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  1. Its not NYC style but there is something similar to that implemented.
  2. The DNRC based brush trucks have rear piping. I'll be working on a set of invisible connectors for these so that hoses dont look too oversized or misaligned ingame.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Best known as the lightbars used by Chicago PD for a long time, and also featured in the Blues Brothers. Model by itchyboy. Credit must be given for use of this content. Not for commercial use! You are not allowed to make money from this model. Converting this model to other games besides the Emergency games is prohibited. Reuploading this file to other sites besides emergency-planet.com and emergency-forum.de is prohibited.
  4. I don't have one unfortunately. I just keep modding, working and eventually this thing will be finished, like the Miami mod.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here are some vintage Federal Signal beacons and the "first lightbar ever", the Visibar. All models made by me. Credit must be given for use of this content. Not for commercial use! You are not allowed to make money from these models. Converting this model to other games besides the Emergency games is prohibited. Reuploading this file to other sites besides emergency-planet.com and emergency-forum.de is prohibited.
  6. Some good news I can share is that the "variant switcher" to change cars works. I can't make the 80s vehicle spawners for MP because...the 80s fire apparatus and ambulances have not been made yet.
  7. Only rotary lightbars will have the effect. I wanted more contrast between an LED, strobe and halogen lightbar and this was my way of doing it.
  8. Here's an update to that rotator light effect from yesterday. I've included it in Montana Mod too and I look forward to when you guys can see this for yourselves. I've also reconsidered yet again and I might be adding more POV's to the main set, add another 4 just so that the VFD actually responds at night.
  9. A smaller update to the mod is that I have begun adding in the unit.xmls, icons and text for the playable units. Just a minor thing but this is something I am preparing to do because the playable units are almost final. I will get to the POV's eventually but I'll release the first set in the initial release of the mod.
  10. itchboy

    Dallas Mod (WIP)

    In the future, please don't bump dead topics. This thread clearly hasn't been active in many years, please use common sense and look at dates.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVA6RyG5XjQ I can't believe it; Mickey Mouse saved my ass by getting me angled shots of these vintage LAFD rigs.
  12. I'm throwing it in for sake of the original mod. There's already another 2 airport units in the mod btw, along with the crash tender so I wanted to at least fill it enough. I would someday like a proper map of LAX and the Port of Los Angeles (for any era or mod), but that will be something for the future. I do hope that some people reading these posts will be willing to help there. There isn't really going to be a distinct deluxe map, I'll probably make deluxe events on the current LA mod map and settle it there. I do have plans for another project involving the Em3 map so stay tuned
  13. Here's the latest updates to the PD fleet. Port Warden is merely Port Police pre 1987 or so. The rest are variations of cars already in the mod such as LAPD's 1986 Caprices, CHP Diplomat with Jetsonic lightbar, and also, 2 older Airport Police units were added. These units (and a lot others) don't have their rotator light effects done quite yet; we're saving that for when everything is finalized. Aerodynic and Jetsonic lightbars by EmC unit, all other work by me including the LP6000 lightbar.
  14. Those cars were ass and I'll probably put them up as non playable civilian vehicles. EDIT: That rotating light demo that I said was a fail? I found another way to do it, but it isn't perfect. https://youtu.be/oCcWylicJWI
  15. Hey man I'd like to request that you refrain from double posting (posting consecutively twice within a short period of time) If you have something quick to change or add, please use the edit button. The upcoming CHP slicktop cars include a 1992 CVPI. LAX Police has a 1993 which is pretty much the same. Plain clothes officers are up for consideration, but it won't be anything major; I'll just reskin the "Profiler" to a detective. The ingame label and setup wont change, but the person icon probably will.
  16. - I already have the Unitrol Omega implemented into the mod for those vehicles. - I wont be adding shotguns to the submod. - There already is a random vehicle script in the game, and a variant changer will be implemented in the future. - The Caltrans van is a 1996-1997 which works based on all the other mid 90s cars in the submod. - I wont add CHP and LASD into the unmarked vehicles because the unmarked units are LAPD spec anyway - No I won't add an AMC Matador in there. Anything 60s that isn't a fire apparatus won't be included. - I will add ONE supervisor statio
  17. Yes I would be interested. You can post it here or by PM. I do have plans on including a minimal amount of sheriff SEB to replace the missing "LAPD Rescue 2" from the original LA mod. SEB officer and tactical vest texture by Hoppah, converted from the LA mod. My plan is to add the Cadillac Peacekeeper and one of the old Chevy SEB utilities. I will get to these after I finish the FD/EMS expansion of the mod.
  18. I've finally replaced the SWR with a fictional unit based on their real plug buggy trucks. I also added in a CHP Impala. Credit to bama1234 for these GM/Chevy pickup and SUV models.
  19. Everyone in the thread has the correct idea with regards to the era switching idea. The variant switcher (not to be confused with the era switcher) is merely being implemented to save on load times and menu listings of vehicles. I don't want to implement so many unit.xmls to the point that it will double the initial loading time. The variant switcher solves that problem. This is something that will be implemented due to people's criticisms of there not being a callable unit for the 1996 Caprice Slicktop, among many others. For the 80s and 90s switcher, I have decided to go with a veh
  20. I have no plans on doing this. Last one for the night. Credit to bama1234 for his GMC Sierra model that I converted into a Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado, etc.
  21. Thanks. I'll fix the bug. An important thing to remember is, the MCU isn't supposed to even be in the game; I only left it in because people would need it in campaign. In real life, LA has no MCU, and they certainly did not have it in the 80s/90s. Most likely I'll keep it but I won't change it because it never existed to begin with.
  22. I'll allow this topic bump because it is actually helpful advice.
  23. I would like to run this concept by everyone: Would you guys like an 80s/90s switcher? A simple script line in the scriptthat allows you to switch between a start spawn script of 1980s or the 90s style that is present in the mod right now. Say, change false to true in the script to make the playable units that spawn at the start be all 80s. Another option I had is to use the MP vehicle spawners but in single player to spawn 80s vehicles or 90s vehicles depending on user choice. I prefer this choice because you don't have to go into the scripts, however you will have to do this for ev
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