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  1. Ah, did some more digging and found the mod, it's the Sittingen mod, thanks anyways!
  2. Due to copyright I cannot send you the video, but it'll be provided when installing the London v1.3 mod. Also can you link me his yt channel? Thanks.
  3. In the London Mod installation file, there is a parking script demo video where it shows the parking script in use, in which the video was made by Freak 18991. The mod itself is of some type of German mod, and it looked quite amazing to play with. However Google searches and after a long period of attempts to find it out seemed to come with no avail. Does anyone know the person mentioned or know the mod in which I'm trying to find? Thanks.
  4. Is there a multiplayer map someone created for London 1.3? The London Multiplayer Mod is alright but the SP version is way more detailed and fun to play with, so have anyone edited the SP map to be compatible with MP? (not asking for this feature to be created and I don't think the author will even bother to do so, but just wondering if such options is available.)
  5. Just tested it on another mod, the Wegberg mod using its exe file. This time problems still exist for the installation file, but fortunately a reason is provided and I managed to use google translate to figure it out, it said that "there is an error naming a file" and that there are ?s in files that cannot be created. Those ? might be due to the fact that I only have English language pack installed. Perhaps that is the reason to the other problems?
  6. A separate SSD. I have 2 SSD, the HDD from my old PC and an external HDD, my OS runs on the SSD which is separate to the SSD I have em4 installed on.
  7. Well, the weirdest part is that I installed it on my newly purchased ssd, and it still has issues installing, but somehow the HDD is affecting it?
  8. This problem has been here since ~2014, but I never bothered to find the answer until now. Long story short, I started playing em4 in 2014, the .e4mod files tend to be corrupted 9 times out of 10, so I thought it was just like that since the beginning, fast forward a while, Bieberfelde mod comes out, this time it's an exe file for installation and I of course get excited since it's finally a mod that I can play, guess what, the exe file meets some type of error and stops midway. After a while, my PC broke down, so I started gaming on my laptop momentarily, found out that somehow .e4mod files and the Bieberfelde.exe worked, all was good. I then bought a new gaming PC, thinking all these problems would be solved since it's a new computer. I plugged my old HDD as my secondary drive since I didn't want to lose all the data on my old PC, and found my old emergency 4 folder. Eager to play it again, I downloaded the mods again, since those files had worked on a separate console, therefore it should work here as well. And then here comes the brick wall again, I got "this mod file is corrupt" and the BFE exe doesn't seem to be working again. Then I decided to try something out, I put the .e4mod file into an USB, plugged it into my laptop, and tried to install it. For some reason, it worked. I thought I had found the solution, I moved the whole mod folder onto my USB, which had the .e4mod mod and BFE, and transferred it onto my PC, low and behold, it loads and I managed to play freeplay, I was bloody excited that I can play these mods on my PC instead of my shitty laptop, just that it wasn't as easy as it seemed. Whenever an ALS unit gets dispatched elsewhere, it would work for 1-2 minutes, but after that, whenever I hover over the units, the game crashes, and for the .e4mod(it was winterberg btw), the whole dispatch panel just doesn't work, I clicked on group, whether it is the dispatcher or the table, nothing shows up and I cannot dispatch units, even the vehicle panel is bugged out showing red yellow and green lights all at once for the vehicle. I can play mods that have the unpack zip file available for download, just that for some reason, mods that have been "encrypted" within a e4mod file or some weird reason, the exe file itself, does not seem to work on this PC. I have been troubleshooting for 5 years by myself, I tried and according to google, making sure within regedit that the installdir for em4 is correct, etc, of course, I should've sought help earlier, but I'm having nostalgic flashback of playing these seemingly unplayable mods on my laptop a couple years back and want to play it on my PC. Note that couple years back when I still had my old PC, for CPH Airport and Agerskov mod, while their .e4mod file were corrupted as well, I contacted BMA and he gave me another .e4mod file which worked for some reason, after I had gave some PC specs to him. I don't know it's correlation to the issue, but maybe it could solve this mystery. Thank you. EDIT: Can mods please transfer this post to "Technical Related Support"? Had a brain fart and thought should be in modding, thank you. em4.cfg DxDiag.txt logfile.txt em4.cfg DxDiag.txt logfile.txt
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