medics carry a patient to an ambulance rather than stretcher them, they get stuck in an endless loop when trying to unload at the hospital. Bug 3: The city police suv deactivates its emergency lights if you activate the directional lights. Bug 4. The beaverfield brush truck doesn't allow you to pump water. Bug 5: Log file for a crash related to siren.script. Not sure what I did to trigger it. https://pastebin.pl/view/681e6e9f Bug 6: The start incident button in the debug menu does not work. Is there a way to turn up the frequency of events? Bug 7: Cardio arrest patients can be transported by a corner without being checked by a detective. Shouldn't this really be a medical examiner? I was working on something like this at one time. Simply had the script add a special flag to the deceased when they get covered with the trap and then corners could not transport until they had been checked by an examiner. I'd like to see you set up different patrol scripts for each police dept to have them focus on more specific areas. The park ranger could take the bottom sector and patrol the woods and nearby streets. The Police patrol in town and so forth.
  14. Xplorer4x4

    Harbor City 5

    I don't know where you got it from as I dont see the Download link anymore but here is a reup. All credit to team blackout of course. https://1fichier.com/?jz4754pnch4df4luf2rz
  15. That makes 2 of us. Looks like this community may have another breath in after all. I just loaded up on a few games to play and then happen to come in here and see this which is one of the projects I most hoped would one day see a release... decisions decisions.. I feel like it would have been better to start a whole new thread for v2.5 though given it seems like a complete overhaul.
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