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  1. What is the installation directory of your game?
  2. We are talking about https://store.steampowered.com/app/491530/Notruf_112__Emergency_Call_112/?l=dutch right?
  3. Which phone are you using?
  4. Tried it with a test tool. Working like it has to right now. Can you confirm this?
  5. Well Phoenix Games bought Promotion Software which is Sixteen Tons Entertainment and Quadriga Games
  6. Hi and welcome to the forums. Did you try a clean install of the new GPU drivers? ?ERROR: dynlight.vsf Version or higher required! Is mostly due to drivers
  7. Have you tried making the file read only?
  8. Have you tried making the file read only?
  9. Unfortunatly the picture is not loading. Can you tell me wich theme you ar eusing?
  10. Will check what I can do to show it on the low resolution too
  11. Yepp been months. Read about emergency one a few weeks ago for the first time so my guess is that there is something
  12. Thanks for the info, Ill see if I can get any info
  13. Updates first post with fixes. If there's something else, let me know here
  14. Thanks ill check that with my phone
  15. Hello, I have performed an upate for the forum and server software. This caused a small down time. We are now up and running again. At this time I am checking the mail issue. - Updated forum to new release - Updated Server - Implemented HTTPS for the whole site - Implemented Security checks on our e-Mail server --> This should fix all e-mail issued users had
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