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  1. How did you export this? Directly into .v3o? The way I do my model edits is using various techniques. I will probably do a video of it but I'll need to see how you did it.
  2. The deluxe editor bug has no real solution for now. We do know the cause: The Em4 deluxe .exe had a change done to it for Steam that broke the command line functions. The command lines now seem to "auto-load" the game into a certain mission. According to a friend, you could try putting the -editor command line through steam, but I don't know if it works.
  3. I traced the IP on this account to the spambots that were mass flooding this site. This is a bot generated post. If you find posts that don't make sense, please report them so I can verify if they're human.
  4. I'm not done with the mod yet. There is no link to post. I got bored and took some time to make some HQ Blender Renders. These are not a game photo but a software render. I'll be continuing more units later today, hopefully.
  5. I am still taking POV's yes. However when the mod releases, there will be a choice to have which set of 10 POV's. The 10 from the mod team or 10 user submitted ones. With that in mind, I am looking into making some kind of script for having more volunteers coming to the scene separately besides the four or six that are used. Not quite sure how I will do that though.
  6. I don't think I've encountered the light glitch on the older seagrave engine. I will have to look into it though just in case something was missed. The wig-wags aren't even on a day/night cycle slot so I can't explain what went wrong with it. Only that maybe I screwed up the flood light script on it. The trunk numbers are fictional, because I didn't really choose one. If it does correspond with a real station, then that's good. I won't change up the numbers, or factor into the vehicle changer. All I want for that command is to give you a different variation of that vehicle, say an al
  7. What GPU or system are you running exactly? People have claimed that setting mb_fastcopy to 0 in the em4 config helps AMD GPU users greatly.
  8. I can make it exactly a 2011, I can go as far as adding trim, body damage, or specific rim packages you may have. I also appreciate if you sent (by PM) a list of brands for each ELS light, and if possible a video or photo of it. It would be much safer in PM's to avoid dox and if you value your own privacy.
  9. I'm still down to add people, but if the car you're suggesting doesn't exist in our models, then it will be pushed back, or even not make it into the mod. Since you drive a vic, its super easy because its abundant in our models. If somebody were to suggest say, a 2019 Prius, I'd be SOL because I'd have to make it. I've well exceeded 10 POV's, so it has been decided: I will provide a choice of "set A" of POVs featuring the Montana team, or "set B" of user-submitted cars. Anyway, since Montana is a popular thread, I'll use this one to shill for my dev assets. This isn't for Montan
  10. Based on reports from the German forums, this tends to happen on AMD GPU's unfortunately. It also happens to some mobile GPU users, integrated GPU users and reportedly even some high end NVIDIA cards. Once this post is bumped, I hope it encourages other AMD users to chime in if this problem does happen to them or not.
  11. Somehow yes. I found another shot of a different LAFD Econoline ambo and it lacke the dot after the D. But on that note I'll take care of the other issues in the mod. Keep the reports coming guys.
  12. The Heavy Rescue truck does have that issue and I'll take care of it next time. Ambulance 848 is quite the mindfuck. I actually had the period after the D, but after review of reference photos, they didn't have it. The big V100 does have a mistake on the lettering which I will fix soon. The other traffic advisor equipped vehicles run on the same "override" script that turns off the lights of units when you turn directionals on. If you feel that the current setup doesn't look right, then I'll add some exceptions in the scripts.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Model originally traced from a model by EA Games, 2020 Ram conversion and shape edits by itchyboy. Credit must be given for use of this content. Not for commercial use! You are not allowed to make money from this model. Converting this model to other games besides the Emergency games is prohibited. .pdn template included. Reuploading this file to other sites besides emergency-planet.com and emergency-forum.de is prohibited. The Ram 3500 uses a second texture for the bed and certain parts on it. Be sure to include both textures to avoid any issues when importing.
  14. I don't know about savegame stability. It would be cool if you could try and confirm for us. I think I will add a changelog to the updates from now on, so that you can be guided. I figured a post would be enough but you are correct that I should do better with regards to documentation.
  15. I've uploaded the heli fix, but I haven't worked on the missions being fixed quite yet. Try out the heli fix at least so you guys can confirm if things are working. In the meantime I am making dev modern 2016-2021 assets for the modding community.
  16. I have now found the bug and will be fixing it and uploading shortly. In the meantime, I have a whole bunch of old style police assets that are not for this mod or even for LA. If anybody wants these assets to start their own 90s mods, they can PM me. Click on the "reveal hidden contents" to see the units. Another big update is that I've made another 2 classic cars. One is LAPD, the other is LASD.
  17. Here's a WIP of the rollback truck cab, the International S1800 This cab is/was used by a lot of agencies and I will be uploading many of the older commercial cabs as separate dev assets in the future for others needing them.
  18. Thats not a Peterbilt, there isn't a single one in that lineup.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Model by itchyboy and Yankee43. Yankee43 helped out quite a bit by editing this model out of my old Charger. Credit must be given for use of this content. Not for commercial use! You are not allowed to make money from this model. Converting this model to other games besides the Emergency games is prohibited. .pdn template included. Reuploading this file to other sites besides emergency-planet.com and emergency-forum.de is prohibited.
  20. Uploaded here for anybody who needs it Here are another three POV's that are preliminary. The ELS has not been set up on them which I will be sending to hqueen again. I will be doing more of the user suggestions as I am able to make the vehicles. Some of them don't exist in Em4 yet (Journey, dually F350, Subaru, CRV) so these will take time unfortunately.
  21. Hey man, please be careful about asking for release dates or when the mod "might" be done. It is against site rules. I'll leave this post up but for the future, don't post questions like "when is the mod gonna be done".
  22. I think a lot of you have been wanting this in Em4 for a while. Here she is, as a POV based on 2 suggestions I received. This will be coming out first as a dev asset, ASAP. I look forward to all the police departments in all the Em4 mods that will have this bad boy, finally. Special thanks to Yankee43 for providing his original edits to the model. All I did was finish what he left off.
  23. Did you install the submod patches and bugfixes? No this isn't intentional. I'll get to fixing this in a bit.
  24. This was my initial concept but it proved too difficult because of how the volunteer firefighter system was made. Instead I just left it to the player to decide how to dispatch the units. I have tweaked the volunteer script so you get between two to four personnel in the day time, and at most, six at night. The player has the responsibility to dispatch the appropriate number of units per call. Here's some updates to playable units. Colors have been done, and I am readying up the resources for liveries.
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