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  1. Would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Some time ago I've signed up for Emergency Planet, my password manager filled out my full name then, never really looked back since I wasn't very active. Recently I've started some development work on EM4 mods, just to be prepared I'd like for my username to be changed to something else, would that be possible somehow? I'd like for it to be: Belchdot
  3. same here. The INSTALL.txt says: Paste the file FFAA MCOE MOD to "MODS" (example:C:/Programs Files/Emergency 4-Deluxe Edition/Mods) Execute Emergency 4 and select "Extras" on the main menu and load FFAA MCOE MOD. After, select "Emergencias" and select City/Ciudad 1 and enjoy the mod! But I have no clue where to select the city. If I just start the freeplay I can drive around with units, but no missions appear. Am I forgetting something?
  4. So I saw that a lot of people are wondering whether EM5 will be published in English, and if it would be included in the 30 october release. Here's their response: Cheers to all the non-German speakers I was not able to respond to the announcement topic, so I give this topic a go.
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