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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hey Guys I made this command Post for anyone to use as long as you credit me if you put it in your Modification Enjoy!
  2. Hey Dyson whats new Lately man i cant seem to msg you on FB bro 

  3. Sorry Hoppa I did not pay attention i got it to work now thx for the great program!
  4. There are plenty of tutorials for modeling. What I would do is build one from sketchup and then import it into zmodeler and go on from there.... I don't know if your familur with those two programs but that's What I would start of by using. The rest is all a different ball game. ☺ good luck
  5. thx for the Tutorial im just wondering how do i make my sirens Mono format  
  6. im Knew to scripting. Im Making a mod based on the City Of Niagara Falls Canada ( My Home Town) Could someone please help me with adding the Alarms?
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