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  1. The site isn't hosted here but on a modding discord. I don't have a link on me right now. There's also links going around for the mod on Youtube if you dont want to sign up to anything else.
  2. In theory it is possible for you to 3D model a collapsed/caved in version of every building and assign those variations as the fullBurned model. That way, you don't get all of the same rubble pile regarldess of building size, perimeter etc. There's also considerations to be made about the collision boxes causing your units to get stuck This is a nice concept and I think with enough time and effort it can be perfected.
  3. The only suggestion I have left is that your FP script isn't initializing because of the start script not initializing. You're either missing the code for it or the dummy object was not added on map.
  4. Do you have the entire map of vehicles spawning except those 2, or do you have no vehicles spawn at all? It might be because your fp_freeplay script isn't initializing the start script upon loading FP.
  5. Congratulations on the find. These are tied with the 90s CVPI as my favorite set of police cars. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.
  6. I need context because I don't know what you've modified. I can only give general advice with station scripts without playtesting the actual mod. I did the scripting for West Falls so I can probably help if this isn't too drastic of a change. I also have no idea what VO names you have, specifically, which ones work or are broken. I also don't know which of these VO's and prototype names are still valid for your mod (which I think runs on a new map) and uses new vehicles. Things to look out for in general are incorrect VO names, incorrect prototype names, and the allocation of the ActorList l1, l2 and so on. l1 and l2 can be named anything btw, just try to keep it descriptive enough. Line 341 might be wrong, it says "Pose" instead of Pos.
  7. The virtual objects need to be defined in the script, and then you need to take those definitions and allocate them as variables. Then, the vehicle prototypes need to be adjuted in the script, and then you need to specify that a specific vehicle prototype will spawn at a specific virtual object.
  8. You have to remove the alpha channels on them. Sadly, it isn't straight forward. You have to save it as a certain kind of .dds file (not sure about it anymore), and then re-save it again as DXT3.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Model by itchyboy. Front part of model traced using CVPI model from LA mod by Lash00t0ut & nfspdf. Credit must be given for use of this content. Not for commercial use! You are not allowed to make money from this model. Converting this model to other games besides the Emergency games is prohibited. Cities Skylines, Roblox and Farming Simulator mod makers are specifically prohibited from using this content. .pdn template included. Reuploading this file to other sites besides emergency-planet.com and emergency-forum.de is prohibited.
  10. This isn't going into the mod because it's too new, however it will be going to the download center for modders' use. It's about time we got a new CVPI model other than the NNICO models from a decade ago.
  11. No because it's fictional. Also, it's not from Los Angeles. This mod only covers real agencies, and the vehicles they used, and re-created to the best of our ability. I'll probably make the Striped Tomato for another project at another time in the future.
  12. I refuse to set one up becuase of all the issues with Em4 and monetization. Say, my LAPD patrol car has a model made by me, decals made by Phantom and a lightbar from EmC Unit, we'd have to split and how would that come about? What if a mod on Patreon has multiple contributors? Also, if I release Patreon content that's just an edited 16T asset, that may violate the game's EULA/TOS for monetization and revese engineering, thus opening me up to lawsuit. Patreon, paid mods and the things involving them are one big can of worms that should never be opened. For now I'll try to find other income sources but Em4 definitely isn't it. And if anybody does try to put mods on Patreon, let all of us know, so that they'll be forced to cut a check to every single person who made work for it.
  13. Look at the date on the topic: 2014 Clearly it has been discontinued if there is no mod link by now. Also, it says "PRIVATE" meaning there is no link provided because the author does not intend on releasing it to the public. Posting on inactive topics isn't cool, please be careful next time.
  14. Your GPU might require a driver update. However, the issue with the buttons is likely related to path 1.3. You need patch 1.3 for all mods to work. If you bought the game online, it is likely already patched. If it says 1.3 on the lower side of the main menu, don't apply the patch because it might break your installation.
  15. I haven't been able to replicate this bug. It also didn't happen to the others I've asked to try. For now I will look into this on the side, when time allows. Some stuff I've made for fun, not really LA or anything serious.
  16. I might have found the answer on those beacons. Some brands offered these 4 way static rotators. The beacon that LASD uses is likely of this configuration. There could be more brands that offered these besides what is on Youtube, and I am by no means saying LASD 100% used these brands. It is worth further investigation. To achieve the CA steady burn, the front facing light was likely bypassed from the flasher cycle and directly hard wired to the 12 volt main power.
  17. Hope all is well with you. It's been a while. Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it.
  18. I went with blue becuase it felt like a neutral enough color. I've seen white, red, and brown unmarked LA police units. I think any color goes when it comes to unmarked police. I already have plainclothes detectives for the LAPD units, however for LASD, I want those unmarked cars to go for SEB/SWAT in order to differentiate them from LAPD.
  19. I've decided to go with 2 unmarked sheriff cruisers, somewhat similar to what is there in 11john's photos. I won't add more until we can have full confirmation on what they would have used. I was not able to find the specific brand or model for the weird steady burn beacon. As a result, I've decided to have a bit of compromise. The unmarked Malibu will have a steady red spotlight but with a Federal Signal Firebam on the roof for 360 degree coverage. The lighting on the Caprice is a mix of various 2000's sheriff unmarked units I've foud. On the topic of civs, I have started making edits of the existing models and turning them into new variants with new designs, for different cars:
  20. Wow this is an amazing find. Thank you. Do you have more pictures of unmarked LASD units, by any chance. Now that you've given me those pictures, I might as well make 2 or maybe 3 unmarked sheriff units. I have been doing testing with the prototype setup ingame. I've decided to go with having an incomplete lineup of leaving behind vanilla assets. The main reason for this decision is due to the prototypes. It would be impractical for me to make 2 versions of this mod, one with many color variants, and another with unique vehicles per prototype. I can share some good news: all civilian vehicles (so far) implemented into the game have wheels. The next few days will be finishing up textures and models for the remaining 4 vehicles I've not completed, and to start the civilian lighting on the cars.
  21. Here is where I am at now with the traffic set. Wheels will be added to these later. We're still missing a lot of cars that I want to do. As a result, we have to make a decision: The easiest plan (and to release this pack out the soonest) is to these put into the game as is. These cars will appear just fine, but there will be vanilla assets occupying the slots of cars that I have not created yet. Are people okay with having some vanilla mixed into the pack for now, or should I fill out the remaining slots with color variants of these cars just to make everything look consistent, even if they are repetetive?
  22. If I can find LAPD or LASD using them in real life, then sure. I don't know what I need this for, but a lot of other agencies still run these trucks to this day. Maybe I can have this as the LAPD bomb squad truck but I don't see how this can be achieved in normal freeplay. I don't count this as being part of the traffic set, rather as a dev assset for other modders who need this truck. #24: In real life, this car nearly killed GM. l hope to make this look good in the traffic set.
  23. Probably just the civilian version. There's no use for arson investigator units in regular Em4. Here's the completed battalion chief and EMS captain car.
  24. Say hello to the base versions of another 2 LAFD chief cars. I am still missing one variant, and I still need to texture up the Mercury, but this will be four new chief/captain vehicles. There will be other vehicles coming the FD/EMS besides these.
  25. A new addition to LASD has been made Model by me, base vehicle textures by Ibarra and myself.
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