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  1. New Miami Beach Fire Rescue Battlaion Chief: Credits: Itchyboy, EmC-Unit. P.S. I have decided to cut retro MDPD dodge.
  2. It is on the list, we will deal with it someday.
  3. No, the quint script is not implemented
  4. The game accept only 16 bit pcm wav format, anything else won't play.
  5. New Beach FD Engine 31: Credits: EmC-Unit
  6. It is not possible, because of limitations on the game and scripts.
  7. It is a bug and i'm not shure we will fix it soon. We will take a look for the next version release.
  8. No. Your case might be the exeption one. Have not seen problem like this around. Play around in the editor in spawn points.
  9. Ok so, i have reuploaded the 2.2 version file with updated readmefile (adding more credits). As of now, you can only download it on Em-Forum. Anyway i have a new Engine 19 (fictional Rosenbauer RTX): Credits: EmC-Unit
  10. I will be updating the readme file in the same 2021 year version of the mod and reupload it for the site. Next update soon.
  11. Thank you. Unfortiently i can't really say the exact dates, as there are a lot of things that left to be worked on.
  12. New Beach FD Pierce Velocity PUC Pumper: Credits: EmC-Unit
  13. Thanks. It will be armored ambulance with MDFR crew.
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