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  1. Either use the mod installer to create a package or make it an archive.
  2. Keep doing the good work. Nice to see you guys active again.
  3. I don't think we really need it as they didn't from my knowledge have anything in the 80s newer.
  4. Working on new map Textures for Oceanside.
  5. Project is still going on. I am hoping to showcase large updates soon.
  6. So the only thing I can find about the stationwagons I sent you on discord. I found Johns photo, The one you sent, then the video of a Plymouth Satellite. Then found photos of the belvedere. So I can't find the caprice wagon anywhere else.
  7. Northview Oceanside is a project I am still working on amongst other projects.
  8. I've shot you a message on discord.
  9. I’m going to say what I’ve been saying for months. Emergency Brazil is finishing up São Paulo then they will be working on this. Well that’s the plan I heard anyway.
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