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  1. I think that's fine. Having a flexible volunteer script sounds like a kick-ass idea!
  2. Got to have the paramedic treating the patient AND the patient selected
  3. I feel like have a few Volly's responding to the scene can be useful, if i think of the odor of gas callout, it would prevent sending an entire engine crew to the call if a couple guys arrive first and can tell if it's a false alarm or not. You could then cancel the engine quicker since there's no need for a response.. Also, i feel like it kinda matches the small town vibe if we get guys directly on scene too.
  4. Also little thing, is there a way to turn the traffic advisor without shutting down the whole lightbar? I saw in the guides you can turn it on without affecting traffic, but it would be cool at an accident scene to be able to keep the emergency lights on and redirecting traffic with the advisors. (Maybe like Shift+click = advisor on, lights off and CTRL+Click = advisor on, lights on)
  5. I've had the car accident bug too, you get the oil spills and what not, but the car is invisible. As for roof venting, you need the k12 Saw, (Hold Shift and select the chainsaw) I must say I had a giggle when I heard the SimCopter Evacuation message when I used the P.A xD Great work by the team! Worth the wait!
  6. So I got it working, with a slightly different method though...I couldnt get PushAction to work, so what I did instead, is when the command is initiated, it removes the TurnFloodLightOn command and replaces it with TurnFloodLightOff instead. (Since v.EnableSpecialLights(true); already makes them turn on). And that took care of it! Thanks for the help peeps! Was kinda fun even though now I can kinda feel what devs are going through when making new scripts and testing them..I understand the hair pulling now..
  7. So good news, I got it working, but now the only thing is it doesnt activate it in the bottom portion of the "vehicle commands"..I have to click the flood lights to turn it on, and then click them again to turn them off.. since they are not activated in the vehicle control buttons, if for example I send them back to station, the lights stay on, because the return to station script thinks the lights are off. (Because they appear so in the vehicle controls) Any fix to make the EmptyCar script activate it in the vehicle control menu? Because otherwise the script works, it's just I need to find a way to make them activate the same way as if I pressed the button in the panel Thanks!
  8. yeah I was thinking about that..it was mostly to set it up so that when personnel gets out, it kinda does the same thing as when emergency services put their vehicles in "park". White lights stops flashing, flash pattern slows down, I already have all of that setup, I just needed a script to bring it all together cuz i found it a little bit annoying having to turn off blue lights, then activating special lights... a little script could be helpful Thanks for the input!
  9. Hey! I’ve been digging around a bit trying to find a script that turns off emergency lights as the personnel exits the vehicle, and then turns on special lights (scene lights) once they are out. Is this even possible? (I mean theoretically, anything is possible, but im talking game mechanic-wise) I wouldn’t mind trying to create my own, thing is i’ve got no experience in scripting (although I like to tinker around with existing scripts).. any leads? Thanks!
  10. As long as its only claims and not strikes...your good lol Otherwise, nice rotators!
  11. Keep it up! Seeing that you are active in multiple projects and keep releasing work, your doing a terrific job! (As always! )
  12. Yeah,well I mean, if it’s possible to run 2 redirect scripts at the same time, theres no problem because you can redirect the oncoming traffic to the side of the road, but if for some reason you can’t run 2 redirect scripts at the same time, you will probably have to block the traffic.. but I don’t know... Itchboy is the only one that can anwser that. I’m just making suggestions..
  13. Out of curiosity, would it be possible to make it so that when the game recognises that you are using the new redirect script, it creates a “red traffic light” in the opposite lane, so that the cars stop, and when it detects that no cars are in the way, it makes the “light” green? I mean i’m not asking for you to do that, i’m just curious if the game has the abilities to do that..
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