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  1. Yea, i have a list of what i want to do, and i will not publicly share it. (and i saw those videos*) New moddel is complete! Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's new Sutphen custom pumper - Engine 61 . This is the most easy moddel i have ever done, because of full CAD drawings of it and tasty HD photos done by #SutphenFlorida aka #SFEV. Hope you like it Credits: EmC-Unit, Itchybooty I am not sorry for posting that many pics*
  2. Hey man, wellcome to the forums. There is no modification. Just some dude posted a bunch of photos.
  3. Im reposting my update from the mod facebook page: This is a Slicktop 2018 Dodge Charger with Westin pushbar, it is kinda hard to see the pushbar tho: Credits: EmC-Unit, Itchbooty
  4. Hey @PAMedic have you decided to completly dispose the mod?
  5. Maybe with new version out Right now, you could make a video for Project Nostalgia.
  6. https://i.imgur.com/ebHZojr.png I have no idea whats wrong. Best i can do for you, is post this video, on how to install the mod:
  7. There are no fix, from what we know this is caused by laptop intergated GPU
  8. Hello ,EmC-Unit, I need your lights pack mod,could I can get a download link?

  9. I have not seen you post any credits before, so how are you going to pull it off? If you will follow the TOS of the mod, fine. I have no wish to be a support for 18 dollars game on steam. I think your game files is screwed up.
  10. Mod is private, and will not be releaed, please don't bother itchboy with it, you will not get it.
  11. The mod was lastly updated 6 years ago. If you check the topic description says that it is on hold.
  12. Good job! But imho whlen led lightbar looks to small on firetruck.
  13. Hey! I wanted to see if I could use some of your models from your Miami Mod to use in a mod I am working on? I will give you full credit for any of the model that are used. Thank you for your consideration. Look forward to hearing from you.  

    1. EmC-Unit


      Hello, ussage is allowed incase you give credits (as you can read in readmefile). As long as it is not another Miami mod.

    2. Irv962


      Thank you so much! I will not be creating anther Miami Mod. You guys did such a great job with that!!!


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