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  1. Private right now but might be released in future. (Taken from 1st post)
  2. https://firemark2014.wixsite.com/e4-mod-downloads/f
  3. Can you kill your patient by doing the wrong things? If so does it have any effect to your score or credits?
  4. https://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/135-feuer-texturen/ Not sure if this is any help
  5. No worries wasn't sure if it was a joke or not
  6. Looks fun just out of curiousity why is it spelt publick?
  7. That would be amazing lol or it suddenly appears during a lightning strike
  8. Is that Dulux events only in the deluxe version? Or will they be in the normal aswell?
  9. Just wondering how will this work on multiplayer? Call in the control panel that you want then do what you just did in freeplay?
  10. Me and my friend keeps crashing any idea why? Ive sent you a copy of our logs
  11. Not sure if been said before but dont see the Tiller Truck back part with ladder in mp
  12. Love how you changed the text for calling new units aswell
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