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  1. It is in the fictional state of Fullerton I believe. Look at what the original developers said in the original Northview South County forum post.
  2. Not asking for a release date. But asking for a video showcasing the lighting on the new units.
  3. One of the more unique vehicles the NYPD had. Would love to see them in the mod. Just don't know what I would use them for besides, maybe, parking enforcement.
  4. Here is the link to all the coronas I have: https://mega.nz/folder/LoxlBCxQ#c58LCfuijBbAlZ5ztUh-YQ
  5. Can't wait to see the surge of retro mods that will come out thanks to these vehicles.
  6. This the first Miami Beach FD unit. Don't exactly remember seeing any red and white and blue fire units besides engine 343.
  7. @TTBL225 Why don't you give it to someone to finish the mod? I do know that motivation is the killer of mods because of how much work goes into a single mod.
  8. I know that the EM4Resource mod team is working on releasing a bunch of vehicles when they release their NY Mass Border mod. Which will, at the earliest, be March since that is when they will have their site back up. But we are still kinda low on things like new scripts since a lot of people here on emergency planet don't speak german so they can't really use a lot of the scripts on the german emergency forum without translating the whole thing. Plus some other developer resources like various lighting equipment would be very helpful. And it would be helpful if we had access to more american buildings for mod so they don't have a european feel. Developer resources are one of the things that are definitely hurting the modding community.
  9. Here is my thought process on paid mods. There are mod developers/creators that will create something that is trademarked/copywritten and then sell it. That part is illegal. Yet no one cares. There is a reason game companies need to have a license to use trademarked items. It is because if they don't. They can get sued for copyright infringement (I believe). If they are selling something that isn't trademarked. Then go ahead. I don't care. But selling stuff that they don't have licenses to sell is what gets me. Now can we please drop the paid mods topic. As for what I said in the first post. I see where you all are coming from. But for the mod creators. This community is small enough as it is. And there are mods the get released in an incomplete form because the developers don't have the time anymore to work on the mod(s). Are there mods that we all wished would have gotten completed? Yeah. Look at all the attempts to create a Chicago mod. Still don't know why each one ends up dead. Maybe we can call it the Chicago Curse or something. Speaking of dead mods. We can use stuff from mods like Fairfax V3 in other mods as long as we give credit to the mod developers. Right? Asking because I used one of the stations from Fairfax V3 and did give credit for it in Northview South County Revived 1.25. Back on topic. The amount of mod creators that will stay in the EM4 community long enough to learn as much as someone like Itchboy is extremely small. Maybe like AShadowBox said. Maybe we can release various dev resources to be used in other mods. As long as the person who created that dev resource gets credit. That would also help the community. I know communities can be toxic. Just look at the ATS/ETS2 modding communities. Where people upload mods that they did not create to sites where they make money off each download. And those same people are incredibly hated in that community. This community can be worse. There is a reason there were a ton of Mayberry and LA based mods. And it comes down to that those mod creators did not mind using their mods as a base for people to learn how to create mods. As long as they were credited for the base mod. In my opinion. Releasing mods and having others criticizing what you did is a good tool to help you figure out where you made mistakes and where you can learn. My first mod that I ended up heavily editing it and still do edit is the Riverside mod. I have learned a ton about modding by using that mod but at the same time. I wish I had people's opinions on the mod to help me figure out what I can do better and where I made mistakes. AND BEFORE ANY SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT THE GERMAN MODDING COMMUNITY. I KNOW THERE ARE A LOT MORE PEOPLE OVER THERE LIKE ITCHBOY. BUT I WOULD RATHER HAVE SOMEONE THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND WITHOUT HAVING TO CONSTANTLY USE A TRANSLATOR.
  10. Mod creators should be glad that their work is being used in other mods. Very few people in the EM4 Modding Community are anywhere close to the levels of Itchboy's skill. And creating mods takes a really long time anyway. So using stuff from another mod will help get the mod out sooner and make the mod better overall. Look at GTA 5. There are a ton of assets released that vehicle developers can use instead of having to create new ones. Sometimes. You got to put your ego behind and think what is best for the community. Just don't get me started on the whole paid mods shit for GTA 5/FiveM.
  11. I have kept this to myself for the past couple of years. But I believe it is time to share my thoughts on the whole EM4 Modding Community. The community is in a bad place due to both people who create mods for the game and the people that play those mods. And the reason for that is for 2 reasons. Mod creators either keeping their mods private for no real reason besides they can. And for mod creators who release mods but then forbid people from using stuff from that mod (looking at you Itchboy). And they both affect the community the same way. They keep people from creating and releasing mods that they are proud of. Not everyone that can work on a mod have the skills that other people do. Plus mod creators need to start somewhere and usually that is with a reskin of a current mod. Forbidding people from using your stuff in a mod and releasing it. And throwing a hissy fit when someone does is hurting the community. Because again. It limits how good a mod is because they aren't as good as others. The only reason a mod should be kept private is if it is either a work-in-progress (WIP) or it is unstable. But other than that. Mods should be made public when they are finished or close to finish and need bug testing that more than a couple people can do. The modding community can't really grow as much as it can if we keep making mods private or forbidding people from using things from one mod and putting it in another. Have I wanted mods like River Falls? Yes. Will we get them? No. Why? Because the mod creators are selfish and want to keep the mods private. I wonder how many mods have died because the mod developers couldn't use stuff from another mod? All that should be required for a mod to be released is everything that you did not create gets credit to the people who did create it. That is enough on the mod creators being selfish and restricting the modding community. Do I understand that the player base for Emergency 4 can be annoying? Yes. And I can somewhat understand why. People begging for mods can be easily solved by releasing your mod to the public once it is done. But what happens if it is still a WIP? Then you just say that the mod is still a work-in-progress and will be released when it is done. As for people asking for release dates. What we have done on here is enough to keep it to a minimum. Will there still be people asking for release dates? Yes. Why? 9/10 times. It will be because they did not read the TOS for the site. Are there other annoyances with the community? Yes. Can I think of it off the top of my head. Not right now. Can the community be helped and Emergency 4 can have an amazing modding community? Hell Yeah. But it has to come down to people like Itchboy who needs to let people use their stuff in other mods or using their mod as a base. And people to stop needlessly keeping mods private. Those 2 things hurt the community the most. And restrict the creativity of mods as I know people want to make mods as realistic as possible.
  12. Amazing mod Itchboy. Only 2 recommendations. Add a randomness to the towtrucks so we are not always getting the newer towtruck. I noticed the older tow truck in the editor. But the only tow truck that seems to spawn in the newer one. Only other issue is that only 4 POVs spawn when there are 9 in the editor. But the other 5 don't have lights so I am thinking they are not done yet.
  13. The only thing I request is an update here and there to know that you two are still alive. Whether that is a update on the status of the mod or just what is going on with your lives.
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