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  1. This is it actually, the only way to do anything on a repeat basis. Repeat/recursion scripts are known to lag the game badly as explained. Be sure to tread carefully from this point forward.
  2. You need to have that piece of code repeat every second or so in order for the game to actually detect things that AI can auto-dispatch to. With that in mind, the script must also be smart enough to know that the function for dispatching only needs to execute once and never again, and the vehicle itself can be interrupted by user input. I don't recommend using the full GetGameObjects list as it lags the game out when run at a constant pace. Other issues you may come across is effectively parking the unit once on scene, and considerations like "what if the gate at the station is closed" or "what if this vehicle AI pathfinding gets stuck"
  3. 1. Unfortunately there is no other way to test. Scripting in Em4 is tedious but ironically a great way to brush up on syntax, and eventually, getting good at sorting logical errors. 2. No you can't force trigger an event. You can only mess with the freeplay_endless.xml to give you a higher possibility of getting the event you want. May the Em4 gods be kind to you. 3. The SDK is here in the German forums. You need an account and I recommend using a translator. https://www.emergency-forum.de/lexicon/index.php?lexicon/659-sdk/ I took it a step further and downloaded all the SDK listings and put them into text files so I have quick reference without needing to login and translate
  4. Asking for release dates is against site rules. You already did this in another thread so you should really be careful. There will be stronger consequences if you keep this up.
  5. I've been having computer trouble lately which is why I've been quiet for a bit. Work is continuing now that some problems have been solved. Here's 2 new civilian additions that are separate from all the other scratch made models.
  6. West Falls and Miami Mod have my parking script. Northview South County has it's own. I think Harbor City and other mods might have their own.
  7. Yes, Those two vehicles have been in the mod for a while now. I might add civilian versions of these as well but I want something a bit different.
  8. The site isn't hosted here but on a modding discord. I don't have a link on me right now. There's also links going around for the mod on Youtube if you dont want to sign up to anything else.
  9. In theory it is possible for you to 3D model a collapsed/caved in version of every building and assign those variations as the fullBurned model. That way, you don't get all of the same rubble pile regarldess of building size, perimeter etc. There's also considerations to be made about the collision boxes causing your units to get stuck This is a nice concept and I think with enough time and effort it can be perfected.
  10. The only suggestion I have left is that your FP script isn't initializing because of the start script not initializing. You're either missing the code for it or the dummy object was not added on map.
  11. Do you have the entire map of vehicles spawning except those 2, or do you have no vehicles spawn at all? It might be because your fp_freeplay script isn't initializing the start script upon loading FP.
  12. Congratulations on the find. These are tied with the 90s CVPI as my favorite set of police cars. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.
  13. I need context because I don't know what you've modified. I can only give general advice with station scripts without playtesting the actual mod. I did the scripting for West Falls so I can probably help if this isn't too drastic of a change. I also have no idea what VO names you have, specifically, which ones work or are broken. I also don't know which of these VO's and prototype names are still valid for your mod (which I think runs on a new map) and uses new vehicles. Things to look out for in general are incorrect VO names, incorrect prototype names, and the allocation of the ActorList l1, l2 and so on. l1 and l2 can be named anything btw, just try to keep it descriptive enough. Line 341 might be wrong, it says "Pose" instead of Pos.
  14. The virtual objects need to be defined in the script, and then you need to take those definitions and allocate them as variables. Then, the vehicle prototypes need to be adjuted in the script, and then you need to specify that a specific vehicle prototype will spawn at a specific virtual object.
  15. You have to remove the alpha channels on them. Sadly, it isn't straight forward. You have to save it as a certain kind of .dds file (not sure about it anymore), and then re-save it again as DXT3.
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