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  1. It involves copy pasting the map files to the desired mod, and then making a lot of alterations to campaign.xml, all of the text and mission related files in Lang, and all the xml files for every playable unit.
  2. When I first played the game without mods in 2008, campaign was all that I did. I only got into FP because of the LA mod, and then replayed the campaign again once patch 1.9 came out and campaign was fixed for the LA mod. It is a blast for sure, and believe it or not, the campaign is what convinced me to self-study programming. The Em4 campaign is the sole reason I know how to code.
  3. Thankfully, as more people buy the deluxe version, there will be more mods that have it. Miami mod is (I believe) the first US mod that has everything working.
  4. Asking for release dates is against site rules and terms of service. Please be careful next time.
  5. I'll try adding a few "return false" lines to make it work.
  6. I'd like to request that model credits be attached with the models that you present. We need to know who made what in order to prevent theft and other asset ownership issues. If its a group photo, then I will be fine with not having credits, but individual units such as that Toyota Crown, Iveco thing and the Kei truck must be credited. If you are doing model conversions, please be aware that google sketchup models are banned here due to an incident that happened a long time ago.
  7. Traffic lights always are one at a time. Even on my mod with 20-30 as the number, I get the same effect.
  8. I added in a prototype check for all patrol cars so that the bomb squad would never be called. I find this to be impossible unless I missed something in the conditions. WIth that in mind, it might be worth it adding in redundancies if the current conditions fail.
  9. Thanks man. Means a lot coming from one of the OG's. Hope Chris and losangelesi are alright where they are.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This mod makes demonstrators mute so they no longer have that annoying repeating dialogue. Attached are three .wav files that replace the original base game files for demonstrators' audio. You're free to put this in whatever mod or project without crediting me. It's just blank audio after all.
  11. I've tried a few methods to fix it. The bugfixes.rar was updated with yet another change that I hope fixes this once and for all so I can move on already.
  12. Massachussetts but your name is CanadianFrog? Or is that somebody else? Anyway I have posted more fixes, but the big fish to fry is parking script. Still working on that and some polishing of existing concepts. If the MP expansion goes well, then I'll go back to Miami and implement the fixes there. Afterward, when all of that is done, maybe then I can finish Montana mod.
  13. Many mods don't carry support for the deluxe version. That might be why things are broken on their maps.
  14. More fixes have been added. Btw who are you playing with?
  15. I was fixing some stuff and nearly went to bed without uploading it. Its back up, and I added some more fixes. Sadly I am not quite sure if any of the MP stuff works because I haven't been able to sit down with some people and test. I'm counting on you two and the rest of you to figure it out.
  16. Give it a redownload, I uploaded some files and tweaked a few things.
  17. I'll check it out ASAP. I realized late last night that I forgot the MP spawner prototypes; that's my bad. The chase command is something I lifted directly from another mod, so I will have to find out what I missed.
  18. LT Shadow has found the solution.
  19. I have found the cause for why paramedics randomly disappear when you call them. I am uploading a fix for that, and also an untested alpha version of MP functions. If anybody is available to try the mod in MP, let me know how many bugs you encounter. I know at least that the parking script is not compatible with MP. Some work will have to be done to fix that.
  20. You may be having a memory leak bug that causes your hardware to display artifacts (glitches) due to a lack of memory. What are your system specs; CPU, GPU, RAM? What you are describing sounds similar to a few isolated reports that we got for the old Montana Mod, where glitches appeared in people's playthroughs after 2-3 calls. I personally experienced this but only after a 30 minute session. New feature coming to the mod soon. Please wait patiently for EmC to get these fixes and features uploaded.
  21. I am currently working on multiplayer for this submod. I have set out the distribution of units for each of the four players. The players can spawn in these units using dummy spawners that I will be providing as well. After that update is uploaded, I will be asking for people's feedback.
  22. Here's a video from a the rejected modding feature that I tried. This is not a feature showcase, but a an epic fail video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s5DatDMEQgwg4KPkIj5M_bXYii9lrQqz/view This rotator light effect is not possible with the current known methods. It is broken because when you move the vehicle away, the rotating light effect will stay in place and not travel with the vehicle. I will implement this into all my mods someday, when a better method is found.
  23. Does your new laptop have a proper GPU or just an integrated one?
  24. I won't speak for EmC because I do not know his specs. I do know mine, and I worked on, tested and played the mod using 3 computers: 1: AMD Athlon X2 and Nvidia GT430, 2gb ram 2: AMD Ryzen 3600 and Nvidia 1050Ti, 16gb ram 3: Intel i3 laptop, Nvidia 520m, 4gb ram Even on the shared family laptop, I did not have any crashes even after 45 minutes of playing. I did eventually stop due to various script glitches. On the new PC I have right now, I do not have any traffic light issues but I believe it is because I capped the FPS to 60.
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