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  1. Real life happens... most of y'all dont seem to realize that. Itchboy has things going on IRL that he has to (and should) take care of first before he can do anything here.
  2. would def be cool to see a south metro mod
  3. thats because it is that model (called HME Rat I believe)
  4. Version 1.0.0


    The Whelen Centurion was one of the brightest rotator lightbars to enter the market, and it is now available for use in mods for Emergency 4/911 First Responders! Credits go to Itchboy for original 52" model, and ThinBlueLineKY4 for edits to that model, research into the lengths of the short and long center domes, and editing into all other lengths using that research data to edit the model and make realistic models of the various lengths of the Whelen Centurion lightbar accurate to which domes are used in each model. For public use, but must credit Itchboy and ThinBlueLineKY4 in the mod readme. Whelen Centurion models in this pack: 22" Mini 48" (for sedans & some SUVs) 52" (for some SUVs, trucks, and small fire trucks) 60" (for medium fire trucks) 72" (for large fire trucks) Dome colors included in this pack are red, white, and blue (in the texture files for 48-60" models) and amber (in its own separate texture file). Simple editing of texture by erasing previous color and copying and pasting the color you want (without overlapping since dome texture is transparent) can be done to change the color of the lightbar! Enjoy!!!
  5. Out of curiosity, what font are you using for "Metro Police" on the side of the police cars? It fits really well with the theme/era
  6. Keep up the amazing work, Itchboy! Its nice seeing you bring in all these new models. Models that a lot of areas IRL use, but are overlooked in EM4 because they may not be the big urban city or suburban area a lot of these mods today are based on.
  7. HOLY MOLY, I am in LOVE with all those old pickup truck and truck cab models. Also love those custom cab models too . Keep up the amazing work, Itchboy! Hmmm, that blue F-150 looks really familiar....
  8. I’d keep all trucks. It’s a small town so more than likely has mutual aid for calls with eachother. In montana, there are quite a few highways where the speed limit is fastest safe speed. Not that fire trucks would go very fast, but id say all of Dillon VFD should stay in the mod.
  9. Depends on if that’s the closest department or not. If so, it may respond to many calls when requested by the next district over. Multi alarm structure fires they would definetely respond. Large brush fires, they may automatically respond on the first alarm.
  10. Those are just the map textures, right? I’m looking for the whole map. Idk if they are already in the game though. I’ll double check today and edit this comment to say whether or not the maps are in there.
  11. I know the map textures are available to download on this website, but I’m trying to find out where I can find the whole maps (texture and map files with everything on it. “Pre-built” you could call it) and download them. Those EM4 maps are: EM4 Freeplay Map EM4 Deluxe Freeplay Map EM4 Campaign Map EM4 Multiplayer Map Note that the names I typed are exactly what the maps textures on here that I want are called. Any help is appreciated. Please and thank you.
  12. It is possible, and someone who may join the team may know, but if it goes to the hospital and has 1 stretcher crew, it can only carry 1 dead body. Would need two stretcher teams to carry 2 dead people.
  13. You would have to send it off map if it gets used and re-call it back. I will have it on map though for there is 1 whole ems bay at HQ available right now (2 ambulances deep). Still have 1 medic spot open at HQ station, but idk if it will be used yet. Also deciding whether or not to make the MCU staffed for ease of use, or whether you will have to have on map ems and fd personnel staff it. Also deciding how many personnel it can carry, since its more than likely going to be the la MCU unit or a school bus and it doesn't need an active stretcher crew to keep and hold the patient inside the MCU (like the coroner can put multiple dead bodies inside with one stretcher team. Speaking of coroner, i may put a coroner van in the ems station in that one open spot. Also, everyone, EMS UPDATE!!!! YAY!
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