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  1. I have found the cause for why paramedics randomly disappear when you call them. I am uploading a fix for that, and also an untested alpha version of MP functions. If anybody is available to try the mod in MP, let me know how many bugs you encounter. I know at least that the parking script is not compatible with MP. Some work will have to be done to fix that.
  2. You may be having a memory leak bug that causes your hardware to display artifacts (glitches) due to a lack of memory. What are your system specs; CPU, GPU, RAM? What you are describing sounds similar to a few isolated reports that we got for the old Montana Mod, where glitches appeared in people's playthroughs after 2-3 calls. I personally experienced this but only after a 30 minute session. New feature coming to the mod soon. Please wait patiently for EmC to get these fixes and features uploaded.
  3. I am currently working on multiplayer for this submod. I have set out the distribution of units for each of the four players. The players can spawn in these units using dummy spawners that I will be providing as well. After that update is uploaded, I will be asking for people's feedback.
  4. Here's a video from a the rejected modding feature that I tried. This is not a feature showcase, but a an epic fail video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s5DatDMEQgwg4KPkIj5M_bXYii9lrQqz/view This rotator light effect is not possible with the current known methods. It is broken because when you move the vehicle away, the rotating light effect will stay in place and not travel with the vehicle. I will implement this into all my mods someday, when a better method is found.
  5. Does your new laptop have a proper GPU or just an integrated one?
  6. I won't speak for EmC because I do not know his specs. I do know mine, and I worked on, tested and played the mod using 3 computers: 1: AMD Athlon X2 and Nvidia GT430, 2gb ram 2: AMD Ryzen 3600 and Nvidia 1050Ti, 16gb ram 3: Intel i3 laptop, Nvidia 520m, 4gb ram Even on the shared family laptop, I did not have any crashes even after 45 minutes of playing. I did eventually stop due to various script glitches. On the new PC I have right now, I do not have any traffic light issues but I believe it is because I capped the FPS to 60.
  7. Did you at least save the blender file? The way I do it is by selecting the whole model, then "select boundary loop", and then the edges will highlight. Then, "mark sharp" on those highlighted edges. Lastly, go into modifiers and apply Edge Split. That seemed to work for me but it might differ because I am using a modified v3o exporter, and I am exporting things back into Zmodeler to be exported yet again into v3o.
  8. How did you export this? Directly into .v3o? The way I do my model edits is using various techniques. I will probably do a video of it but I'll need to see how you did it.
  9. The deluxe editor bug has no real solution for now. We do know the cause: The Em4 deluxe .exe had a change done to it for Steam that broke the command line functions. The command lines now seem to "auto-load" the game into a certain mission. According to a friend, you could try putting the -editor command line through steam, but I don't know if it works.
  10. I traced the IP on this account to the spambots that were mass flooding this site. This is a bot generated post. If you find posts that don't make sense, please report them so I can verify if they're human.
  11. I'm not done with the mod yet. There is no link to post. I got bored and took some time to make some HQ Blender Renders. These are not a game photo but a software render. I'll be continuing more units later today, hopefully.
  12. I am still taking POV's yes. However when the mod releases, there will be a choice to have which set of 10 POV's. The 10 from the mod team or 10 user submitted ones. With that in mind, I am looking into making some kind of script for having more volunteers coming to the scene separately besides the four or six that are used. Not quite sure how I will do that though.
  13. I don't think I've encountered the light glitch on the older seagrave engine. I will have to look into it though just in case something was missed. The wig-wags aren't even on a day/night cycle slot so I can't explain what went wrong with it. Only that maybe I screwed up the flood light script on it. The trunk numbers are fictional, because I didn't really choose one. If it does correspond with a real station, then that's good. I won't change up the numbers, or factor into the vehicle changer. All I want for that command is to give you a different variation of that vehicle, say an al
  14. What GPU or system are you running exactly? People have claimed that setting mb_fastcopy to 0 in the em4 config helps AMD GPU users greatly.
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