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  1. That makes sense, there are plenty of unique CHP units in the game already, that it might sense to create some sort of bonus pack. You've probably seen this group on FB, but it has some really interesting photos of the lighting equipment and upfitting of older LAPD units along with some older General Services Police cruisers https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=191320378666022&set=g.364281704315147
  2. Incredible work as always with those civil cars. It makes me realize how sadly rare it is to see old American sedans in my neck of the woods nowadays. The Nissan Sentra could also be used someday in a Mexican mod, since they until recently were still produced in Mexico and commonly used as patrol cars. Not sure if you've seen this before, but another unusual CHP cruiser from the 1980s, - an AMC Eagle. The page has some decent all-around shots as well as a description of the light package on the slicktop when in service. https://code3garage.com/california-highway-patrol-amc-eagle/
  3. The Tomar lights look much better in smaller applications like cars, the FedSig Navigators look like they actually belong on fire trucks. The Tomar sirens sound... unique, not very fire truck-like
  4. Beautiful work on both of those I'm sure you've seen this, but Sutphen released a pretty cool video showing off the Tomar lights on the MDFD towers
  5. Itch, not sure if you've seen this forum, but this thread has a few interesting photos of the "lo-pro" CHP cruisers from the 80s, including an interesting Dodge Diplomat. If nothing else, just interesting for reference http://www.specialservicemustang.net/forums/showthread.php?t=5341&page=2
  6. Fantastic work on both, I love the Ford especially. Have you thought about adding a truck to the LACoFD as well? I'm sure you're sick of doing police cruiser variants, but I just stumbled on this photo and thought it was a unique lightbar configuration enough to share (Credit Erik Olsen:
  7. I love it, it's always my favorite part of a mod when they add something unique to the area that it's based off of (like steady burns in Cali or Bay Constables on LI)
  8. Fantastic work, Long Island is a great area to base a mod off of and the reskins are looking great. Have you considered adding Bay Constables to the mod?
  9. Forgive me if it's too off-topic, but does anyone what the LAPD Broncos and Blazers and the blue and white livery were used for? Were they used as patrol vehicles or part of a special unit like SWAT or EOD?
  10. I had a feeling that might be the case, I'm very excited for whatever agency that might be (I won't ruin the surprise with any guesses). If you need any more photos from the Special Police Vehicles book let me know, I think you should have most of the photos from the LA City/County section. That book is also a worthwhile addition to your collection.
  11. Itch, any chance you could bring back the Port Police Caprice with the Vector lightbar? For some reason that was my favorite cruiser out of all of the 90s cars
  12. Itch, incredible work. I've probably spent half of the time playing the mod just selecting all of the variants of each vehicle type. The new mission types are very welcome too, and it's the little things like being able to take walking wounded to the hospital that help make this mod such a game-changer.
  13. Based on what I've seen, the RTD Taurus looks more like an admin/supervisor car for the transit operations than a police vehicle, similar to this:
  14. I love it, I can't wait to see it with the gumball and flashers
  15. Not sure if these are are of any use, but I found these old LA Park Police (Pre-LA County Police) cruisers that I had downloaded onto an old computer from a defunct website and figured I'd share
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