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  1. If the vehicle spawns without crashing when it is set to RW, then we can chalk it up to a configuration error of the vehicle related to LWS more than likely.
  2. Try setting the engine as type RW and see if it works then.
  3. Do they have all the proper components such as connector 0,1,2, and 3 under superstructs? Edit: Also, the logfile doesn't show anything worth much. I assume this is a CTD as the vehicle is spawning? 2nd Edit: Also, I believe a error in the Unit.XML can cause crashes. Double check that and make sure its all good.
  4. Are the engines you're trying to spawn set as GTFs? That can cause an instant game crash if they aren't setup properly.
  5. If people would like to change staffing after release, more power to ya. It will be released with ALS staffing.
  6. No. All ambulances will be ALS. In my opinion, much like in real life, there isn’t much room for BLS anymore.
  7. Is there anyone interested in doing so Police Department textures? If interested, please PM me.
  8. Its private.....as in no one has access to it.
  9. I have been working on a project for a few months now off and on. I have decided to rework and fix some issues for the Boston Mod by FINN. I do plan on a release, assuming I am able to receive permissions from the proper folks. All original credits can be found in "EM4 Boston SubMod read me credits". Work done by Mentor1159/TTBL225: Edited and Fixed fire station scripts Added Police and EMS station Scripts Map Fixes Other general script fixes Added LWS Massive Reorganization of File Structure (About 20 hours of work) Massive reduction in file size due to the rem
  10. This project may be remembered by some or most as the original Riverside Mod. I have always been working on the mod, however progress is slow. This will be the next release and likely the last major overhaul of units. The city of Riverside is set to resemble a medium size city, serving roughly 50,000-100,000 residents. The Fire Department is a full-time paid department operating with 4 stations. The city is also protected by the Riverside Police Department. Current Status of Fire/EMS Units: Revamp of RPD Units: V2 Link: https://mega.nz/file/000WjK7Z#tDjs8gMwQXdz9
  11. Some vehicles, such as those with the vehicle type DLK, require there to be things named under childs. Under Childs/Superstructs you are required to have objects with the names: base l1 l2 l3 l4 basket cannon If these are not present, you will get a CTD when calling in a DLK from off the map or when the game loads if a DLK is spawned on the map at the start.
  12. Great work Itch. The community appreciates your work and efforts to keep the game alive.
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