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  1. After you open the control panel and find the clock language and the region, select the region and the language and find the Unicode language at the top, change it to German or British
  2. You can try to change the Unicode language in the Windows console, but I'm not sure that works
  3. If you say so, may I say to the lamborghini manufacturers, I am a big fan of yours, can you send me some limited edition Lamborghinis?【comical】
  4. Wow, I like these models. I hope there will be better works in the future
  5. This screenshot is great, but I think you can turn off the alpha reflection of the character in the,So the screenshot will be better
  6. Oh Look at these models. I can't wait to play
  7. Vehicle models and lights look great
  8. I can test it for you if I can My email: 1024397814@qq.com
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