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  1. It would be fun to replay these mission in em4 with the submods we have available! Keep up the good work!
  2. I see some old faces still around. The one I recall had a different map then LA. I cant recall to many units but there was a pick up truck police vehicle as best as I recall. It was a rural map, and I believe a tanker truck was in there too. It's been awhile..so hard to say. BTW , when's the release date? (I see something never change )
  3. Yo @Stan the man, any chance you could get these back on the server when you get a chance? Does any one have a copy they can upload in the mean time?
  4. The LEDs look fantastic! Very clean and precise.
  5. Going off memory, yes.
  6. Why was this ever pulled anyways? I remember playing the mod at one point and I don't recall any major bugs that trully prevented the mod from being playable, but that's been awhile to...
  7. Sorry for the laziness, but I see some of the links to other forum posts are broken. Should we report them? Is this a WIP? Is it fixable?
  8. I just wanted to say I think some of the more seasoned devs(myself only slightly included given my hiatus for a few years) need to give this guy some credit. @Phantom I did some homework on you. I see you have done yourself a service and learned a few things since 2015. It seems to be paying off! Keep up the good work and I hope one day your complete the Honey Creek Modification. Being from Indiana myself it would be nice to see a rural Indiana based mod. Just don't forget the cornfields! Oh and kinda OT, but your UI mod looks good. I would suggest doing something to downplay the flashing lights on the main menu. It's a little to harsh on the eyes on that scale imo. Also I think you should follow suit with the rest of the blue ui accents/buttons turning them black. Keep up the good work on that as well!
  9. Xplorer4x4

    Harbor City 5

    I'm surprised this mod hasnt gotten more feedback then this! I got in some play time on this mod tonight in single player freeplay! It was rough though for reasons stated above. If I took the time to possibly script in auto-spawning units, I would hope it is something that the mod authors would allow me to release.
  10. I'd rather see a core function fixed with in the mod rather then additional units. Otherwise, I only played a short time but I am glad to see this mod actually got released in the end! Keep up the good work!
  11. So I am a bit confused here. This sounds a bit on the opposite end of what I am getting from Stan's post. Point being is I just jumped back in the deep end here. I was planning to be back around Jan-Feb but life happens. I was honestly just going to lurk through, grab any updated mods by chance, and get me in to a game of EM4. Instead, I stumbled on Stan's post that sounds like a confirmation that the community is slowly dying out. Just like in life, all good things must come to an end. However, I was thinking something along the lines of any willing and active devs to commit our projects to the likes of github and we all open source our projects under something like an apache license. I mean, let's face it, this is a hobby project. No one is here to generate a profit. Let's colab and create with a mutual understanding that of course we need some unique units of features in each mod to keep things fresh. @Stan if you don't mind me asking, I assume you cover server expenses out of or mostly out of pocket for the server itself? This is not intended to be an angry rant but it does sadden me that 10 years later this project is only a WIP. I can not find any logical explanation why this is only a WIP? I mean the project will never be 100% accurate at launch but why not push patches to update units and functions as needed at this point? I'm not saying you guys have to release this now, I just can not find any logical explanation as to why this project is only a WIP 10 years later?
  12. Blast from the past here...looks like you finally got the forums in good shape...goodjob! EMP was my first stop on the scene again in a few months and it sounds like the fan base for the game is dyeing out. Looks like some of the die hards are still hanging in there such as these guys, CFD, itchboy, random person, etc. Just kind of a random thought, but if the modding community is as bad off as you say, maybe it would be best for everyone to join forces and try to focus on one project at a time? I mean this mod itself was going to push EM4 far beyond anything any of us really thought the engine could handle. The original EM4 code base is what 10 years old now? This mod itself is coming up on 9 years? How many fans have long moved on from EM4 that will never enjoy this mod because of the amount of time it has spent being developed?
  13. Go for it! This would probably be the easiest for all involved.
  14. I've checked in on EMP very sporadically in my absence. I know the link was removed ages ago but I never quite understood this either? I agree that the Montana mod was probably my favorite, maybe second only to my own projects. Maybe I am just a bit biased though. @itchboy any chance we could get that reup of the old mod?
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