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  1. I still plan on adding more 90s assets besides the 80s cars. Special thanks to Phantom for making decals that are reusable across multiple vehicles.
  2. You already have every callout that exists, unless you have deluxe, which gets you another 4. Another set of assets going into the game. No lights on these yet, just like the last batch. Credits to Hoppah for the county squad rear that I modified to work with these 90s assets. All other work is mine.
  3. In the games' history, I dont think anybody has messed with this before. I think it is a very unique idea and is possible, but will require a lot of coding, and it is likely that you will hit a dead-end with the game being hardcoded.
  4. No we're far from done. You will see updates here when they come around. I got quite a lot of special sauce coming with that. They never had wheels because I yeeted them from the mod. I can't explain the audio problem. I've never heard of the audio volume not changing. Anyway some updates from me: Incoming batch of new sedans coming to the mod. I also did this fun render that isn't for Em4. Additionally, I have reworked the LA county squad rear end. That thing looked too deep-fried so I doubled the resolution on the texture. Besides this, I got 2 new county squads
  5. The CVPI wheels and traffic are intentional because I will be replacing all the civilian cars someday. I explained previously in the thread that we haven't made NPC cars yet. I don't know about the voice commands. Nobody has ever taken that feature seriously since 2007.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    It looks like a Twinsonic but it isn't one. This is the Code3 SD, Code3's response to the Twinsonic. They added another pair of double rotators for double the light output, and included in color filters on their lenses to maximize the color features on the bar. Model by itchyboy. Credit must be given for use of this content. Not for commercial use! You are not allowed to make money from this model. Converting this model to other games besides the Emergency games is prohibited. .pdn template included. Reuploading this file to other sites besides emergency-planet.co
  7. Here's a new one to the fleet. Its two cars but actually just one, with only the front being different. If it wasn't obvious based on the recent updates, I'm branching this mod out to include 80s units now. This is LAPD's patrol car from 1980-81. Short, but its still important to include. The Dodge version of this model will be configured to CHP spec for their 1980 squads.
  8. This happens randomly and I hate it. It has nothing to do with mods because Ive had this happen on different mods on various openHouses.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Scratch made 2007 Dodge Ram. Includes 2500 and 4500 versions. Not for commercial use! You are not allowed to make money from this model. Converting this model to other games besides the Emergency games is prohibited. .pdn templates included. Reuploading this file to other sites besides emergency-planet.com and emergency-forum.de is prohibited. The 4500 is recommended for ambulance or brush truck use, while the 2500 may serve as a battalion chief, EMS supervisor, or utility/special purpose unit.
  10. Models that are already infected with the sharp bug can't be restored by just exporting. You need to edit that motherf'er and rebuild its shading in Blender. Then, set the shading to smooth (again just to be sure) and then export it out as .obj using specific settings that you might already be familiar with.
  11. That is the infamous blender sharp bug. This is something that requires a long explanation, but the short of it is that the v3o exporter causes this issue. I went around the issue by exporting the model is .obj instead of v3o. I would then import it into Zmod, and then back out as .v3o from Zmod.
  12. More units that got skins. Econoline van model by MikeyPI.
  13. If you're in Blender Cycles, you need to add the lightbar onto its specific material. After that, set your nodes up like this but only for the lightbar lens. The end result is that the lightbar lens (only that) should look transparent.
  14. Double posting (posting consecutively in a short interval) is against site rules. Please be careful next time.
  15. The real truck does not have a cannon. Disregard the manual of the original LA mod. You might have disabled the wrong freeplay file. I don't see the point of a tanker because there's already the ability to chain fire engines together.
  16. Yep that's definitely within the range of people who have the memory leak CTD. Even low end PC's like the one I used to have, would also have the problem. There's 3 ways we modders can fix this issue. We will try working something out for you guys.
  17. I'll leave it unlocked because somebody might come in with a solution. This is how the AMD bug was resolved. I hope this NVIDIA specific issue is sorted because it would screw over tons of people including me.
  18. How exactly? Is the command for extinguish and cool not there? Or does he just not do anything at all? My most likely guess is that you forgot to turn on the water pump of the fire engine.
  19. That is truly bizzare. You might have one of the worst cases of bad RNG/luck to have this lag. Usually we hear these stories from AMD RX, Radeon, R9 etc users. For the most part, AMD users have this problem and the fastCopy trick works for them. Tweaking the ingame graphics settings hasn't changed anything either right? I was thinking this is likely a graphics driver issue, but I'm a 1050 user (so just below you) and on lastest drivers and I have zero problems whatsoever. A rollback might work but it might not be worth it losing out on your other games just to play this buggy PO
  20. That's a pretty substantial setup so I see no reason for your problems. There are so many different reasons why Em4 could do that, but for the time being, try setting this value in the em4.cfg to 0 <var name="e4_mbfastcopy" value="0" /> mbfastcopy should be 0. Some people reported this helped, but for others it did not. Also check if your antivirus isnt running a scan due to Em4. I know that you have a relatively beefy PC but it could still be causing drag, but that's far less likely.
  21. Download all four parts because they are "connected" to one another. Then extract using part 1 only to avoid confusion.
  22. Release the rescue dog and wait for it to find somebody. If you still can't find the person, call the dog back to the handler, and relocate them somewhere. Keep trying until you find them.
  23. That's odd. Did you try running Em4 in administrator mode? That is usually the fix for logfiles not showing up
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