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  1. Late 2000s Ford Expedition I believe. It wasn't me who made that choice. That's definitely a bug I'll have to fix. Thank you as always for finding this stuff out. You saw the Mack model I recently did and I think you can already figure out what I actually wanted it for. Sadly no.
  2. I have begun working on modelling truck assets. There's quite a lot to get through but I hope there's enough.
  3. Looking good so far, but can you please add credits to the assets that you've used for this project. It would also be cool if you specified what you made.
  4. The loading during the mod is intentional and you have to wait. As for the base game, you may have messed up your Em4 files; I'd recommend reinstalling the game itself instead of installing Steam again.
  5. I'm back to making USA assets. One of these will be used as a playable vehicle.
  6. I don't really have much on my end besides more civilian assets. For two months, I've been focusing primarily on European assets which are not relevant here. I also don't know what I'll do with the Corvette but I made one anyway. I hope to be able to make playables again.
  7. It's not getting released. Sorry man.
  8. You could try redownloading the mod, or using WinRAR to open it instead of windows' default zip browser. This is an issue I completely overlooked - the save system. Thank you for posting the log file and debug lines, because I know what I've done wrong. I'll have to look into this in the future. I don't know if the Use command got broken again but it seems to work fine on my end. Could be another script interfering with the use command.
  9. You need to have a complete package of files and edits for each vehicle. You need a complete units folder with the correct values in the xml file of the units folder. Next step is adding the newly created unit into the portraits.xml Then the next step is the additional entry to the freeplayBase and freeplayBase_d (for deluxe users) The problem with your tow truck is probably due to a bad units folder, or something else going wrong like your map lacking the correct spawn points. I don't know to what extent this whole thing goes for your mod so I can only give general advice.
  10. Apparently they're on Steam and on the German forums communicating with playtesters and interested people. The rest of your post is similar to what I feel about the game, now that we've had a few months to process what's here. I don't like it, I'm not touching it and I'm sticking to my current projects. Long live...low poly modding.
  11. Both of these things are intentionally capped by script. Adjusting them without knowing how the code works can cause undesired behavior. I am still on the fence with how I will arrange things in the coming updates to the mod. Specifically, I can't have more BCSO cars until I make all the bases needed for them, which could take however long. I don't want to include repeats of existing vehicles, for sake of pumping the numbers up. Regarding volunteer firefighters, the reason I asked for people's real life POV's was a fun way of adding more volunteer personnel to the mod so that more personnel can be playable. Thank you for doing the research on this one. I have evidence now and I can make that judgement call with the mod. I'll have it be courtesy lights by default (as it is now) and sort out the lights/sirens commands later on. I still don't know how I'll proceed with that because Dillon's batt chief appears to also be a POV, while Lima VFD has a dedicated vehicle. Maybe I'll keep their speed the same but remove the sirens from the 2 chief vehicles.
  12. Thank you for your hard work. The USFS trucks will definitely get an addition or two for the 80s. I've been working on a side project of European retro vehicles instead of LA related things. It will be a side project I'll do as a break from doing American themed assets all the time. I still have plans on continuing with more assets for this project, and then the major refresh and relighting of many police vehicles. No pictures on that yet. For now I have only one additional civ coming to this mod. As a bonus, popup headlights are going to be animated on certain vehicles.
  13. It's not helping my case that some of these vehicles aren't just for LA. There's other vehicles that have a role as emergency service in other places. Some of the European stuff I make could also be good for a retro UK or Europe mod. I'm carrying a lot of momentum with this project and I'd like to be able to provide materials for others to start their own retro themed mods with.
  14. I am very deilghted to see all this new stuff coming up. Again, thank you for doing the work on this. Regarding the modern stuff, I am not sure if I will be doing those vehicles any time soon. It's definitely on the board for more potential additions and even new commands.
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