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  1. I'll merge your old account into your new one.
  2. I have an AMC Concord model, but I could modify it into an Eagle fairly easily. I don't feel like adding that vehicle to the submod though. That doesn't mean I won't make it. I think I have an idea where I can put that. Perhaps a separate vehicle set could be made of extra or novelty vehicles.
  3. Thank you for all the references, everyone. Every single one (that isnt a past repeat) helps. In spite of the lack of updates, progress is being made.
  4. itchboy


    This site's rules prohibit sharing links or promoting piracy. Just a heads up. You can get the game on Steam for not very much money.
  5. Can anyone with this hardware, confirm? If this proves to be an effective solution, I'll pin this topic.
  6. Personally, I'd like to see the categories split, outright. IGT and RTA. IGT would favor those who want to play in realtime for each mission, regardless of hardware but I also understand it would cause alot of tie-breakers with how the game only counts to the second. This wouldnt be strictly limited 1x speed only. Rather I'd like for it to be a showcase of who has the best solutions for each mission. RTA would stay as is, whether the ingame speed is restricted or not. Maybe down the road, an FPS cap or some kind of limit can be imposed.
  7. I've discussed this with speedrunners previously. I mentioned the viability of a full game campaign run, but it would probably be a boring 8 hour session filled with RNG. The main issue I find with the run, is that the 3x speed option mechanic of the game is hardware dependent. Em4 favors people with better computers and this could prevent new players with lesser spec systems from being able to achieve competetive times.
  8. The grid vehicles are the NPC cars. I am working towards replacing all the NPC cars with 70s-90s American cars.
  9. It's a glitched callout and I plan on removing it for now. I have plans on legitimate train callouts like tank leaks and collision but I am still trying to figure it out.
  10. For the time being, would people mind if I just add 2 or 3 additional POV's but with generic civ vehicles with no ELS? I'll replace them later on. Regarding the problems of volunteers, I am trying to write a more flexible volunteer script but this will take time, as I said. The plan is to allow various commands on the control panel to dictate how many volly's get called, if they drive to scene or respond to station alone. There is nothing yet but this idea is something I will be working on along with the other projects.
  11. I don't have anything new made. Rather, I spent time fixing and updating the Crown Victoria models. They have better front shaping now. All units will have to be updated to the new model, and new lights made.
  12. Due to previous instances of model theft from Cities Skylines modders, I have to ask for more information regarding this project. Can you please provide confirmation that you received permission to convert these assets? You can DM it to me or post it here, depending on what you feel comfortable with.
  13. I don't have anything new currently. In the meantime, I'll be contributing some more to the photo resources. More apparatus photos have surfaced. Specifically, we have encountered more variations than seen before.
  14. I'll gladly have a discussion. Let's all keep it civil, and please for fucks' sake don't abuse the downvote feature. My position on this issue has not changed. I am going to tell it like it is. I won't give my opinion on the private mods issue because I've already said my thoughts on that many times. I'm also not going to speak on other modders' behalf. Regarding usage of content, I don't put much more thought into it than this: I make content that I like, on my own terms. I set the rules how my content is used. If you don't like those terms, don't use the content. Go ahead and hold me responsible for "killing Em4 modding". You have the right to hold that opinion, and I have the right to not care for what you think of me. I also don't agree with the framing of this situation that "the begging will stop when the assets are released". I know for a fact that people still complained about these issues even after the release of Montana mod. And with that in mind, why should I be bothered by begging, when I can just...not do anything about it? I can go on with my day unaffected by it. Personally, I don't see the point in beating this dead horse again; at a fundamental level, you and I won't see eye to eye so what's the point of bringing this up? At the end of the dya, I do this because I want to, not because I owe it to someone. Clout? Fame? Views? I could give a fuck. I'm here because I like doing this, I have my friends and good people around me. We shoot the shit, have fun. That's all it is to me now. Moving forward, I'd like to resolve this situation by offering a compromise: I'll stay away from you, and you stay away from me. No future arguments erupt from this situation, nobody loses anything. Life is hard enough as is for everyone in the world right now, I don't think Em4 modding should be another weight on people.
  15. Had to omit the brackets because the forum software wont allow parenthesis or brackets, and any special characters.
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