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  1. Yes,it is a WIP (brand new model) right now...the station will include squad 116,engine 116,quint 116,batt chief and fictional ambulance.The latter 2 will be parked at back of the station.
  2. The LAcoFD engine has been redone,the entire back is brand new,I used thvfd's back and modified it heavily and remapped it. EDIT- we will be making the small station and numbering all units there into 116 "Fullhouse"
  3. at $100,000 per unit and a 300km range,it will never happen!!remember last attempt at LAPD green plan,100 useless I3's
  4. Here's what I've been up to the past few weeks...all models are brand new and uv mapped and low poly!
  5. Yes jeeves,I already have that made,but nice to see it's a slicktop...I'll convert the 2020 to one now!!! Just an update,I have been working hard on the engines to de-poly and in most cases I totally made a new back and pump panel.I got 2 KME,1 2016 Pierce and a new 2020 Pierce completed now. I'm currently working on re-doing the US&R and have given it a new model also.My goal of making them less poly has been successful and worth the effort.They have all been reduced greatly and now are probably better than before in quality and looks!!! all engines below will be numbered a
  6. Hi guys,well it took a few days but here is a completed KME engine.I remade the whole back box,replaced all high-poly models with new low poly versions and put all textures on one new uv mapped skin.The polys have been more than halved from the original version and will help greatly with game lag.The quality on the engine did not suffer at all and I think it's better now than the version it's replacing!(still have to add led spots on back of engine)
  7. It shouldn't be that bad,I'm making the models as low poly as possible and as few texture files as I can get away with.We will spawn the map with just necessary fire apparatus and most will be called from off map. Here's an example,I just re-made the model and skin of the rear KME and Pierce engine and now it is 168 polys as you see it now.I'll add leds and a few other things but this will be very low compared to what we had before.
  8. Hi guys,I'm currently working on reducing high poly fire apparatus to bring it down to acceptable levels as to reduce lag in the game.I was successful in doing it to most of our police units without compromising quality of the models.I will endeavor to do the same with the fire apparatus. I currently have done one of the KME engine and have halved the poly count...this will add extra time but in the end will be beneficial to game-play and well worth the effort.
  9. Yes,I have to make water tanks for both helicopters.We will have plans for all the choppers in game.
  10. Thanks,I'll fix it!! He gave us a folder full of complete and WIP models so I assumed it was his work...my bad.
  11. Chris07 has donated some of his models from a project he was working on and I thank him for his hard work!!! EDIT-I'll look into who made this and make changes to credits
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