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  1. Thank you so much for finding this info. I will likely be including a few of these. Not quite sure on the USFS though, I was hoping for a larger fullsize pickup. Hopefully one of them surfaces. A Chevy LUV would be usable for civilian use though. Yeah this could work. For the time being, I'll be looking at the GMC because there's more references for it than the 40's tender. Thank you for posting. I'll have to hold off on these until we can make a proper freeplay map with an airport. I will probably go with the MCU trailer. I don't really want to include the tarp script because of the difficulty in making it work across FP and MP. I've updated the mod with those three new vehicles. Progress remains steady on other fronts. I am continuing on creating civilian assets and I am also mustering up the courage to make the helicopters. Maybe next year will be it.
  2. To keep it simple because this is starting to get out of hand: I've been retro-pilled and don't have much motivation to work on modern assets and vehicles. That includes working on this mod. I will release it but I won't be adding all those modern new up to date vehicles seen on social media or other sources. This mod is being worked on, kinda, but I have a lot more enthusiasm for my older projects. I'll see you guys in this thread when the mod is ready. Everyone, please chill the fuck out.
  3. Drop me a DM with the account details and I'll delete the account.
  4. Thanks for sharing these. Three new additions to the lineup. Thank you to all who made the Brush Truck possible. It really well ingame and I enjoy using it in callouts.
  5. I'll be watching this thread, everyone, please be nice about this discussion even if it's a controversial topic. As for my thoughts? I was named specifically so here's my take: If we're talking about the forums in general, things have improved significantly and people absolutely an respect one another's work within this section of the community. Compared to those older days, I feel a lot more satisfied in making content in this kind of environment. I am also thankful for all the new people I've met, and the people who support my projects in a non-transactional way. It is an honor to make mods with many of your positive interactions. It's a much better situation than people mindlessly begging for assets like the old days. I'm still amazed that I have people helping with research, texture making, collaborations with models, scripts. For me personally, if there is a solution to this "problem", it's the one I've been saying for years. If you don't like private mods, instead of tearing down content creators, support public mods instead. There are many public release mods that need a lot of love and improvement and could benefit from your effort. Look at how community sourced information was able to help Project Nostalgia and Montana. It really doesn't take much but you could become a part of making your favorite mods be even better.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Happy Halloween! This is a yearly released set of models that are based on pop culture references to movies, television series or videogames. The following are included for this years' set: Ford Explorer from Jurrasic Park Dodge Van from Home Alone Ford Taurus from Robocop Chevrolet Blazer and Dodge Diplomat from Stranger Things Pontiac LeMans Enforcer from Smokey and The Bandit Models by itchyboy, Pottyscotty and various authors. Textures on Jurrasic Park Explorer and both Hawkins Police Units are made by Pottyscotty. Credit to the LA Mod Team (Hoppah, MikeyPI, Newfoundking et al.) for the MX7000 lightbars. Credit must be given for use of these assets. Not for commercial use! You are not allowed to make money from these models. Converting any of these assets to other games outside of the Emergency games is prohibited. .pdn template included. Reuploading this file to other sites besides emergency-planet.com and emergency-forum.de is prohibited.
  7. Previous Page Next Page I don't see myself making those Fords as ambulances as they'd be a bit old for the timeline, however I would like that van as a civilian asset. I also think it would do really well painted in some flower/hippie colors. I already got some ideas in mind. It's a decent replica. I understand how hard it is to get authentic lights these days so I can respect the effort. Funny comment too. I won't do a watercannon truck because it's completely un-legit. I'll leave an option in the script for private ambulance patrol, but my the biggest priority is the battalion chief. I have no idea what it's trying to do there. Thanks for reporting this bug, I'll see what I can do to fix it. CHP used Chevy pickups instead of the Blazer. Commercial vehicle stuff is a long ways from now sadly. We don't have any American semi trucks or trailers in Em4, so I'll have to develop those first before I can even dream of functional CVE gameplay. ***************************************************************************** Happy Halloween everyone! The F250 truck base is ready. I'll get to work on the LAFD Brush unit ASAP. I also have a 1980 Caprice Brougham made. This used to be a police car but I've had to do editing to restore it back to civilian form. Previous Page Next Page
  8. You did it. You confirmed the story behind this video. Same incident featuring that exact LaFrance and an LAPD Blazer, both unfortunately underwater.
