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  1. Problem solved Squad 65 I really appreciate your help I hope that you will solve the problem in the future. As i sad mod i slow WIP
  2. Hi community . I need help I am reworking map and I have slightly moved the fire houses on the map. But I have something screwed up the fire station command panel is not working and the vehicles are not spawning on the start of the game. Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance . Also I need help with Stryker script and some other scripts. So basically I need help from scripter. Thanks
  3. Thanks https://imgbb.com New shopping center on old river place https://ibb.co/SKTwtfH Farmers Market
  4. https://ibb.co/WHWh4fC New Map Texture https://ibb.co/rcL8kPg New Hospital https://ibb.co/dmGNDhb Bus Station https://ibb.co/CnDz6w0 WATERFRONT APARTMENTS https://ibb.co/9wKrB5R FIRE Station 2 In the future there wont be the river in the centre of the map it will be remodelled into avenues and shopping and office block maybe even high rise.
  5. Small update in next week. Sorry for not updating lots of work latley
  6. Oh yes , soory guys my bad . I don't know if anybody reported but the alarm sound in the main fire station is non stop going off. Small bug but really annoying
  7. Shame for the tga file, But the link for the new version is down
  8. At first congrats on awesome mod. Lots of great units and amazing lightning. The gameplay is very dynamic and interesting not boring like in some mods. I know we had some bad time between us because of other people for Chicago mod but I want to leave it in the past. I will offer you to finish the map texturing for the Miami mod for thanks for you letting me to use yours ARFF truck models in my mods. And you can submit this as separate patch in the future. If you are Intersted pm,
  9. O what a nice challenge diving into the research right now. Question for the ITCHBOY will you make a Chevy caprice wagon?
  10. Nice work Raffael . google drive is not working you must share the files
  11. Brush 118-2009 Polaris Ranger Tower 1- 2006 E-One Bronto Skylift 134' This two should be interesting. Good Luck http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  12. Hello Guys Marry Christmas and Happy Second Anniversary of the mod. I need some help with the mod. I need somebody who knows to make a template and make UV mapping on the models. If somebody is interested PM . Thanks
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Model optimized skinned and fixed for Emergency 4 by me original model by Charilco89. Free to use with Credits
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