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  1. Lately progress is a bit slow while I work on another project. This is the only thing I've been able to work on for this mod. I might be adding just one Firecoach tiller because LAFD ever acquired 2 in their entire history. If I go through with the Heavy Utility, I'll be doing a poll of which wrecker should be included in the mod. Firecoach or Mack.
  2. I appreciate the support. Unfortunately I am in a gray area for monetization. The submod and all it's assets are in the Em4 format of .e4p, .script and so on. As a result, they are considered "game assets" and based on my understanding of the EULA, I can't monetize that. I also can't monetize the models themselves because they contain work of other people like Phantom, EmC-Unit, Ibarra and Hoppah. Most likely I will only setup Patreon or Paypal once I start developing my own separate game with 100% self made assets.
  3. I think you found a BHPD car, and one that isn't on the internet no less. Nice find. No plans on BHPD but maybe it's something you might be interested in? I believe your source and what you have to say about it. For now I will keep my expectations low and just put one more car in, just like Port Police/Warden because of a lack of references. For the time being I'll also put more work into FD and EMS (besides the civilian cars) because I feel like there's still a few things that are missing from them. Previously, I have been aware of airport operations cars for guiding planes and what. It appears to be the same as the black and white but with completely different lighting, livery and setup, This appears to be a Ford Maverick. Based on 11john's info, Security Bureau used the same car as Airport Ops. Now the mystery deepens: What was used between 1979-1985?
  4. Can't quite tell with that tiny picture, but I do appreciate the pictures of the Caprices. Thank you for sending them. Ill look into that agency, maybe I'll be able to find some but I appreciate what you can find too. My thoughts on the cars: Some have the ramabar but others seem to not. There's also a variation of LP6000 lightbar there too.
  5. Thank you. I do know about these videos but the quality isn't enough for me to fully figure out the vehicle. I am looking into getting money together to buying the DVD collection of this series but it's not that big of a deal; I know quality pictures of these vehicles will eventually surface. I at least have most of the vehicles here such as the SWAT vans and this big Ford truck. I don't have any plans yet for that long Chevy pickup because the roof equipment (similar to Lenco Bearcat MARS) doesn't really work in this game. The effort of having to research that mechanism wouldnt' be worth it for the game. I have no idea about the slicktops; my only guess is that they were testing a handful of units out before cancelling the policy, then re-activating it by the mid 1990s. Do you have any information on LAX airport police units before 1986? I know about the green supervisor car, but I am looking into what airport PD had from 1979-1985
  6. Thank you for this lead on information. The site isn't a complete archive but the information helps out a lot. Very lucky for me. It has lots of rear photos of the Heavy Utility. I might just be making one after all.
  7. "Officer, you dare interrupt a superior?" "Pup, the lash is not a toy!" "Pup, I'm suspending you" I never played the game but watching the playthroughs, I can tell the game is savage. It does depict LAPD SWAT relatively accurate from what I can see, but the RNG, scripted scenes linear gameplay, and lack of clear structure just makes me want to hope for a proper SWAT simulator but 3D and open world. I am glad that the game at least got me the references for that LAPD SWAT truck. These vehicles wont appear in the lefthand menu but will require players to use the variant switcher. It's a bit of incentive let's just say. Here's another vehicle skinned. I am now up to the last three original, purpose built models for this mod - for the time being at least.
  8. I promised a playable Bronco of some kind in the mod. Here it is. Original base texture by Yankee43. Lightbar by EmC Unit and rihis.
  9. Two mini updates: These aren't completely brand new models but adaptations of the Ford pickup set I've made previously. This is the mid to late 80's versions and will feature alongside the 1992 Ford trucks we've made. When the mod originally released, I felt bad for short-changing you guys out of one LAPD SWAT truck. Here's that one truck I owe everyone. This truck carries an interesting story of how it came to be. (Original base texture by Yankee43, credits to bama1234 and SlateDragon for the ladder, Hoppah for the Code3 XL lightbar, edited into mini version by me; all other work by me) This vehicle is something we weren't even sure was real until we came across it in one photo. Our research and a bit of luck gave us the information that this vehicle was actually featured in Sierra's Police Quest: SWAT and featured some rear photos of this truck.
