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  1. this mod has legit been WIP for almost 10 years (a decade) is there any planned release date
  2. Is there any way for me to get River Falls mod?
  3. I had to reinstall EM4 a few days ago, and when I went to reinstall it, the game fininshed but in the game files the only thing there was the data folder.
  4. Anyone know where I can get the Iconic Michigan State Police beacon light?
  5. whens this new update coming out. been waiting for soooo long
  6. This mod has been a WIP since like what? 2012... is it ever releasing?
  7. so how exactly do i add it
  8. Once I am finished on my mod, I might work on a South Metro mod.
  9. The lights on west coast canadian mod have white boxes, mainly the lights on the fire chief tahoe, but on other cars too. Replacing coronas didnt work
  10. This is a mod that I have been working on since March, It is finally done. It is based out of Hudson city New Jersey. It runs off LA Mod 2.1 When I made this mod, I mainly focused on Fire Department. However Police is still fully operational with Police calls. This mod will be posted on https://www.em4resource.com/ on July 1st. and possibly here aswell.
  11. I have a mod i would like to be uploaded here to the website. it is a la sub mod https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14V2tQqbzPfiPbHPIQRmYrUVB_nDVrb6w?usp=sharing
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