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  1. There are plenty of mods being worked on. EM4Resource Harlem is working on another version of Fairbanks, Alaska mod. Along with US-Mexico border mod, and Niagara Falls mod. There is a Glass Lakes mod being worked on. And a couple other mods that I can't think of.
  2. I wonder if you can add the missions from the EM3 LA Mod to the mod when you add the addition to LA Mod?
  3. Sorry that I haven't shown anything off on here. Work is still being made on the mod. The ToOCME script is fixed and I have since also redid the lighting on Brush 82 and 7S1 and added a new engineers van. To be caught up on what I have been doing. I am using the EM4Resource Public Discord with permission from EM4Resource Harlem to post my updates there. https://discord.gg/UwMV4EvZJy
  4. I will be showing off the ToOCME script within the next 48 hours.
  5. Thanks. I am working on creating a ToOCME script so that the coroners van actually drops off the patient at the medical examiners office instead of off map or the hospital. Once I can get that working. I plan on showcasing it.
  6. 2021-07-29 02-16-35.mp4 Here are the lights for the Coroner Investigator vehicle. I will upload a video within the next week of the coroner investigator in action. Vehicle model by Itchboy. Lightbar and other lighting equipment by Vojtula, and Itchboy. Lighting by me. Skin still needs to be done. 2021-07-29 02-16-35.mp4
  7. Here is the one that is missing: 2021-04-15 03-29-56.mp4
  8. 2021-04-21 03-45-09.mp4 Sorry for no updates here in a while. I have been working on the mod. So far I have relit: Medics 511 and 512 Battalion 1 Rescue Engines 82 and 84 Bomb Squad. Model by Itchboy. Lighting by me. 2021-04-21 03-45-09.mp4 All patrol cars Detective Unit. Model by Itchboy. Lighting by me. 2021-04-15 03-29-56.mp4 Squad 83 Swat UMPC 1 and 2 2021-04-21 03-45-09.mp4
  9. City of Angels is Itchboys test bed for new scripts. So it may be a mod we all want. We have to understand that it is probably unstable.
  10. Hey Everyone. I am wondering if there is a reason underground fires start and if there is a way to get rid of them. I was doing a test of where I am at with South County and I noticed that 2 of the fires I got were underground. Underground as in they don't show anything above. You just hear the fire but don't see anything. Does anyone know why they happen and if there is a way to prevent them?
  11. Just been doing random missions in the mod and I noticed that in the Bomb Alert mission. The bomb squad officer can't pick up the briefcase.
  12. I have also been appointed to help out with South County by Losangelesi and Chris07. I will be showing what I have done soon but I am currently live working on more lighting:
  13. How about instead on maybe giving up on it. You either pass it on to someone else or get some help for the mod so you don't have to do everything.
  14. Can I suggest adding in MDPD SRT Tactical Paramedics that they are training for. It would help out with the Medcat a little more useful. Usually Medcats are used to get injured people out of "hot" areas.
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