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  1. Yea, thanks for the report, but i saw that at my own side. One time it works, another time it bugs out, and my attemps to find out whats wrong, failed. Burning chopper is a "civil car" so the game think it can get burning callout. Wont alter this.
  2. I have finally find out about your youtube video on this. But as the people mentioned, you can just use ARFF or water canon to sort this out.
  3. My mistake, thx for pointing it out. Ill fix that.
  4. Next change in the mod - new mini police station (aka SkyWatch) for the beach and specialized vehicle for it. The placement and final looks might differ in the end. Credits: EmC-Unit, Itchyboy, Hoppah. We are not adding another firestation later on*
  5. Why are you using caps? And, maybe try to use recovery programs? If you did not ovewrite things on top, chances of recovery are high. Use program like Recuva.
  6. Updates on the mod: new moddel - Nicklaus Children's Hospital Sikorsky S-76c and a new Ambulance: https://www.nicklauschildrens.org/NCH/media/img/news/CAMTS_lifeflight-survey.jpg?ext=.jpg Credits: EmC-Unit, Itchbooty
  7. Hey @Tamir i am not really looking forward for units suggestions. I have seen all of the units photos ages ago and made a decision to include them or not.
  8. It is a bug, maybe will be fixed in next patch.
  9. Hey, to be honest we see this for the first time. Are you shure youy are following up all the updates? Reinstall could possibly help.
  10. Yes, this is a bug, and it is listed in readmefile. TLDR we don't know how to fix that, so just give that mission a pass.
  11. Use programs like Recuva, untill you overwrite something on top, it is still on the hard drive, even if you shit+delete it.
  12. Are you serious? You have one of the best looking skins, i was hoping to see more! Don't listen to some minors opinions.
  13. There is no solution, mod is working fine, you are the only single individual who got this and failing to report it with detailed information? It is all lacking any details, videos, images. In the end - there is a standart form on how to report problems. Too long, don't read: I am not really interested to hand guide each individual because of problems they are having. It is a huge waste of time. You want something fixed? Shift+ delete+ enter the game. After it is completly erased - install it againe, and redownload and reinstall the mod and the patch. If you are not willing to do so, it is the end of discussion.
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