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  1. Another completely self absorbed, selfish user on this forum. Its a game mod? Who cares whos name is on it? Thank god other gaming communities aren't like this.
  2. Anyway still sharing if people would like a version to play. If you google montana mod v2 it will come up with a link to a steam conversation with a link to the mod if people would like a copy and I can no longer share. The unfortunate thing with a game like EM4 is it attracts a lot of people who like the rules too much...
  3. If anyone would like version 2.0.1 I have a copy just let me know.
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking for an older version of this mod, either 1.1 or 1.2, I cant quite remember. It more accurately reflects the units I grew up with and I just prefer it. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. If anyone has version 1.2 of this mod please message me!!!
  6. Can I ask why old downloads have been removed?
  7. Havent played EM4 in donkeys years Wondering what mods are good, released and downloadable at the moment? ( i have london, LA, harbor city, brooklyn) Also is there an online community anymore at all?
  8. Agreed. Mod server download down, any third party link would be appreciated.
  9. Ah.. Emergency 5. Long anticipated with VERY high expectations, but did it meet them? I'm not going to sit here and review the useless stuff like the soundtrack. If i'm honest I don't care about the soundtrack or how the menus look. I care about the important shizniz. The graphics have obviously been overhauled and I do congratulate them on this. They are excellent. But what use are overhauled graphics if even very capable gaming PC's struggle with them on the medium setting? I can run games such as Arma 3 or GTA IV : LCPDFR on HIGH graphics with no worries at all. But with low graphics settings here, my FPS struggles like a fat man walking up a hill. New features are very limited sadly, apart from the use of pepper spray by police and their caution tape, everything seems very.... Emergency4ish..... The automation feature would definitely be useful depending on your play style. Some like to get everything done as quickly as possible with a lack of realism, but if your like me you want it set up nicely and looking good before you even bother putting out that fire creeping towards the explosive barrels. Mixed thoughts here. It all seems a bit too "cartoony" for me. As if the developers spent the last 7 years watching fireman sam and decided his fire appliance was what is actually being driven on European streets. I think the developers really missed a trick actullay. This is no emergency simulator. It lacks a depth of realism, it lacks character and it lacks the key elements of game play anyone who really enjoyed Emergency 4 asked for in the sequel. Overall a disappointment. I don't think the developers concentrated on the right areas of the game. Yh good graphics, but I would have settled for half as good if we had actually gotten some new game-play features. I'm sure I could knock out 20 vehicles in the time its seems to have taken them to produce 4 average ones. I think as a base this is acceptable, but I am unsure as to whether the modding community will ever take off as strongly and professionally as it did with Emergency 4, making this acceptable base, redundant. My advice: Don't buy it. Wait. (a long time) ThePoliceGuy p.s. I will update and edit this review as I see fit. This was quite rushed and I haven't gone into much detail.
  10. Are the updates mentioned a few pages back still happening?
  11. Any news on this? London is still the best mod out there by far imo.
  12. yeah they're really good when lit up and the hyundais have these cool LED headlights which are really futuristsic. Hopefully they will be in the update
  13. This is excellent. Have been waiting for some updates for ages! I hope MET Police vehicles will get the revamp, London's met police now use different vehicles and have utilised the battenberg pattern. https://www.flickr.com/photos/chris999/10928624034/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/neil-gordhan-photography/11291783334/
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