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  1. I'll see what I can do with those tailboard firefighters. There's a problem with game balancing if I had this on certain models but not on others (due to scaling issues). I won't be making these units but it's likely these are fleet services or part of transportation division. The airport PD Nova is in, and both vehicles have been lighted. FS Aerodynic by EmC Unit and rihis.
  2. One out of four. The Nova is the next to be made. Lightbar by EmC-Unit and rihis.
  3. No. That's kind of where we're at, at the moment. The most unique thing is the boat trailer script, and I can make additions to the trailer scripts to enable the SAR trailer to have functions like spawning more personnel, or healing anybody who enters. I could also turn it into a fictional MCU trailer if I so want, but I don't know how realistic that would be. The ECG monitor has a functional display now. To be clear about things, this is a static image. It does not scroll or update like a real machine. The open cab logic has been added to two fire apparatus in the mod, so that firefighters appear on the rear facing jumpseats on those vehicles. I have also done some code optimizations so that your sessions will run slightly smoother.
  4. That's amazing. Thank you so much, You've helped us immensely. I can wait for the translation by the way. It's not that big of a deal as long as we have pictures. When I get a break from working on Montana, I will work on making these assets ASAP. Are there magazines/pages on other agencies? There might be some other modders who will need the pictures. For me personally, I'd like to ask if there is Los Angeles Port Police or CHP documented. I'd also like to ask if there's a feature for Miami, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas or Chicago. Those are currently the "top" cities that I've been helping research for.
  5. The one in the FB group is what I'll make. I might do an Aerodynic CHP Fury or St. Regis. I am not quite sure yet where I stand with regards to those units. I have higher priorities like the Camaros, the 1982 SSP Mustang or the CVE units (Ram, Silverados etc).
  6. Hey man, thank you so much for posting this. If you can, feel free to send the whole magazine in this thread. I'd also appreciate translations where possible. I would like for this thread to be a historical reference for vintage/retro LA services. I will be adding your name to the credits among my "thank you" list. The vehicles in your pictures are a 1977 Ford Maverick (left) and 1978 Chevy Nova (right). This means that I have to make a Maverick model to fill the slots. I have a Nova model thankfully, so I will be reusing it. AIrport Ops in 1979 did use the Maverick, so I had a feeling that police would have been the same. Your amazing photos have confirmed that to us. They have a Malibu in 1979 (in the picture with the crash tender) so this really helps solidify the setup. That is another car model I have to make, but at least won't be too difficult. LAPD also have another version of that SWAT van except it is fully unmarked. I'll probably include your version of it in order to fully round out the fleet. I have confirmed with the LAPD fans group that the Plymouth is a 1975-76 and indeed is authentic, and they did test out those Aerodynic bars in 1978. You are correct about them being on limited basis trial prior to 1980.
  7. Not all of the COA scripts will make it in. For the first release of the new mod, it will be disappointing. I intend on improving it significantly by next year. Change out some banners and make everything a lot more low-tech and Asian, and that parade would be identical to what happens in my parts,...and I'm not American. Probably not a good sign for us. A new update to the medical treatment menu. These graph readouts do not work yet. I plan on getting these setup and corrected soon.
  8. Some really great news. I've found early 80's Airport PD units. These are Chrysler LeBarons. I also have a picture of this 1979 Malibu which I am now sure is also AIrport PD, because the spec with the lightbars and spotlight matches up with these units. Both of these are now being added into the plan for the next update of the mod.
  9. I just had my mind blown. This parade video has given us some lighting references, new Dillon PD cars (that are not relevant to the mod) but most importantly, SAR vehicles. I will not be making these new SAR vehicles until next year, however I am happy to have them here.
  10. Instructions included. Bama has got it written down thankfully and I've converted his instructions into .pdf
  11. I've decided to re-implement advanced healing into the mod. It is still quite rough and isn't the most user friendly. However I believe people will come around to it over time, and I might be able to improve it in the future. I'll also be updating the left hand GUI to be themed with the mod. I have re-added
  12. I've gotten in contact with some LAPD experts over Facebook. I'll bring this up with them at an appropriate time and I'll see what they have to say about this. I hope to get a conclusive answer, and maybe they can learn something too.
  13. I don't know either. What does the caption say regarding this photo? I am inclined to believe this is a film prop because I've never heard of any authentic LAPD Furys having the Aerodynic in 1977 or 78. Maybe some were retrofitted before 1984, but most of the marked patrol Furys were gone by the 1984 Olympics. I recall an article out there saying LA intended to replace their police vehicles with traditional lightbars and more visible appearance for foreign olympics visitors. They did that by 1980 with the Gran Fury, Fairmont, and the Impala by 1982. Unmarked Furys have been confirmed to survive as late as 1986 until the Caprices and Ford LTD's replaced them entirely. We also have a picture that might show an unmarked 1973 Plymouth in service in 1983. I am curious about any weird LAPD lightbar setups from the vintage era, so I am at least thankful you sent this picture. For now I'll keep this picture as "under review".
