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  1. Found a couple so far. The bomb squad technician can't do disarm bombs and can't get the bomb squad robot out of the vehicle. Another one is that when you take someone out of the foam tender. The person comes out but doesn't disappear from the vehicle like they do on Engine 2. Also you can't call for a bomb squad from the LAPD station as they never come out.
  2. Looks Amazing. Can't wait to play with them. As always. You knock it out of the park.-
  3. Looks like Port Police are getting there own station. Nice. Also Looking perfect like always. Itch won't dare to release something unless it is perfect.
  4. If you want any help with lighting or modifying scripts. Let me know.
  5. Nice work Itch. Nice to see that we are getting 2 tow trucks. I will enjoy working on this.
  6. Good to see that you are back on the Montana mod team. No one is as good as you are when it comes to scripting or pretty much anything else. You are the best mod developer out there. Also those vehicles are looking amazing.
  7. Now only if you would decide to release the mod when you are done as you are doing amazing work. Are you going to redo the USFS or are you going to keep them as they are? Noticed that in the update. Not asking for a release date but your work is amazing . Just wish I could play it when it is finished.
  8. Reskining a model that hasn't been reskined in any other mod I can think off. Makes me think, will we be able to play the EM4 missions with Miami mod? I don't think the transaid plane makes an appearance unless it is in the missions and it takes up too much space on the map unless you plan on putting in part of an airport. Ideas, ideas, ideas.
  9. I wonder if those stands on the swat truck are just for looks are will we have the ability to have swat members hanging off of the truck. Either way is amazing.
  10. PAMedic. It was just throwing some shade at the Miami Mod and how long it takes them to show off one vehicle. I understand as I have my edits of mods that I am working on so I can understand. When it comes to adding new vehicles. You have to make sure they show up correctly. All the commands work. You did not screw anything up. and anything else I can't think of off the top of my head. I have been working on an edit of Riverside for 8 months and I am still coming up with ideas to add to it that I will probably rip my hair out while doing it. In case you can't tell, coding can get me annoyed bu
  11. Take your time. Creating new models and lighting them and scripting them so they work like they should takes time. As long as you show us something a little more often than the Miami mod, you are good.
  12. Will the arrow boards actually work. Would be sick if you could have it where you could have one pattern for left, and one for right.
  13. In TheNorthernAlex's latest video, he said "This is by the way River Falls 1.1.1. Released, interestingly enough, on 11/11/2019". That means this mod was released or Alex has bad information.
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