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  1. So, i was making those new red untis with a purpose, we have a new firestation number 3: Anyway, i could not chose images to cut, call me greedy or a show off but there will be 8 of them, and the page will load like shit: Credits: EmC-Unit.
  2. Just like with any other mod that is out there, you wait for the next version release, and download it. And before you ask, there is no release date.
  3. Check the mod, it is allready functioning. New MDPD Unmarked Dodge Durango Pursuit 2022: Credits: EmC-Unit.
  4. New CSI Miami Lab building: Credits: EmC-Unit.
  5. New FHP Dodge Durango Pursuit: Credits: EmC-Unit, Vojtula. P.S. Don't forget to like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/MiamiModificationEm4/
  6. https://youtu.be/HjIA5xib0wM?si=i8sYaPbMjLmCxNUS
  7. New MDFR Pierce Ascendant 100 Platform 34: Credits: EmC-Unit.
  8. Well, your log file don't have anythting that would point out to the problem. But i do remember about year ago, AMD drivers patch with fixes for Emergency 4, witch made me gigle, that the game is still relavent.
  9. Might be something on your side, who knows if you edited anything. Just reinstall.
  10. New MDFR Pierce Enforcer Engine 2: Credits: EmC-Unit.
  11. And, another one: Miami Beach Rescue 33: Credits: Itchyboy, EmC-Unit.
  12. Two new missionspec ambulances: Credits: EmC-Unit.
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