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  1. Hi guys...still here and hoping to complete this project for you all.I have been busy with work since just before covid hit and to the present so little time to post and work on this. I also had my PC take a giant dump and so until I get a new one.I saved all my files for the game and mod so nothing was lost.I'll keep you all updated going forward and a big thanks to all the guys on here who positively support us and wait patiently, you guys are appreciated!!
  2. My mistake,I watched the show back in the day and assumed it was Chicago where the show was based...
  3. Sorry but it's based in Surrey British Columbia so no O.P.P. Surrey has the Surrey Fire Service,BCAS and the largest RCMP force in Canada. I will work on this slowly and hope to release after LA mod upgrade is completed.
  4. All the LAcoFD units are now done with the completion of quint116.I have the LAFD hazmat left then the fire units are all done.
  5. For the most part it will be the same,still no new map.My plan now is to swap out the RCMP units (reduce the poly and resize them all) with our LA mod upgrades (once completed).I just want to get this to where you guys can have it and play it. My main focus will be completing LA upgrade first then I will jump on this.
  6. Thanks,they do take time but I love the fact that it's a red cross and very unique.
  7. Hi guys,I want to let you know that I plan to release this as a submod after we are done on the LA mod unit upgrade project.Work will be slow on this until then but I will post anything I do for this project.
  8. Yes,it is a WIP (brand new model) right now...the station will include squad 116,engine 116,quint 116,batt chief and fictional ambulance.The latter 2 will be parked at back of the station.
  9. The LAcoFD engine has been redone,the entire back is brand new,I used thvfd's back and modified it heavily and remapped it. EDIT- we will be making the small station and numbering all units there into 116 "Fullhouse"
  10. at $100,000 per unit and a 300km range,it will never happen!!remember last attempt at LAPD green plan,100 useless I3's
  11. Here's what I've been up to the past few weeks...all models are brand new and uv mapped and low poly!
  12. Yes jeeves,I already have that made,but nice to see it's a slicktop...I'll convert the 2020 to one now!!! Just an update,I have been working hard on the engines to de-poly and in most cases I totally made a new back and pump panel.I got 2 KME,1 2016 Pierce and a new 2020 Pierce completed now. I'm currently working on re-doing the US&R and have given it a new model also.My goal of making them less poly has been successful and worth the effort.They have all been reduced greatly and now are probably better than before in quality and looks!!! all engines below will be numbered appropriately before being added to game.
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