  14. Alex is running a 20 series card I think, and an Intel 8 core CPU. He has super high end stuff simply for content creation. He previously ran AMD in the early to mid 2010s and it absolutely shit the bed on him, hence the switch to intel. I'm mostly sure on WinXP being the most stable but not sure on 4K. I don't know if XP can even deliver 4K resolutions or the kind of performance (on 32 bit alone) that can get you max performance. I think a more likely outcome would be running Em4 with no stutters and less bugs but only on an appropriate resolution for 2009 like 1080p. I don't have any older CPU to recommend to be honest. The last time I studied CPU's properly, it was the first gen Intel i3's and AMD Athlons from over a decade ago. I don't think those can get you the 100FPS or whatever you want. Modern CPU's are out of the question because they can't install XP and are designed around 32 bit which defeats the purpose. I also think that having to build a WinXP rig just for Em4 isn't a good idea. Now on the other hand if you're doing it for nostalgia games and to have a period-correct machine to play old stuff like classic NFS or GTA, then by all means, go ahead. I wish I could teleport to you the junk computers I have here because I got 3 period correct 2005-2008 CPU's here with XP and other 2000s' hardware like wheel mouse and CRT monitors.
  15. It's supposed to take place in the mid 2010s and be a really underfunded town with a sub 800 people population. After the mod is released, I'll probably start adding more modern vehicles like the new 2018+ Beaverhead sheriff units, and of course, all new Montana Highway Patrol stuff. To this day, the real VFD's in that area of Montana still run old rigs like an old Mack or 1990's Freightliner. Another department in the county (but not depicted in the mod) still keeps a 90's Kenworth tanker too.
  16. If need be, I can setup a sticky thread or organized post containing every version, as needed. Let me know what you guys do.
  17. If you need assistance, I can pull something together so that you can upload a new version, or work out whatever needs to be done. Welcome back btw. I still remember your work from way back.
  18. Some really good news. The LAPD Caprice wagon has been found. Based on news articles, it was in service in 1988, but I'd like to imagine it made it to the early 90's. I'll be including this in the upcoming updates, along with more LAX airport police units, and the previously mentioned LAPD Bronco.
  19. Maybe I will do that, but the cab is a bit hard to find. I could try making the Crown Firecoach version instead but I have no idea when I will make the heavy rescues, if it all.
  20. Full disclaimer - I don't run Em4 in full HD, however I can give advice based on my and others' experiences. Em4 lag appears to be system dependent and can fall under various categories. You unfortunately have one of the worst types you can get. I got lucky and my Em4 lag only happens in the editor and heavily scripted mods. I get a healthy dose of selection lag in most heavy mods, and in the editor, usually 5-10 FPS when in certain menus in the editor for no reason. Even without 4K or HD resolutions, this happens and I can imagine it can be way worse when scaled up. Of note, is that none of this happened to me on my old WinXP setup from back in the day, so you might be yet another victim of Em4 not liking modern hardware. The community has already come to the conclusion that Em4 bottlenecks after a certain level of spec. We think it is because Em4 is bound by it's own code, meaning you can have an 8 core + 3080 GTX gaming machine and it won't do jack because the game is designed to consume at most 2gb before it shit's itself. I don't really have a solution here except to get the highest spec of whatever you can find and just roll with it because Em4 doesn't seem to care whether it's an old or new CPU or GPU set, it will find a way to lag. It's just a matter of hoping you get the less intrusive forms of it.
  21. No offense but you kinda fucked up your mod installation. Your base game folder has a ton of stuff that shouldn't be there. For example, you put Project Nostalgia outside of the Mods folder. Your mods folder also has a whole bunch of stuff you don't need. I recommend cleaning up your folders first. The rest of the setup can be fixed by moving the un-needed files into the Mods folder.
  22. I have a video that shows the same car, but I didn't believe it was legit LAPD. I thought it was a merger car of some kind, until I looked at the dates of the video - 1993. This was long before the MTA and Housing PD mergers. My theory on the crown vic without lights is it belongs to the LA District Attorney or Prosecutor's Office. In the modern times, they have a fleet of unmarked Caprice PPV's that are often confused for LAPD or LASD, but actually belong to the DA's office. This 1992 vehicle gives us a more cohesive timeline for lighting on LAPD unmarked cars. Starting 1990, LAPD went with EES Coplite and the square halogen lights. They've ditched the old IPF/Coplite PAR lights seen on unmarkeds from 1970s to 1989 or so. There are Caprices, probably 1986-1989 models with circular lights.
  23. After another round of research, I've found some interesting things. FIrst off, I found real retro LAFD Swift Water Rescue. The 1 year, 7 months long hunt is over. As a result of this, the current SWR will be reassigned back into a plug buggy, and be used as an equipment trailer hauler. The plan now is to implement a boat trailer script into the mod and use the ambulance as the main SWR vehicle starting now. There's more though. I've managed to find a 1992+ LAPD Ford Bronco. I'll definitely start work on this ASAP. Prior to this, the belief was that LAPD only ran Blazers and Ramchargers. Third, I came across some vehicles that I am uncertain about. Could be LAPD but this was taken during the riots and shows some other agencies like RTD police. LAPD might have used 1992 Crown Victorias as unmarked cars, but not as patrol units. However it could just as well belong to RTD police who operate the white Ford Taurus in the last photo.
  24. Finish all the civilian cars, and add in the 3 helicopters that the mod needs. Add in a few extra units for the 80s' lineup. Possibly add custom freeplay events like Miami mod's drowning person call, but something different. I am working on another thing for the rest of this year, and so progress will be slow on this thread.
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