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  1. I still have some kind of hope that 16T will release a game with a little more modding capabilities in the future. But like stated above, it feels like they are all about money and not wanting feedback from players. But then why are they not allowing modding for em5. They would have made tons of money of off it. Make it as moddable as em4 and a step further. Profit for them and fun for us. So the question is just why...
  2. Could the reason for the size be because I have the texture files and you dont?
  3. Alright I finally got it working, I had to run zmodeler as admin for some reason. But for the size I have no clue. For me its always 5mb when I save but when I export it's 373kb
  4. I've tried everything I can think of plus what you said and nothing works
  5. Hello everybody! Hope you are all doing well! I have an issue with zmodeler. When I export the model in one scale, it exports into a much bigger scale. I then scale it back down with exact transform and exports it again but no luck. How do I fix this? Here is a picture to compare of the sizes. I want it to be the smaller one of course. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2018_02/0a25c54f8b94493d2a6a1a25f90af723.png.5b77270921be65ed96397d2d73857148.png
  6. Hey, it's been a while. I'm sorry that I just left without any explanation at all and that I started something once again that I didn't finish. I will no longer work on this mod. I'm not sure what I'm going to do within the emergency 4 modding community. Now I am thinking about doing something, whether that be a small project or a big one. Probably a small one. And my aim to finish it. Now I don't expect you to trust me or support what I'll do because I've never completed what I have finished. And that I am sorry about. Now if I decide to do something I'll make another thread about it and more info will be there. Any suggestions are very much welcome so if you have any please post them in this thread. Now I know I've already said this but again I am truly sorry for hyping up ''false'' things.
  7. Ok so I'm currently sick and have been for the whole week. I'll be continue work when I'm not sick anymore.
  8. I'm going to do my best to make models so it does fit in on the Blvd. I will contact you when I know more about units! Thanks! Now I will see what units I want to be in and start doing those.
  9. There is one very close to it. Clark County Station 32. It's between the Highway and the Blvd. I have no idea how to do this. I'll try to look into it though.
  10. There was an earlier poll that there was options to vote for either for me to focus on 1 area with the map being smaller or a big map with more than one area and fire stations. The option for smaller map won.
  11. New poll has been opened! Please vote and if you have another area you think I should do then please let me know so I can add it to the poll
  12. Yeah, all LVFRD stations does have ambulances which in this case is called rescues. 9 out of 42 of CCFD fire stations does not have rescues. So again depending on the station that is in the are there will probably be rescues at the station.
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