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  1. Solved!!! It was the LADummyEquipment that was missing! Thanks a lot!
  2. After i get the bag, the heal command turns grayed out (with the bag)
  3. I dont know. What i know is that nothing happens when i click remove equipment (maybe the emt bag is not recotnized as equipment?) and the heal command is not executable.
  4. I'm having this problem where the paramedic has the spineboard script (works fine), the get emt bag (works fine), but after he has the bag, the PcmdHeal command is not executable such as remove equipment. Can someone help? Thanks!
  5. I'm having this issue where people won't enter the cars! When i put the cursor over the vehicle, it just let me get roadblock and flash granade, but it won't let me get the guys in the car. Also, with the fire chief, the same problem happens!
  6. INEM: VIC PSP: UEP Inativação de Explosivos Credits: Civil Cars Cooperation
  7. Solved!! I changed the proto names and it simply worked
  8. //************************************************************************************************** // #Version 2.0# **** // **** // Includes: all Sirens **** // **** // 1.0| VCmdSiren **** // 1.1| DUMMYUpdatePos **** // 1.2| DUMMYDisableSiren **** // 1.3| DUMMYFindPath
  9. PSP: CP 3 TRÂNSITO 2 Credits: B.V. Lisbonenses Mod Civil Cars Cooperation
  10. Hey! I am having this issue where the sirens just don't sound... but it's only the police units. The ambulances work just fine, in the script file both police and ambulance units are correctly written but i don't know why in the police they don't sound. Help?
  11. PSP: UEP 2 UEP K9 Credits: godra
  12. RSB firefighters and INEM paramedics! Credits: GhostGraphicDesign B.V. Lisbonenses Mod
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