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  1. Thank you. Unfortiently i can't really say the exact dates, as there are a lot of things that left to be worked on.
  2. New Beach FD Pierce Velocity PUC Pumper: Credits: EmC-Unit
  3. Thanks. It will be armored ambulance with MDFR crew.
  4. New MDFR Armored Rescue 1: Credits: EmC-Unit, itchyboy
  5. New Miami Beach FD Pierce Arrow XT Ladder: Credits: EmC-Unit
  6. If you are making Miami themed reskins, it would only add to the confusion. But if other way around, you are free to do so, if you play by the book. @annabellica I have seen all sorts of feedback, not even 2 but 3 sided, including people who live there and even active FHP trooper, and the main complain was a lack of 2nd fire station, witch i was thinking to add and not disclose it before. We don't need to be saved, the mod is till been worked on, and i will adress the issues in the next verson. You are a capable person, i am nowhere near capable in the area of experties that you have, but if you want to make Miami Great Againe, there are a plently of other assets that you can use to do so, that are not mine. Don't flag me ass a some villan, mod and assets is allowed to be used by the TOS if you are willing to create some new mod, that is not Miami. (The map ussage is not banned tho).
  7. You need to ask @FInn Rescue 12 for it. I belive he made them
  8. There are probably easy explanation to it, maybe locals know. From my point of view they have huge budget, as MDFR have replaced like every rig, helicopter and even huge ass command truk. I have a new truck: Rosenbauer Panter ARFF 1 Credits: EmC-Unit
  9. Hey, you do some great work with EM4 and modification! I same you stopped the USSR mod, I also saw you posted a link to the multiplayer map. Unfortunately the map for multiplayer and single player are not available. Can you resend them? Once again, great work with EM4.


    Thank you.

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    2. EmC-Unit
    3. EmC-Unit


      ill kill the link once you donwloaded

    4. AngryHippo


      Downloaded. Thank you sir.

  10. This looks like whole new game development, rather than modding, and large pain in the ass. Gud tutorial
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