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  1. New rescue 19: Credits: EmC-Unit, Itchyboy
  2. Sorry, i think this is the last Sutphen comign around, my list of things to do is diverse. Thx, i am not a fan of tomar lights. I prefere these more tho.
  3. Another one version of Sutphen Monarch - Tech Rescue 43 is completed: Credits: EmC-Unit, Itchybooty
  4. Best i can help you, is this tutorial done by Phantom:
  5. Hey there, i've tried to reskin Medcat from your mod, but have UV map problem, can you fix it somehow? (Rescue word look carefully)


  6. Yea, i have a list of what i want to do, and i will not publicly share it. (and i saw those videos*) New moddel is complete! Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's new Sutphen custom pumper - Engine 61 . This is the most easy moddel i have ever done, because of full CAD drawings of it and tasty HD photos done by #SutphenFlorida aka #SFEV. Hope you like it Credits: EmC-Unit, Itchybooty I am not sorry for posting that many pics*
  7. Hey man, wellcome to the forums. There is no modification. Just some dude posted a bunch of photos.
  8. Im reposting my update from the mod facebook page: This is a Slicktop 2018 Dodge Charger with Westin pushbar, it is kinda hard to see the pushbar tho: Credits: EmC-Unit, Itchbooty
  9. Hey @PAMedic have you decided to completly dispose the mod?
  10. Maybe with new version out Right now, you could make a video for Project Nostalgia.
  11. https://i.imgur.com/ebHZojr.png I have no idea whats wrong. Best i can do for you, is post this video, on how to install the mod:
  12. There are no fix, from what we know this is caused by laptop intergated GPU
  13. Hello ,EmC-Unit, I need your lights pack mod,couldĀ I can get a download link?

  14. I have not seen you post any credits before, so how are you going to pull it off? If you will follow the TOS of the mod, fine. I have no wish to be a support for 18 dollars game on steam. I think your game files is screwed up.
  15. Mod is private, and will not be releaed, please don't bother itchboy with it, you will not get it.
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