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  1. Greetings all, Alright, so I've got an idea for a modification: my hometown of Evanston, IL. We're located along Lake Michigan just north of Chicago, and we've got some pretty neat stuff in terms of emergency services that could make for an enjoyable player experience. I'm brand new to modding and have never made a mod before besides tinkering around with sound files, however I'd love to gradually learn some stuff and hopefully make a playable mod sometime in the near future. If anyone's open to showing me the ropes, I'd love to have a conversation and listen to what you have to say. I can be reached via Discord, my username is Tboltguy1000#6179. I know this is somewhat of a longshot, but I just thought I'd reach out and see if anyone's got any thoughts on this. -Milo
  2. Update: I didn't do it right, lol. Sorry folks, currently trying to get this fixed. Do not download or replace any files yet. I tried replacing the sound file for the pager sound effect with the one I created and nothing played when I paged the volunteers.
  3. Hi all, I've been playing EM4 for forever now, and I've been wanting to get into modding and get involved with the community. So, I thought I'd do something super simple first and share it. One of my favorite mods is the Montana mod version 2.0.1, I love the feature where you can page volunteer firefighters whenever there's a fire run. However, to add an extra layer of realism to the mod, I added a fire siren/whistle that will activate right after you page the volunteers. To install this mod, simply go into the mod folder, then go to audio, then miscellaneous, then scroll down to "Volunteer Pager" and replace it with the file I've provided. If you'd like to use this for your mod, that's fine by me, I just ask that you give me credit. The pager sound effect may belong to one of the mod developers, so definitely clear it with them first. volunteer_pager.wav
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