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  1. Not gonna do it. I saw that, we will try to fix that and more stuff that i saw on vides. @alexCNP ok, thx for report.
  2. If you all dont know yet, all fancy stuff like batt chief dispatch wont work in campaign.
  3. They was not supposed to go intoo water, the only way is making them as divers so they can walk like penguins, looks like crap. And i bet people would wine about that. There are clear instructions on how to put it in, im starting to think that next patches will be a full redownload of the mod, so i need to reply to less people. Fix on the garage size with quick fix posted at my previuos replay.
  4. GFD Here's fix on top over the patch: https://mega.nz/file/ixozTSwC#RsEuM1a8hnBHrCl7VTqbYvh7m1eRQ-UAE-vfXy1cHaY i am not willing to update it everywhere, will include it in next patch. Good night.
  5. Patch time! Patch note v2.0.1: - Possible fix for traffic lights causing jams. (Use traffic debug if you still got problems); - Corrected spawn points for bat chief called untis; - 4x Swat callout should no longer make 2 trucks stuck in each other; - Dispatch calling out unit now have beep sound; - Slowed down callouts rate; - Permanently removed snow blizzard and units saboteur calls; - Possible fix for the fire stations parking spots. (If you got stuck you can use parking script to unstuck it); - Fixed stepping on a ladder inside firestation; - Fixed per
  6. Yea, i saw how that goes... @n00bingtarget thx
  7. Lets cut the multiplayer discussion here, private edits or addons are not allowed. Don't go there.
  8. Guys thanks for positive replays! Mod is complex, and we wanted to see comunity wide gameplay on it, to iron out the bugs. It is pain in ass to edit 2 versions of the map (freeplay and deluxefreeplay) you basicly had to do it twice, now think if we had 3rd map... TLDR - multiplayer would be aded in the future. Check this installment video that Phantom made:
  9. Hey guys! Miami Modification v2 is finally out! A Miami modification for Emergency 4 game featuring: - About 100 new playable units. - We have replaced all units types with new moddel (and even more). - New custom freeplay map. - New map (in freeplay and deluxefreeplay version) with a beach, large police dept, 2 firestations, hospital and Lifeguard tower. There's no multiplayer version of it at the moment* - Complete optimization. - Unlike other mods, anything that is not used - gets deleted, unnesasry prts of the moddels with high count of polygons - re
  10. Version 2


    Before you get mad, because of the filebase bug - we cannot upload 371mb file directly here, but we would like to get some statistics how much of you downloaded it, so at this txt file you can find 2 working links to the mod on mega.nz site. Would be nice if you share the link directly here rather than to Mega. Patch v2.0.1: Download patch 2.0.1 Installment is simple, drag and drop green disc folder with one that came with patch and press replace all. A Miami modification for Emergency 4 game featuring: - About 100 new playable units. - We have replac
  11. Samsung galaxy j500h The worst part that you cant replay at all, like script taht should poop up (or slide) a replay panel - do not respond.
  12. Nothing changed on my end. Looks like poor CSS, read topics still colored as uncliked, and only 2 buttons out of all are working (go home and unread). Everything else is bricked.
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