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  1. Luckily, you can still 'access' the website via the Way Back Machine, but I'm not sure if you can download anything off of it.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into the DC Engine, and all the other bugs I'll get to once I get someone to do lights and animations.
  3. I fixed it. After messing around for quite a big, I figured out it was the events.xml causing the crash. It must've had a syntax error so the game couldn't read it. Anyway, here's the link: https://mega.nz/file/UK80VR5A#_3FatD3pNuc0ndM1M-_u_D-yYWONyMsM7jwRPbNHIFc
  4. Good news, I've found out when the mod crashes. Every time you transport a patient it crashes. Bad news, I still don't know why it crashes. A few EM4 Modders are helping me out, so the fix is getting closer.
  5. Bug fix! https://mega.nz/file/0L9zFb6Z#AO3VP4T_F8ib4PqOdy7_ejWKcA1sxWbrQM8R-YmYHzs
  6. So right now it's not working correctly and possibly crashing the game, I'm working on a bug fix and a replacement EMRC script.
  7. Ones in the Work, I added 2 units with MCI capabilities, and re-did Ambulance 742, I just need to fix the MCI script to get a release.
  8. Hello, I would like to change my username to Rescue742Fan, please.
  9. The chief ped is there, he wears a white uniform with a patch on it. Tankers Is a good idea, but I'm planning on changing the map to a more realistic Wheaton Map. I'll see what I can do for parking, and thanks for trying out the mod!
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