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  1. I see im not the only one on the forums on christmas ha ha ha

  2. New hub is up if you haven't seen it yet, a lot of cool new and old stuff has been added.
  3. To be honest, I didn't know it was supposed to come off , I would've reported it from day 1 if I knew
  4. If I remember right they also went to a Command Post after Hazmat. I think 27s was one for the Hazmat, I can’t remember the other
  5. Only issue with that is, Cal Fire doesn’t usually go to LA County unless shit hits the fan and they are needed. Or that’s what I heard. So it’s mainly USFS and local agencies
  6. Use the station spawners. That's how the other person will gain access of the Control Panel for their Selected Station
  7. Version 1.2 is available on the German Forums. V2.0/V2.0.1 isn't really anywhere to my knowledge.
  8. Oooh... I love the RTX, For some reason it fits Miami
  9. In 70' they transitioned to LAFD, LAFD was running RAs before hand aswell.
  10. Looks like a 1996 KME Excel. I've seen a few others as USAF units aswell.
  11. You need to have a crew inside to vent the roof
  12. Hey @AwesomeFireman2500 Foam 10 has been done but implementing it into the mod is the only thing that needs to be done, if Itchboy lets me, I'll upload it as an addon file for those who want it.
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