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  1. Hello, I've never bothered with submods for the LA Mod unfortunately, so I can't tell you much about this one.
  2. Hello, I haven't been active in like months, so first all... OH GOD, the forum looks different. I can't handle this. I kept a neat archive of all released mods I made, so I've reuploaded this tiny mod. You can find the links in the first post. No alterations have been made to the mod package. Hoppah
  3. Because we're on a powertrip and entitled to do that Because it was originally pinned in its old forum section. I just moved the topic to this section and it remained pinned when we were closing the other mod-sections. Thanks for pointing this out, you've been nominated for 'user of the month'.
  4. Dear forum people, friends, enemies, family, acquintances, strangers and foreigners, We've decided to re-arrange the main Emergency sections. Since Emergency 4 is still the most popular section in regards to modding I wanted to move it up in the index. Me and I'm sure many others constantly clicks the wrong 'Mods' section when I wanted to read progress on Emergency 4 mods. I always ended up in the Emergency 5 mods section by accident. We've also had it happen that people created EM4 topics in the Emergency 5 section. The new order is: Emergency 4 Emergency 2012, Emergency 2013 & Eme
  5. In my opinion your posts in this context is more or less just to antagonize, which from what I have seen is pretty much a common issue with many of your posts. Instead of being constructive and offering advice on how to improve what you believe is "fake" you instead offer no advice on how to improve the quality. If you want to comment and discuss the quality of someone's efforts please be more elaborate and maybe they can take your ideas and implement them into the projects to try to improve them. You have not provided anything of any use to be helpful to him in improving what you've judged
  6. We probably both will remain active on the forums for a while. At least I'll be monitoring other projects and see how they progress and if people behave. For now, I just pull my hands off modding. We'll see what the future brings.
  7. We made a lot of process lately, but unfortunately we decided to put the mod on hold for an undefined amount of time, perhaps forever. We already worked out many great new functionalities which weren't shown on screenshots yet and tier 1 of our mod was already playable. MikeyPI handcrafted tons of new beautiful vehicle models and I took care of the scripts, the map and great deal of the objects and buildings for the map. That said, both me and MikeyPI have a feeling that many of our added stuff will be jacked without any regard once we release the mod in public. We've put massive time in it,
  8. You may be very well right there would be positive sides if everything was free to take, BUT it should be a modcreators free choice to make his stuff opensource and not a ground principle that stuff is free to take, alter and distribute again. That point is what -generally speaking- people tend to miss here, no matter if the original authors are properly credited. This thought is pushing out a lot of talented people.
  9. Pretty much of 'their' scripts and the entire base of the original (Manhattan) mod was developed from the LA Mod in the first place*, but lets just totally forget that right? Very convenient to try to 'win' an argument and turn things around. Now try again without posting half-truths and your post will get an entire different meaning. It summarizes, in my opinion, the current mindset of many users/modcreators at this moment. And no, ego doesn't have much to do about it otherwise the LA Mod would've never been an opensource project to inspire other modcreators, NYCERU included. Which seemed a g
  10. What drama and bullcrap are you exactly refering to?
  11. I've heard about the Intel problem before. What's exactly the problem with intel with EM4? Can you elaborate it? I've only heard the Manhattan mod didn't really work with intel that good. I've always had computers with intel processors too and I never had problems. My current cpu is an Intel Xeon. Is there anything mod-creators should take into account to make their mods perform stable with intel processors too? In my opinion his problem has to do with graphics cards or drivers. The white box problem may be an issue with integrated graphics only, which imo isn't shocking. Generally speaking
  12. Hello guys, Some new screenshots! Lately we've been mostly working on new buildings and filling the map a bit up. We're making good progress on that. but there is stil a lot that needs to be done. We can hopefully release some more information regarding gameplay soon. Just like Meik and NFK said, we take our time. I wish I had more time to work on the mod, but a fulltime job is unfortunately demanding.
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