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  1. Go into your em4.cfg <var name="e4_doocclusion" value="1" /> Change that 1 to 0
  2. The original LA mod has one for the LAPD Charger and CHP Charger. I believe credits on that model is MikeyPI but please check the readme and credits files of the mod to be sure.
  3. This isn't an announcement. I am just posting pictures of vehicles I've found in archive footage. I would like to repost it here for ease of access.
  4. Now that Project Nostalgia is somewhat stable, I can walk away from it and focus on Montana. Here are 2 callouts I've improved and sorted out a bit. For my long term goals, there are a lot of expansions I want to add to the mod, like over a dozen new vehicles and tons more scripts, functions and callouts. All these expansions cannot be worked on now and I hope all of you can settle for the bare minimum. I really don't have much else to show for besides these incremental changes. I am hoping to get the mod released this year, barring any major life incidents. Who knows what the future holds.
  5. It seems to be broken, you're right. I don't know why though. I'll have to add this to the bug list.
  6. That's a new thing for me. It worked fine for me when I tested the other day. I think this is a limitation of the rapid deploy system, not something specific to my projects. I've had this happen before in a bunch of mods when I click rapid deploy and water cannon at the same time really quickly. The reason it does this is the Em4 hose logic gets confused sometimes. The solution is to undeploy the fire engine that triggered the glitch.
  7. Thank you, and bless that organization. They helped me find a good amount of what I needed for this project. I hope they can someday see my project and what I've been able to make. Sadly they haven't responded by email or social media.
  8. Speaking of, what's the title and author of the book? If it can be bought I might look into seeing if it's possible,
  9. In the first place, I removed that one because it was confirmed not-legit. However I know there are fans of it; I have a Vector Caprice unit in store for the future for another agency, one that I previously said I wouldn't make. I'll be reusing that asset for this one. You could PM me if it's too massive, but I would like all the LAFD content it has. I am also interested in retro apparatus of other cities, specifically SF, Vegas, Miami, and Chicago.
  10. Can you please share the rest of that book? I would really like to see what else we could try. Now thay I have a left side and better angle of the pump, I think I'll make it just because you provided pictures. Thank you so much. I've uploaded a few more script fixes. Nothing major but hopefully improves stability. Don't expect major vehicle updates for a bit. I need to build up some assets before I can make expansions. Expect most of the new vehicles to be "recycled variants" for example, a new lightbar variation.
  11. I know about the show but not enough to care about making the vehicles for it. Maybe someone else can. I wouldn't mind making an AMC and Plymouth unmarked unit, because we confirmed those made it into the 80s. The Adam 12 marked units, not so much. Many of the ambulances in the show also didn't make it into the 80s, let alone the 90s. Maybe some fire apparatus but the most I can get is the County FD Crowns. The show has lots of LAFD rigs too, I know but I already made them independent of any reasoning for the show. Earlier today I did release the update containing some bugfixes and the 2 new Fed cars. I hope to get more done soon but for now you will have to settle for quick and easy to make units.
  12. Just go to the gallery, upload your image using the "Continue without using an album" and insert any caption or text that's appropriate to your picture.
  13. These two. They will be exclusive to LA mission 8 and I will not be making changes for these to be playable in FP. I'll look into these issues. So far the two issues are real but the sync'd lights on that one ambulance are there for variation.
  14. It's probably the bugged callout with the men in the container. I'll take care of those ASAP, and some scripting errors.
  15. Thanks for playing my submod, but I would prefer that you post screenshots here instead: https://www.emergency-planet.com/gallery/ That way, screenshot threads don't clutter up the boards.
  16. Thank you for your reports. I'll look into these ASAP after I get some new units implemented into the mod.
  17. No offense but some of this contradicts itself. If the game doesn't open, then how did you make it far enough to deliver the suspect to the police station? I will look into that crash though because my police station scripts seem to work fine in other mods even in MP. I also don't understand "taking out of nowhere". Do you mean shooting? If so, that is an actual Em4 bug that AI does sometimes and crashes even in SP.
  18. Thank you very much. I think I can get started on this, hopefully soon. For now I'll be doing additions and simpler vehicles. Yes that's it. It really is hardware dependent, down to the system because I am a Ryzen CPU user and Em4 runs mostly perfect for me. Yeah if it has no cause for me but a problem for you like the City of Angels/Montana dispatch menus, then it might just kill the entire concept before it can be fully realized.
  19. If you can please send me to the site where you got this last pic, I'd really appreciate it. I think I'll get to doing this when I am able. Seems that there is (almost) enough for me to get this started.
  20. I'll play with paths to make this happen less frequently. I may be wrong about what I said. There could be a script causing issues with MP but I won't know until someone tells me. If you don't mind, have a run with it again after I release the bugfixes and more vehicles. I would like to hear the specifics of when, how and what crashes the game down to the actions done by each player. Also I am on AMD myself, though with an NVIDIA GPU and I can say that it is really hardware dependent. I've tried Em4 on Intel systems that ran poorly and I have no clue what specific thing makes the game choose to not run well. It's been over a year and I still have not found pictures of the rear of that tiller, or the sides I need to model it. I am hoping those pictures surface someday, but I am at the mercy of the private collection owners who release pictures at a snail's pace. There is no cure for this, it's just how Em4 works. Montana mod will have the same thing with the rotator lightbar equipped units in that mod. Sadly it's this or nothing. I cannot replicate the issue. Even if it works fine for me, I will still try to find the cause for your crashes. I will alter some code and see if it changes anything for others.
  21. I have no experience with Apple products. I'm not even sure Em4 runs stable on the newest versions OS. HOwever I am sure it is possible but I don't have the specifics, sorry. Personally, it doesn't hurt buying a desktop or new system but don't buy a new system just because of Em4. There are many better reasons to justify dropping cash, especially in this economy. If you need a new system anyway, go for it. If you are going out of your way to get a new system just for the game, don't bother.
  22. I will look into these issues, thank you. I believe I made a mistake in the uploading of the maps, which is why multiplayer crashes. For the dispatcher, I am not quite sure what's causing it because it works fine on my end. Might be one of those "WinXP compatibility" things that Em4 likes doing.
  23. Work continues on the mod, even if it's slow. If all goes well we may have more content to show. For now he's an old video from last year.
  24. This is a bug I've heard a bit of but I'll have to look into it in the coming days. I don't know why it crashes for you guys while it does not for Miami mod.
  25. I don't even know what I want for the utility. Should it tow, or should it be a recovery vehicle that can pull things out of ditches? I also noticed a few bugs myself, and some additions that I want to try. I'll get to those next week. I'm pretty tired as is.
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