  9. You inspired me to do it as a civilian asset, Here it is in work in progress. This car also got used by several other departments across North America so it should be useful for other retro modders. Not quite sure whether to include it or not if it was such an unreliable vehicle. 9 blown motors doesn't sound like it was fit for service at all. I have a really jank idea for the command trailers - perhaps it could be our semi-fictional substitute for the LA mod MCU unit. The USAR trailer is cool too but I like the look of the Heavy Utility spawned at the station more than that. Thank you for sharing more of the book. It's really helpful. Thanks for sharing. The challenge with these rigs is figuring out how these will be any different from the water tenders, or any other engine. Thank you for sharing but I don't think I'll be including HRT/SRT into the mod just yet. The ambulances in this mod can transport walking/standing people to hospital. It currently serves no function other than roleplay. Nice video. I won't go this far but it's nice to know what it looked like.
  10. Thank you so much for sharing these. There's already production started on the fiberglass tops, although this one's not in my hands as it is someone generously helping me with them. These pictures will be helpful for the process of making them. The wagon is a great picture, I am only aware of three wagons they have that fit the timeline: - 78/79 Impala (in the mod) - 74-78 Matador (your picture, I will make this model soon) - 71 Satellite (I don't even have the sedan model, let alone the wagon. This will take a while I'm afraid) As for the chief car? That there thing is a 1970 or 71 Oldsmobile 88. LAFD also ran a bunch of 1968-69 models. I think it would be a pushing it a bit too far for this mod's timeline, however, that fullsize big barge of a sedan would be a really good inclusion as a civilian vehicle. I like the look of it.
  11. I probably won't include these, because they currently serve no purpose. I will, however, add them later on if a mission or map can be added in that would justify it's use, and the creation of person models for the NG members. Feel free to share more of what you can find, it's nice seeing their old spec regardless. I also have a bit of an announcement. It's somewhat unrelated to PN but I have nowhere else to put it. I am currently making a 65-66 Stang. This isn't just for civilian cars, but also as an intended replacement for the vanilla Getaway Car in the game. The model isnt quite done but I'll be sure to post an update when it is completed. It will be worked on as a separate project and download link to PN. Separately, I completeld this model some months back. This car is too new for Project Nostalgia unfortunately. However, it is perfect as a replacement for the CHP Camaro model. Hoppah's model walked, so that mine could run. A proper replacement for the CHP Camaro is in the works, however it will be a separate project unrelated to PN. To be clear, this is a lower priority asset and will be done as a bonus at an indeterminate timeframe.
  12. I believe this was confirmed to be un-legit. However, a Newport would be a nice civilian asset. This site has a rule that advises use of English. Please use a translator, or ask someone you know to translate for you. Oh hey man. Welcome back. I might try something similar to 51, but not exactly the same rig. I don't want to do the TV rigs unless it's for a specific vehicle pack. Thank you for sharing. I thought the screen used vehicles were just mock-ups made to accuracy, not real rigs.
  13. Thanks for clarifying. I re-read it and completely misunderstood the context.
  14. Miles, you are the man. Thank you so much for your contributions to helping this project out. You are definitely getting a special mention in the next version's update. As to not overwhelm myself, I'll start with the Crown tiller and move to the Thibault at a later date. I'd like to take this one at a time now that I have a fairly large backlog of assets to make. I still haven't finished the civilian cars and helicopters that I promised, too. I am hustling along at my own pace but things are being worked on. I am in that Facebook group, actually. Thank you for sharing, it is indeed a great resource, though sometimes, imperfect. I absolutely will be adding in the fire apparatus with the fireberglass tops. They won't be modelled by me, but by someone in the community who I've been teaching to make assets. I am not sure on those other suggestions, even if I think they are interesting. I'll have to do some extensive research on each truck and cab (in it's civilian form) before I can turn them into appartus. The plan is to produce a civilian truck for NPC purposes, a base asset for anyone to use in their mods, and then the LAFD apparatus lastly. I do appreciate you listing these down for me, that way I can save this information and come back to it when I am ready. Speaking of civilian assets, I think I have finally found the motivation to continue making them. We are on our way to achieving the original goal I set out. I've had these assets sitting unfinished for a long time. I finally got around to finishing them, and like the other civilian assets, and unfinished playable ones, I will be texturing these by hopefully Dec-early next year to release v1 of the civ vehicle set.
  15. This account has been confirmed to be an alt account of staroverov, who posted earlier in this thread. Account has been suspended indefinitely.
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