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  1. Hey, to be honest we see this for the first time. Are you shure youy are following up all the updates? Reinstall could possibly help.
  2. Yes, this is a bug, and it is listed in readmefile. TLDR we don't know how to fix that, so just give that mission a pass.
  3. Use programs like Recuva, untill you overwrite something on top, it is still on the hard drive, even if you shit+delete it.
  4. Are you serious? You have one of the best looking skins, i was hoping to see more! Don't listen to some minors opinions.
  5. There is no solution, mod is working fine, you are the only single individual who got this and failing to report it with detailed information? It is all lacking any details, videos, images. In the end - there is a standart form on how to report problems. Too long, don't read: I am not really interested to hand guide each individual because of problems they are having. It is a huge waste of time. You want something fixed? Shift+ delete+ enter the game. After it is completly erased - install it againe, and redownload and reinstall the mod and the patch. If you are not willing to do so,
  6. Altering the mod is not wellcome, all the consequences on something braking is on you, so don't ask for help. Also we will not provide support or help on how to copy the parking script.
  7. You are posting caps like crazy, while im thankfull that you are using english, i don't personally get it. There is no driver implemented, if there are no person in the car it would not move.
  8. Hey the site language is english, please post using it.
  9. But why are you using Comc Sans on it? Is the concept is fictional town?
  10. I am have trouble adding file to the game 911 first responder any video tip show me what i  need make the game show up to play


  11. It is allready happening, obviously i can't take down the videos, but it does not mean i would not notice that or take atction in future (like baning from using stuff for the guy in the future). Tho mc flame is nuber 1 on the list now. TLDR it is anoying as sh. Why are you keep asking about private stuff?
  12. It is possible, but we are not going to do any of that and kick people trying to.
  13. Yes, use check victim on dead people. I will be editing those 2 bomb calls, they are pretty sadistic towards players.
  14. Hey dude, could you PM me please ? 

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