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  1. I am legit curious why you guys are taking this approach? With all due respect, it just feels like you guys are under a nothing is enough approach. Why not put out a base project that be updated for years to come with new features both big and small? Either way keep up the good work guys! Hopefully one day the community will actually get to enjoy all the projects you guys are committed to these days.
  2. If I can contribute in some way, I'd be glad to! Shoot me a message.
  3. Install the mod using the zip file. Then when it is up to date with patches and such, load the em4 mod installer or 911FR mod installer. There will be an option to make package. This will export the mod to an em4 mod file. You need to delete the mod folder. Then install the em4 mod file. The corrupt mod error should disappear. Personally, with a clean install of Win 11 after the first dev channel release, and again here recently, that any mods i had to manually install all are corrupt when I try to launch them. I have followed the steps above to convert all mods to em4 mod and reinstall as stated. It is fixed all my corrupt mods and made any ones that would instantly crash to desktop as a result, playable.
  4. I believe the old thread got deleted at some point, so here's a reshare of my original LA Mod Submod. If anyone wants to grab screen shots of the station layouts and units, I'll add them to the OP. Download: Dropbox - Los.Angeles.Mod.v2.0.8-4x4.rar - Simplify your life
  5. It's a ghost! The old part is definitely setting in as 40 approaches in a few years
  6. Since I havent been around in to long, can any one catch me up on US based Volly Mods? I know of Montana and West Falls. Any others?
  7. YSB is long gone I assume so are you allowed to share his work? Personally, I feel this rule is a bit dated at this point as long as proper credits are given and no one tries plagiarism. @Grim_Wizard great signature lol
  8. I'd appreciate the reup when you get time!
  9. Does anyone have a link or a reup of my old project? I can't find a thread for it or anything.
  10. It would be fun to replay these mission in em4 with the submods we have available! Keep up the good work!
  11. I see some old faces still around. The one I recall had a different map then LA. I cant recall to many units but there was a pick up truck police vehicle as best as I recall. It was a rural map, and I believe a tanker truck was in there too. It's been awhile..so hard to say. BTW , when's the release date? (I see something never change )
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