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  1. Great finds, I'm definitely looking into these because we now know that the older Mack is also still in service. You did it again Miles. Keep it up. You've encountered a common problem with many mods. I have already adjusted the traffic lights but if they still cause problems, I might have to tune them even more.
  2. Ebay has delivered once again. We have a hi-resolution quality picture of the Dillon VFD engine. The mystery has been partially solved. I'll have to guess the rear end if I want to put in the game.
  3. I'll look into it I'm not in the position to set that up. But, if someone's going to volunteer to do it, I'd be down to help. I've begun texturing the incomplete vehicle assets. Civilian vehicles continue to be made.
  4. I've been looking too and so far didn't find much. I did see some youtube videos that showed their POV's as having only front/rear lighting and very basic setups. I also found another response video where no siren was audible however it is not conclusive proof of sirens not being allowed. If I were to interpret the law literally, POV's are only allowed red lights. The statute lists nothing on siren amps and it could be interpreted as "beyond the scope of the law" or it's a legal loophole. Maybe somoene from the state can confirm.
  5. More civs coming to this project: I have not neglected the playable units. There's a major revision coming to alot of models. They will have better shaping and texturing in the upcoming update. Here's the new front end on the Caprice models: There's also new front end models for the Chevy squarebody trucks: And a few more revisions to playable models like the F series trucks, Plymouth classic sedans and more.
  6. Generally I'd like to be impartial and not pick sides but randomly calling people out as "self absored" (in an inactive thread) is a great way to get a negative response from other people. The post was uncalled for and it comes across as starting shit with people for sake of it. For now, no bans will be issued, rather I'll be locking the thread for about a week or so to let things cool off.
  7. I have a lot of very negative things to say about the new game. I won't say them here. In fact I feel like im grieving the loss of a series that I love. I won't be so damn negative though; there is some silver lining. One that, it might funnel more casual users, who could potentially have modding talent, into Em4/5 Another one is that 16T is starting to re-establish communications with the community. We as a community could push for the "opening" of Em2012/13 to modding, so that we can have 90% of Em4 as a game but with updated graphics. We will see what the future holds. At least we still have the current titles.
  8. New Econoline model coming soon to a few retro themed projects. There's also more civs coming.
  9. It doesnt actually change difficulty in naturally spawning callouts. Rather it's intended for use when forcing callouts using the debug menu.
  10. Thanks for the tip on this. I don't know what's causing this or why some users have it, but others do not.
  11. Thank you both for all the pictures. The CARE stuff is really sweet and I now have a reason to make another variation. The county FD stuff is quite suitable but I won't make every vehicle. Maybe a few engines. More civ cars:
  12. I'll just lay it out here before things get too heated - any mod has the right to be called unspec. That's freedom of speech and no different than say, me calling any other project as unspec. I look at things and call them unspec all the time. However, calling something unspec and gatekeeping are two separate issues being conflated into one discussion. I'll be watching the thread for now; it gets locked if people can't play nice. The usage terms of the mod are to be respected, that's just it. Not up for debate. That's not gatekeeping. That's respecting individual rights. What is allowed though, is the creation of any other Miami themed project as long as it doesn't infringe on others' asset usage terms. Nobody has a monopoly on a Miami project. If you can do it better, go for it. If I were to suggest a healthier point of discussion - make a new thread about a new mod idea, featuring something else like mainland Miami City, the 'glades or any of the suburbial areas in the county area. Option C would be a team effort among the factions to create proper spec for Miami Beach FD and PD. I leave it to you people to work this out moving forward.
  13. You can do that by going into the editor. Load up your map and press print screen. In that free camera mode, fly all the way up to the farthest heights of the map. Try to be as centered as and as square possible, and take the picture using the print screen key.
  14. Thanks for all the info and the finds. Turns out, this book already helped us before - it's earlier in the thread. Back in 2021, someone was able to provide some pages from that magazine. It is the reason that we have complete LA Airport Police. The name of Haruo Mizuno seemed familiar and it looks like he has helped us already. Rest in Peace to his soul. If only he knew how he has helped us. I was not aware there was even more information on the agencies. It's nice seeing there's some retro SFPD and more LASD in there. Here is the latest batch of civilian vehicles. I am looking forward to getting them ingame.
  15. I'm really proud to report that more LASD spec has been found. The most interesting vehicle here is the wagon, however all of these vehicles are a trip to have found. Sadly, no higher resolution has been found. If anyone has a lead on this book, please feel free to share.
  16. I'll merge your old account into your new one.
  17. I have an AMC Concord model, but I could modify it into an Eagle fairly easily. I don't feel like adding that vehicle to the submod though. That doesn't mean I won't make it. I think I have an idea where I can put that. Perhaps a separate vehicle set could be made of extra or novelty vehicles.
  18. Thank you for all the references, everyone. Every single one (that isnt a past repeat) helps. In spite of the lack of updates, progress is being made.
  19. itchboy


    This site's rules prohibit sharing links or promoting piracy. Just a heads up. You can get the game on Steam for not very much money.
  20. Can anyone with this hardware, confirm? If this proves to be an effective solution, I'll pin this topic.
  21. Personally, I'd like to see the categories split, outright. IGT and RTA. IGT would favor those who want to play in realtime for each mission, regardless of hardware but I also understand it would cause alot of tie-breakers with how the game only counts to the second. This wouldnt be strictly limited 1x speed only. Rather I'd like for it to be a showcase of who has the best solutions for each mission. RTA would stay as is, whether the ingame speed is restricted or not. Maybe down the road, an FPS cap or some kind of limit can be imposed.
  22. I've discussed this with speedrunners previously. I mentioned the viability of a full game campaign run, but it would probably be a boring 8 hour session filled with RNG. The main issue I find with the run, is that the 3x speed option mechanic of the game is hardware dependent. Em4 favors people with better computers and this could prevent new players with lesser spec systems from being able to achieve competetive times.
  23. The grid vehicles are the NPC cars. I am working towards replacing all the NPC cars with 70s-90s American cars.
  24. It's a glitched callout and I plan on removing it for now. I have plans on legitimate train callouts like tank leaks and collision but I am still trying to figure it out.
  25. For the time being, would people mind if I just add 2 or 3 additional POV's but with generic civ vehicles with no ELS? I'll replace them later on. Regarding the problems of volunteers, I am trying to write a more flexible volunteer script but this will take time, as I said. The plan is to allow various commands on the control panel to dictate how many volly's get called, if they drive to scene or respond to station alone. There is nothing yet but this idea is something I will be working on along with the other projects.
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