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  1. I'm trying to make a sub-mod, I used to do it on my laptop but now I've got a desktop and it runs the game fine. Only problem I'm having is the editor just doesn't want to work with my resolution. I've tried almost all of the resolutions, nothing. It's either too big, or too small. I'm using my TV through my HDMI to graphics card which I'm sure is probably the problem. My resolution is normally 1600x1024 with 1080i Is there a way to fix it? Please help!
  2. *Disclaimer* I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct format, or in the correct topic but hopefully I am. Also, I don't know but who do I ask for permission to release this if it's based off LA Mod 2.1? Any how it's based off LA Mod 2.1 if you haven't noticed. I'm also getting back into the modding section of emergency 4, so at the moment it won't be much besides some skinning & vehicle replacements. If anyone would like to help, that'd be amazing. Thanks. Kansas City, Missouri. The place that is both amazingly beautiful yet has an absurd amount of crime. This mod allows you to view the city from a newly disptacher's perspective, of course with some extra fun & laughter. This mod will contain all sorts of departments ranging from Kansas City Police Department or KCPD which includes units from the K9, Traffic, homicide/gang divisions. The fleet will hopefully include Crown victorias, Dodge chargers, Taurus', and tahoes for Patrol. Traffic will have the same just with a reflective vest, and a few unmarked/slicktop crusiers. Homicide/gang will have completely unmarked units. Swat will have a S.W.A.T. truck, and a ford express truck. *Hopefully* I'll also be doing a few Missouri Highway Patrol vehicles which would just be patrol, and have a tahoe & charger. For city works, we'd have MoDOT as the engineers/motor assist. And have some company as the towing department. For fire, we'll obviously have Kansas City Fire department as the main with multiple units. Pumper, Rescue, Engine, Ladder, Truck etc. For EMS, it'll be apart of KCFD which will be housed at a KCFD station but there'll also hopefully be a separate house just for EMS. We'll also have mutual aid for all departments (PD, Fire, EMS) which is basically a mutual agreement between cities that if there's a incident and the city doesn't have enough units to spare, or send another citie's units respond & assist. It's done in all places of the U.S. Like California or the KC Metro for example; If there's a pursuit a city sends a couple of it's units for the pursuit so they don't use up all their resources, and then a few cars from every county around sends one or two units to assist. I'll try and add this, which would be from all sorts of citys from the KC Metro like Overland Park, Merriam, Lenexa, Olathe, etc. Just a car or two from each PD, and FD. Keep in mind, I'm the only one doing all this at the moment. So it's going to take awhile to get alot of this setup or even close to being setup. I don't know much besides skinning & replacing vehicles so alot of this at the moment is just a dream but hopefully someone can help & make it happen.
  3. Not sure if anyone's asked yet... But one question; "Dexter"? lol Definitely should add him in as someone
  4. I'm looking for vehicles that match the idea of these? It's Kansas City based. Thanks. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2016_03/c9b14d6a0b7c3b4396298bf4954f76c7.jpg.7d650634b4a1a0f3784d1c79078797bc.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2016_03/kansas-city-mo-police.jpg.6a5a47725dab93832d6536f288c6ea5c.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2016_03/15623214407_4bf834abd8_c.jpg.48ee9d9d010abcab59aabdf93ff8be3d.jpg
  5. Hello & Good Evening, Gents! It's been quite some time, Put my Mod on hold, recently, I've talked to a youtuber and kind of decided to make a Missouri highway Patrol Pack, which made me curious if We can switch a vehicle From GTAIV to EM4? Or, use the items GTAIV has (Development items like rambars and such) into EM4? Any knowledge if we can do that or not, would be much appreciated! Thanks! ~Jester
  6. After a while of not replying to this thread. I've have soon to yet find someone that can make more stations for me... I'm currently trying to get permission to use different mods for different things with this. (Using Mayberry 1.5 for the base So I'll actually have stations and stuff). I've also been playing other games, Cities:Skyline = Life right now <3 lol But in all serious-ness at the moment this modification will be put on hold, Please keep it unlocked to whoever reads this (Mods) I'll still post if I get permission or change anything with it, and begin to start progress with it again. Anyways, Jester out.
  7. I think that's too complicated? :/ I don't know, Would you happen to know how to make a station? (Like where they spawn at the station and return to the station?)
  8. Hello! and good day, from the Jester! Alrighty. So, Today I tried to change the vehicle from the Montana 1.0 mod. I tried to switch the brush truck with the Ambulance 03. but It didn't work, I suppose. It spawns there and everything... but once I make it leave the station (Generally there's always a Medical call once I start the game) It won't return to station. I put in the command to return to station through Editor, I changed some of the stuff with LAfirestationstart script. but, Idk. I don't know why it won't return. I'll give the script to anyone that needs to view it so they can find out why. Thank you & good day!
  9. Okay, So I've run into a Problem... I tried to transfer a car from one mod to my own (I got permission from that mod's owner) but for some reason the doors & wheels are missing?... I'm sure it's been asked before, but could anyone assist me with this?
  10. lol I Apologize, I'm definitely not that advanced. However could any of you guys help me with implementing that into my modification? I've posted a few pictures of a "Mock-up" or aftermath after a major situation. (Like the Active shooter, or a Hostage Rescue) on a Forum for Facebook. And everyone said I should try and get those added, So could anyone help me? It'd be much appreciated!
  11. True, but I don't really have a clue as how to implement that, plus I'm going to put this in my mod. (Which will be released hopefully soon) I'm wanting to basically have the "Active Shooter" go to a more populated area. (The Active shooter that's already in the game, Either is in a very low populated area and doesn't do much damage, or simply just does nothing when near people. I'm wanting it to be were the guy shoot up a place, people were injured and SWAT or someone had to respond and take him out. (And then it'd be a major call with over 15 units for police and like 10 units for Fire & EMS.)) If that's possibly, I'll message you for some more detail or something?
  12. Basically, in Freeplay. There's a Callout that has a Man with a Gun (A Pistol), I'd like to kind of edit it, where there the shooter with have a larger weapon (An M4 Probably) and will be in a Higher Populated area (Much like an Active shooter Scenario)... So, basically either edit that callout or simply make another call out like I just said. (A Man with a Gun, M4, in a Highly populated area) Much like an Active-Shooter situation.
  13. Hello! Okay, So the other day, I posted a picture which was basically a ton of Law Enforcement Vehicles from my mod along with Fire & EMS... I said It was what it would be like if I added in an Active-Shooter (Not the one with the Pistol, but something worse, like a M4 or something?) I understand to some people it may be disrespectful or just rude to make a mission/script or whatever because of how many active-shootings there has been in real life in the past few years. And I agree with that. but, This is only a game. and it's something that has happened in life, And we've got to deal with that. So, I'm going to try and add that in. but I'm not sure how to, I'm basically asking if anyone could help me with it, or just tell me how to make one? It'd be much like the "Active-shooter Call out" That's already in place, except instead of a pistol they'd have a larger weapon. And then you'd have to have more units on scene. Maybe call in SWAT and Fire & EMS. It'd just be a good situation (I think). I asked the people in a group for Emergency 4 I'm in, and they wanted it. So, I'm going to try and deliver it for them. Hopefully someone can assist me with this or atleast tell me how to do it? Thank you & Have a wonderful day! -The Jester
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