  10. For now, patches and bugfixes is okay. When I release the 80's update for the submod, it will require a full redownload and the patches and bugfixes .rar In order to keep things simple, the civilian car set will be a separate download entirely to avoid excess filesize.
  11. I posted this truck well over a year ago. It is finally here, well, kinda. This will be a rollback truck, but can also find use as other trucks and emergency vehicles. Model and texture by me,
  12. The situation has been resolved. I am very thankful that model theives in their community are a minority within a minority and there are other CS modders who have been more than respectful with me and are willing to stand up for me. CS modders started this, CS modders also helped resolved it. I am grateful that there are still many willing to be respectful of content. I don't know about the future though, this may repeat itself again but I trust there are at least people who will help me out next time. However with that in mind, I will keep to my plan of only creating 70% of the scratch made vehicles I originally promised. The remaining 30% will be civilian counterparts of playable units. TLDR: The traffic pack will still be 34 cars but only 24 will be entirely new models. I will release this initially and maybe down the road in 6 months, maybe a year, I'll add more, As seen on Jay Leno's Garage I previously said I didn't like this car, but it has grown on me. I also have a civilian version of it: And another car textured: I won't walk back any of the cars that were previously shown: What I have showcased will be included in the civilian car set.
  13. I am still keeping up momentum in spite of yesterday's setbacks. Here's a new Port Police cruiser added into the mod. We are quickly approaching 100 playable units for police. Hype.
  14. Over the last hour or so, I've found out there's yet again been unauthorized conversion of my assets into another game. Given the frequency of this happening, and in spite of all my warnings and notices, this behavior persists. I would like to share how I feel because you guys deserve the transparency. I am seriously considering a downgrade to the retro civilian car pack. Maybe we don't need that many car variations after all. There's no point in putting in the work if somebody else will just take it for their own uses anyway. This isn't final or set in stone though; I am still looking (yet again) for ways to remedy my situation. Regardless of the situation, the mod will still continue to be worked on but not with the as many vehicles as I initially wanted. Once again, don't send hate or harassment or abuse. This is to be handled as adults. I also stress that Steam and other platforms like Patreon, etc aren't making it easy to report this sort of thing, which is why I feel the need to speak out. However, me speaking out isn't license to go hunt down Cities Skylines modders. Not all of them are lazy, in fact it's a very small minority. All I want is for our content to be left alone for Em4/Em5 players to enjoy. At the minimum can we have that, please? What this means moving forward is that instead of scratch models, I'll be making civilian versions of existing playable cars. It won't look as nice, but it will do the job. I have most of what I need anyway so I'll stop here for now until some kind of resolution is reached. Still, it is disappointing that certain game communities outside of here continuously choose to treat me more as a content farm and less as a person with ownership and rights to my creations. I won't blame other games for it entirely either. The root cause of this is Em4 does not allow us to lock our models fully, and that anybody can unlcok them using the same tools we have. Unlike last time, I'm not stopping or taking breaks. You still are getting an update for the submod. However I'll probably start putting my time in other games where I can actually lock my content.
  15. With the inclusion of these two, that number is now 20 out of 34. I will add more than 34 cars though for the separately released retro civilian car set. Proj Nostalgia only needs those 34 to round out the slots of 30 civ cars plus 4 specific "truck" variants as specified ingame. Many people have suggested that I make LA taxis, LA buses and LA service vehicles but that one will be a stretch goal for now. Some of the civilian vehicles have dual roles. This vehicle comes in 2 versions. The Dodge variant will become a new playable unit, while the Plymouth version will be a civilian NPC car. There are more to come including some Japanese and European vehicles however the emphasis will be placed on American vehicles so that other mods have the option of having only American vehicles represented.
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