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  1. I think a few areas in America's still use police ambos
  2. Is that Dulux events only in the deluxe version? Or will they be in the normal aswell?
  3. Just wondering how will this work on multiplayer? Call in the control panel that you want then do what you just did in freeplay?
  4. Me and my friend keeps crashing any idea why? Ive sent you a copy of our logs
  5. Not sure if been said before but dont see the Tiller Truck back part with ladder in mp
  6. Love how you changed the text for calling new units aswell
  7. Is that the normal Beiberfield being used as foundation or one of the submods for it?
  8. after you've installed that emergency planet one install this https://mega.nz/file/i14FWCqb#EqixUX-PLRU4N3v-r8J7MnaoqF7T5o5RDbY8vbMMvHM (Taken from the official Facebook page)
  9. they did return make sure you have most recent patch
  10. Asking for release dates is against site terms make sure to read up on TOS mate.
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