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  1. This is where I step in and say, if ya'll wanna beef, do it in DM's. I'll keep these posts for another week or so then hide them to keep shit on topic. I won't lock the thread if everyone can play nice.
  2. Ever since playing GTA3, I always interested in this kind of helicopter. I didn't think I'd be able to make one but it did get done. More variations to come in the future. This asset will also see action in LA.
  3. Sadly the forum has an attachment limit. It wont let me, you or anyone else have more than 100mb I believe. I can easily cross 10mb per post, just by the amount of images I upload. Regardless, I bring good news. The spermCopter is complete, and I have both body variations made.
  4. I guess the strategy I had for posting photos is dead now. F to pay respects. There goes all the mod threads content. I'll have to go back to imgur, moving forward.
  5. Welp looks like Discord or the forum broke externally linked images. I'll have to find a workaround because this isnt good at all.
  6. Good news, I have begun constructing the helicopters/air assets for this mod. This will sit unfinished for a while. I don't have the motivation to continue beyond what I have at the moment. This was quite a challenge to make in the first place. I have this unfinished model, that I will now nickname as the "Spermcopter"
  7. Thank you for finding another image of that truck. Seeing it with front nozzles is giving me ideas. It might be something I messed up while coding. I'll have to look into this, thanks.
  8. That's cool but you're in the wrong thread, this is the New York thread. Feel free to repost this back in the LA thread. Sadly the tactical medic did not exist in the 90s.
  9. In a hillarious bit of luck, an authentic NYC DOT tow truck has been found in an unlikely place - the original Men In Black film.
  10. It's been a while. First thing I can say is that we've been gifted new spec found. MotoStringer got us a new McCormick ambulance variation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW1o6nyKWko This guy is legit as hell, if you're interested in these retro tapes, give him a sub. Another update is progress is coming really slowly. Recently, I began to texture the civilian vehicles and vehicle bases for additional units. This one's special - I've been meaning to get one made to replace the Jeep model we already have. Texture and miscellaneous parts by Yankee43. He did a great job and I hope you guys can give him some love too. With all this in mind, I'll cut back the traffic set even more. I'm not really getting as far as I want to with progress. I'll revert back to my original concept of replacing only the bare minimum, or else I'll never complete these assets, at the current rate of work.
  11. It's been slow going for progress from me. I've sadly, not been able to do very much. This is one of the 87-89 Mack Pumpers, early WIP. More to come in the future, but I make no promises.
  12. Mini jetsonic bar by EmC Unit and rihis Finally got these setup.
  13. I'm sorry guys, it had to be done. It's hideous, pitiful but it's history. I look forward to all the laughs this thing will give you when it's ingame, equipped and ready to drive. Now here's something more macho. It turns out there's no less than 6 variations of this Ford ambulance that NYC*EMS used. I'll try to make as many of them as I can. The other team members will be doing livery work on this, unless there's any takers looking to help. All work in this post is by me.
  14. This isnt my mod or my thread, but I wouldnt mind if people posted research here. Allow me to start off with the ones I found off archive video and google There are photos of the Chevy Caprice, Plymouth Gran Fury and Plymouth Reliant on Facebook, posted by AJ Illenotna. I don't know how to upload them here without breaking my attachment limits, but you can find them there using his name. I'm proud of what we've found, especially the Bronco II. Seems that nobody else knows about it.
  15. Really proud to report that the fiberglass roof variations have been added. More apparatus is on the way Roofs modelled by CanadianFrog, Aerohawk lightbar by EmC-Unit and rihis Forgot to add the mini lightbar on the Ward Added another variation with FedSig Turbobeam mini lightbars.
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