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  1. Hey, I love your NYPD mod, I have one question though, How do I make the ESU members equip the AR-15, Ballistic shield, and the MP5?

    From: 911Nocheeze

    To: MikeyPI

  2. Well, most likely it's your emulation software is using a generic video card instead of the proper one. You are using DX9c so that is most likely not the problem; but in your logfile you've got a generic vid card: My suggestion is to attempt to find a way to force the video card to actually be your actual video card via the emulation software. Without doing that you're being stuck with their emulated card which is going to be very basic in nature in what it can do and ultimately the game won't want to run correctly with it (the game was not designed for "generic" video cards).
  3. Texture files are just referenced in the model file where to look for them, the actual textures themselves contain the "size" for that portion, the model file just says materialX, look here for the texture and that's that.. What i'm thinking is if you've converted the file from some other format (like blender) it might be why your size is significantly larger than itch's. Quite often converted files will have duplicate verts and/or polys that raise their filesize dramatically.
  4. Two ways usually clear this problem, one is global axis: reset to parent/Reset to world (as itchy suggested) the other is to dump the file into some other format, try old zmod format (zmod1) and reimport. sometimes it just flukes at dumping and makes the scaling issue crop up. Usually exporting as some other format and re-import will cause the file to re-order and for whatever reason resolve it. Just make sure you reset the axis and recalculate the normals as a fail-safe in case the format you used flips them.
  5. Give me a bit of time to look into this issue, there does appear to be a problem with this file, if I can recover it I will repair the file myself, if not the Authors will have to repair it.
  6. From your statement it seems the files are downloaded correctly, but are not unpacking correctly. Some files on here come in mod files that are loaded via the modinstaller, in those instances run the mod installer as an administrator and it should be able to install them. As for the mods where it is simply the mod folder it's self, you would do best to unpack the files to your desktop and cut and paste from there into your game's mod folder (sometimes UAC will prevent transfer of files into program files). If this is not helpful give an example of which file you've tried from this site which does not work and we can attempt to walk you through it's proper installation.
  7. Many mods had (or have) a released copy of them which lands them into the released mods when it comes to the newer pages of them. Originally the site did not have so many various categories, just simply one category for all mods to be within. When we transitioned to the new format it simply was not practical to move all the older dormant topics that did exist into their respective locations. Many mods are abandoned for all intents and purposes but it simply takes too much time to filter through them given that we are an entirely volunteer staff on this site. Generally the newer/active topics should be relatively accurate on their location (with the exception of ones which the author(s) removed the download links for them). It is generally left to the author(s) of the topics to ensure their titles reflect their current status/state of development and release.
  8. Moved your topic to the appropriate location: since it's a topic for a model file it belonged in Dev Resources. No biggie Just trying to keep things clean.
  9. The bumper has places where the textures are not blended so you have vertical lines on it that need to be blended out. The wheels have places that have sharp brightness to them, i'd dull them down so that when it rotates it doesnt look weird as it goes... Simply darkening that segment to blend into the area around it tends to eliminate that and get rid of the visual "wobble" due to the texture having highlights.
  10. I don't believe EM4 had a particularly "strong" modding suite of tools for it, if not for Oleg with Z2 I don't think it would've went anywhere (sure blender came much much later, but without Z2 it would not have gotten that far). 5 is in much the same boat as that goes, the dev tools frankly are clunky, nowhere near well documented enough and the game it's self has many flaws: This is pretty much where em4 was when it came to be; the diff being that em3 carried over much of em3's modding utils (and format) so that eased the process even though to my eyes em3's editor was more "complete (most the stuff in it actually worked). Em5 would require people who are figuring it out to be more open with how-to do it along with "ease of use" tools external from the devkit they provided to make a go of it, plus people who would actually want to take the time to do it. Most people from em4 were expecting em4 with better toys/graphics to build with but to retain the existing structures and such, that really was wishful thinking but one would've hoped they at least tried to detail how to go about it better. To find the "heyday" of the community you really gotta go back even further to around 10 years ago when there were far more people modding and far more interest in doing it, itch's arrival brought with it some new models but really did not see anything other than visual updates: the game saw it's best strides when people were still finding new/exciting things to do with it. Whether EM5 does anything who's to say, that's up to the devs that want to tackle it and try to mod it. Comparing emergency to other games out there really is a fool's errand because it filled a fairly niche market, one which as of to date I've not seen much in the way of competitors for: First persons and 3rd persons are not what emergency tried to be and as such should not be compared anymore than "call of duty" would be to RTS.
  11. In simple terms: Those who could mod EM4: Moved onto other things and/or outgrew modding as a whole. The game is seriously dated and has it's limits like any other game out there, for the most part those limits are kind of where it's at now. Pretty much leaves scripted-based mods and/or moving on out of this game since those who can do it are not likely to spend time making the same thing over and over with different scenery to boot. As Itch described EM5 was a disappointment to many of those who were around during their release time for the game and remember quite well the promotion vs final product delivered. While sure it probably is relatively modable as games go, those who were from EM4 are not likely to want to transition. Couple that with a lack of "new" motivated modders who'd have to either learn EM4 or EM5 (not just reskining existing stuff, there ya go... Too much work for most out there, they'd rather have just went into a different game.
  12. Even with a High-end PC this tends to happen: The trick is fairly simple: Break it down into sections, make a "map" but break it down into an acceptable size for your performance cap whatever it may be. From there you work on each segment as though it's an independent selection. I find it best to simply work with "generic" placement guides first (IE keep it to like 16 colors using lines to denote locations of crap or paintbucket fills to tell u where something is supposed to go. Make sure everything aligns correctly when you merge the layers down and paste them together into the full-scale map. Once this is done then you open each segment within your paint program and simply fill in the blanks till you have a proper looking section, rinse & repeat for each segment until they are filled in. Merge the layers down on all your segments so you are working with a single texture file (Save it as something else but keep the original preferably layered sections of the map in case you have to mod it later). Lastly re-compile each segment of the full map back into a fullsize texture. When this is done you should have a decent looking map that shouldnt need too many edits so long as you aligned everything well in the original "base" raw-color format of the segments. This method isnt fool-proof but it's certainly better than trying to make a full-scale texture, particularly if your paint app is not 64-bit enabled.
  13. 1). There is no "mod installer" provided on this forum: The game comes with this file included with it; as such we do not provide this file since it is included with the product. 2). Different vendors will install the game to different locations: mine for example installed to "\Program Files (x86)\WizardWorks\911 - First Responders\" Depending on which version of the game you've purchased dictates many things, it's one of my largest complaints about this title and troubleshooting it.
  14. Mike, Do you know what can be a problem for me connecting with others?   I am trying to play a multiplayer and this my first time playing with others and I get the message say " Checksum error: Server and Client Different files!"   I have Hamachi and we did Lan and Direct and Internet.  Still getting that message.  We both try to host as well.   I purchase my from Amazon and he didn't....   Can it be different Programs like 911: First Responders can't play with those who have Emergency 4?

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