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  1. If I knew how to proper animate and code, I would try that Thx for your feedback. Much appreciated! As I said earlier, the WIP is very, very slow, but it still going. I may be able to give you an update in the near future tho.
  2. Looking forward for more content! Everything looks good!
  3. I know, right? Glad you like them, itchboy made a fantastic work with them. And besides, they really give a feeling of a somewhat corrupt and underfunded police force as with everything Gotham-related. That's the general idea I wanted to give.
  4. For this weekend update, I'd like to introduce you to the newest addition of the Law Enforcement's roster: the GCSD Ford Econoline. On the plus side, I've completely reworked the skin on the Crown Vic. It sure looks much better now! Anyway, I'll be taking a small break for a while now. Be sure to follow and stay tuned as the progress, while slow, is also steady. Credits: itchboy (Ford Econoline)
  5. Damn, it took a lot but in the end, GCPD's Lenco Bearcat is done and ready to deal with any high-level threat in Gotham, whether it's a lunatic anarchist jester with a clown make-up or a buffed international terrorist with a mask. Plus, both the K-9 Impala and the motorcycle are done but forgot to take a screenshot of them lmao Credits: itchboy (Lenco Bearcat model) Stay tuned for more!
  6. I'll try that and see what happens. Thank you very much!
  7. Well actually, I've already made a thread here about personnel skinning regarding those in LA mod. I could definitely use some help with them. EDIT: for some reason, the linking is broken, so I'll post the link to the thread right here Thank you! Hope you'll enjoy the final product
  8. Hi there again! I would love to let you know that I've finally reached almost half of the Law Enforcement roster for the submod with both the Ford Explorer PI and the Chevy Tahoe for the NJSP as new additions. There's like six or seven more vehicles to go! Meaning that each day I'm getting closer and closer to a release, so be sure to spread the word and stay tuned for more! Credits so far: itchboy: Crown Vic PI 1998-2011, Chevy Tahoe, Ford Explorer 2016, Light Equipment Pack itchboy and ThinBlueLineKY4: Whelen Centurion lightbar EmC-Unit and rihis: Vision lightbarbama1234: Police Vehicles Accessories, Light Equipment Pack Tomar 930: Light Equipment PackEngine.Co.7: Whelen Liberty lightbar Terrow: Rambar MikeyPI: Eurocopter AS350 LA Mod Team: Police Building - Enjoy! We'll keep in touch!
  9. Hello, I'm currently working on a Gotham City-themed submod for the L.A. Mod and while skinning vehicles, inanimate objects and such is quite easy, I'm also having a hard time with persons/personnel. So, after all the unpacking the dds etc, this is how textures are shown: This is from the male LAPD officer. As you could guess, without any reference to any uniform or bodypart is quite hard to edit this stuff. If there's anyone around here with a step-by-step tutorial or some useful and genuine tips about skinning/editing/modding personnel, I'll gladly accept his (or her) help. Thank you!
  10. Good evening everyone! Another small update from yours truly! As you can see below, I did some adjustments on the police's HQ. Nobody would want to see that big "LAPD" while running around with your GCPD patrol cars, am I right? So, away with LA and welcome to Gotham! The HQ now has a grittier, darker skin, much more akin with the classic Chicago/New York look that Gotham City has. I've even re-done both doors and floor textures based on those from Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight's GCPD Building as you can see in the references down below. So, that's about it for now! We'll keep in touch and stay tuned for more!
  11. The first you said. I've been looking for some US-based personnel (PD, EMS, FD) template to download and edit much like you would do with a Crown Vic, but I could only find EU-based except for those already modded. But as I said, those people are hard to reach since they've been offline for so, so long. You can ask via DMs for more details about this. Anyway, those packing/unpacking sure helped a lot. Thank you
  12. Ty! I'll look into it as soon as possible! Oh and since we're at it. Is there any chance you know where I can find some downloadable models for personnel? I found some, but in order to get them I should reach the creator first. The problem is, this guy's been offline since a very long time.
  13. Hello again, mates. Today I'd like to bring forth a small but neat update for you. First and foremost, the Charger PI is done, meaning the Alpha is gettin closer. Second, I decieded to add some more flavour to the submod by adjusting little bits of texture to the objects here and here. Unfortunately, due to models and texture being locked by the OG maker of the LA Mod, for obvious and understandable reasons, I won't be able to substantially edit any texture of any builduing (ie. hospital, fire stations etc.). Ever. So... yeah, as awkward as it sounds (and look) you'll have this mish mash of LA and Gotham. Hope you gusy will understand, pls In the picture below, the completed (and fully working too!) Charger PI, plus a Gotham City flag and the big police sign outside the station. Until next time, mates! (I figured it out just now that I did a small woopie with the police motto on the right side of the sign ("Security" instead of "Service"). I've already fixed that, but I am too lazy to take another pic haha)
  14. Hello boys and girls! No time no see, am I right? First of all, I apologize for all this months of absolute radio silence, but still I hope all of you had a wonderful start for this 2024 even if the actual state of the world is all but a shit show. Buuuut, I'm not going to talk about that, not a all. What am I going to talk to is about a playable - and hope stable - Alpha Version of the submod. Oh yes! You heard that right! Since most of the basic PIs are done, I might give you something to play on while I keep working on the beta version. Be mindful tho: my life's been quite... difficult to put it simple and all these months have been quite a challenge for me, so don't expect any regular updates. Also, periodically I might put this on hiatus because, well, RL hitting like a semi-truck full of big ahh lead pipes is still a thing rn, and the next few months I'll have even more shit to deal with. Nevertheless, as I said earlier in the thread, I WILL deliver, I'm only asking for more patience from you, really. Again, sorry if it seemed that I left for good, but new year new me, I guess? I'll deliver. You can count on that. Until next time, mates!
  15. Hello guys, I know it's been almost two months since you last heard from me and I'm sorry for about taking so long. I'm not much of a speaker, so I'm going straight to the point. Due to RL circumstances, the development of this sub-mod is temporarly on hiatus. Before you ask: no, I'm not abandoning the project. That would mean waste weeks of work and fatigue so nah, not going to happen. But for the moment... well... I'm not in the right mood to continue. Don't worry, as I promised earlier on the thread, I WILL deliver. But for now, I'm taking some rest from modding. Stay safe and I wish you well
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