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  1. But you are not the center of the universe and our modding community.
  2. I have cheked, it is working. ______________________________________________________________________ New moddel iv'e made for misionspec purposes, thought to show it (bait u):
  3. I will not spoil them either.
  4. Because of full seperate dispatch system (group 1). Mod is full of easter eggs.
  5. We dont know your budget.On 4K? Without sarcasm, you would need to get a hole new system. Imho your rig is kinda weak for windows 10. Best and cheapest upgrade you can do (if you dont have it yet). Is to purchase a sata SSD. Going back for windows XP to play on 4k is "bad idea". The game is old (2006) and it is no longer supported by creators. They put something on top of it to sell it on steam, but thats it.
  6. You can send me them in PM here, i will take a look, but no guarantee for including them.
  7. Now that you mention it is messed up for real. But tbh i have a small list of units for the next update (mostly what i find to be attractive looking), and i was not going to expand it that much (i mean include agencies you posted). Next update is going to be more of qulity of life improvments. So it is kinda late to drink borjomi.
  8. Hello, thanks for feedback! I can agree only on a part, that we are missing Miami Beach Fire Dept firetrucks, everything else i dissagree. We are not making a Miami simulator, but even by our understanding those agencies are far away from location of our map. We will be updating our fleet in the future but not expading it like that (making clones of units with same functionality serve no purpose - people barelly use 40% of the units). PS we are not allowing submods or private mods for a good reason, and we are not planing on changing that in our TOS in future.
  9. No, will be released in next version.
  10. Thanks, we know about this one, i think it is listed in bug list. Yes. Why would i post new moddels than?
  11. You can, but we are not providing any tutorial on how to do that.
  12. Just cheked, download is working, look here:
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