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  1. Hello, today we are going to present The Pierce Ascendant in its first final form. As Tower Ladder 22 with a Pierce Velocity Flat cab This Version will be stationed at Station 2 in Rooseville Metro Credits: Sabotage, Rocho, Aleks Comments, suggestions, reactions and tips are greatly welcome!
  2. Hello, we have some new content to show, we're currently focusing on 3d Models again, so expect a few posts in the coming weeks. Let's start of with something truly epic and never done before, The Pierce Ascendant 100' Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower Credits: Aleks, Mr. Sabotage, Someone This Model is currently at our texture worker, who is coating in paint. Expect a second post of it in color in the coming days. The next model is one, I worked for hours on. Probably over a good month. The one and only Rosenbauer RTX This model will be placed on Station 3 at its main engine. Engine 31 will its call sign be. This one has a working tank ^^ not like the one from the LAFD Credits: Aleks At the last one for today. Engine 22 a Pierce Velocity PUC Engine. It will be placed in Station 2 as the main engine. Credits: Sabotage, Rocho, Aleks Comments, suggestions, reactions and tips are greatly welcome! See you guys in a few days
  3. @EmC-Unit Here is your copium. Fully custom build. one of many to come
  4. Hello, the modification is still being worked on and that heavily. We just started with the first map building steps. Since we are building nearly every model from scratch and planning on some exclusive models as well it’s a long process. By today we have grown to a size of 9 Team members and still searching :=) Mainly for Assistance in 3D work and scripting, for a faster progress. We are most active on the EM4 Ressource Discord, there we nearly Post Daily Updates.
  5. Update Nameing Due to controversy, discussion and further trouble saving we have decided to change our name. The new name is themed after South Metro and is called: "Rooseville Metro" Channel name will be changed soon
  6. Good Morning, Day or Evening dear Community, The title mainly explains the issue that I can get to solve. When deinstalling the midmount ladder and a person is inside, the basket. The game crashes shortly after. Now, my plan is it to add an "else if" or and "if" that blocks the deinstalling function when a person is in the basket. As well as I want the function toe be blocked when a hose is connected to the vehicle My Skills are sadly not evolved enough, so now I am asking for assistance to make the plan reality. I would be very grateful if a person from this community could assist me with my issue. Best regards Aleks ManhattanTowerLadder.script
  7. Good Morning, Day or Evening dear community. As promised, we wanted to show a few pictures of what is currently going on. I will be showing completed as well as work in progress content in the two spoilers below. I would like to thank everyone here that is helping us with the modification and made our team size grow up to 7 persons at current time Spoiler WIP: Finished Spoiler We are currently looking for a person who can assist was with editing and creating simple scripts. If you can assist us please content me over the Forums or Discord: Aleks#1120
  8. The Liveries of the vehicle are themed after South Metro Fire Rescue, that is correct. The Screenshots in the starting post are actually outdated, since we have decided to rebuild most of the models and uv-maps. I will post a some work and progress and as well completed photos in the coming hour.
  9. This is for emergency 4 and something totally different from the Emergency 5 mod.
  10. Good Morning, Day or Evening dear community. The process is still ongoing. Map is in production and 50% of the scripts are mostly done. The 3D segment is as well very rapidly creating new objects. We are currently looking for help in texture work (Vehicles Liveries etc.) If you interested in helping us please send me a message over the forum or over Discord: Aleks#1120 I will attempt to post a visual update this or the coming week
  11. Good Morning, Day or Evening. I wanted to give everyone reading this topic an update on what is currently going on. Most of the models are being build new from scratch or being updated to 2022 standards. The Map work has been begun and as well as integration of the Scripts and adjustment. At the current time, I don't have any pictures to show since they are not 100% completed and skinned yet. But we are on a good path of making it a reality! We are still looking for assistance in the 3D segment.
  12. Good morning, good day or good evening dear community. The title of the article roughly reveals what it is about. After a long time of consideration, thinking, talking and planning I have decided to create this "Sub" Modification Rooseville Metro with is using an edited base of Bieberfelde 1.2 some of you, might already know the modification some may not. Rooseville Metro is a middle-sized American City with is connecting to a forest area. The modification is not going to be a "vehicle replacement" mod, it will go a bit deeper into the details. In the Spoiler below, you will be able to find the concept of the modification and be able to read and through it. If you don't know the modification Bieberfelde 1.2 is, I would recommend you doing a quick YouTube search. As well, I already have two finished models for you can see below the Concept Spoiler I am still looking for assistance and help in making it reality Looking for people who can assist making lights for the trucks, people who can assist in map designing and people who can assist in scripting and searching. Open Spoiler to read the modification Concept Currently, completed models:
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