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  1. Wow, sorry for very late reply, but I agree. In rural areas and villages the governments most of the time don't even care or don't have the resoureces, so the UN and Red Cross have to help them. I saw United Nations patch for U.S. Army mod, but I guess it got denied. Anyway, I suppose I'll stick to the Europe and USA, haha.
  2. Just noticed while taking care of hostage situation call I noticed the shop is actually selling androids from Detroit: Become Human game! Whoever made this, I freaking love you. My two favorite games have an crossover (even though unofficial, hehe)!!! You are the best guys XD! The easter egg can be found in the Miami Mod v2.2: .
  3. Oh, make sense. Guess Arabic flags in Emergency HQ have to satisfy me enough XD.
  4. I was checking mods from different countries and realized there are none from Arabia. The closest one is US army mod placed in Middle East. What is the reason? I'd like to do one myself. A Qatar, specifically. But I don't have much resources with which I could work. I'm not even sure if I can trust those sources. Is anyone here from Qatar, or other Middle East countries?
  5. There is no file that I can run to install the mod and I do not have the v1.0 version. Have you considered not everyone here has the 1.0 release? Why didn't you just include it with the revamped version?
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