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  1. I believe the old thread got deleted at some point, so here's a reshare of my original LA Mod Submod. If anyone wants to grab screen shots of the station layouts and units, I'll add them to the OP. Download: Dropbox - Los.Angeles.Mod.v2.0.8-4x4.rar - Simplify your life
  2. It's a ghost! The old part is definitely setting in as 40 approaches in a few years
  3. Since I havent been around in to long, can any one catch me up on US based Volly Mods? I know of Montana and West Falls. Any others?
  4. YSB is long gone I assume so are you allowed to share his work? Personally, I feel this rule is a bit dated at this point as long as proper credits are given and no one tries plagiarism. @Grim_Wizard great signature lol
  5. I'd appreciate the reup when you get time!
  6. Does anyone have a link or a reup of my old project? I can't find a thread for it or anything.
  7. It would be fun to replay these mission in em4 with the submods we have available! Keep up the good work!
  8. I see some old faces still around. The one I recall had a different map then LA. I cant recall to many units but there was a pick up truck police vehicle as best as I recall. It was a rural map, and I believe a tanker truck was in there too. It's been awhile..so hard to say. BTW , when's the release date? (I see something never change )
  9. Yo @Stan the man, any chance you could get these back on the server when you get a chance? Does any one have a copy they can upload in the mean time?
  10. The LEDs look fantastic! Very clean and precise.
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