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  1. Have you thought about adding AMR? I saw they were founded in 1992, so it's good for the 90's set as a private ambulance
  2. Found a bug, when you spawn the 90's FD set battalion 4 will have lights on, you can't turn them on and off, its not even his ELS this is the latest version, 1.02
  3. taser is already in the mod (hold shift to get the option to draw it) K9 depends on EmC
  4. I have 2 suggestions that I thought about while playing the mod, 1. A preconnect would be cool, (will only connect water supply for the deck gun) 2, A script that you can tell the LACoFD equipment truck to go to the hospital for BLS escort. Example: call comes in about a heart attack, you send BLS and the equipment squad, one paramedic in the ambu and one in the squad, you send them both to the hospital, let the ambu drop off the patient and put back the paramedic in the squad. the script will send the squad to the hospital and wait for 1-3 minutes.
  5. Would be cool if there was some easter eggs for example: Dwayne Johnson on the beach (baywatch) Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett (Bad Boys) etc
  6. Yeah, someone explained it to me on discord, I got it working, thanks
  7. Sorry to reply with this huge gap in time but, can you post a correct example? I don't understand where to put it (or someone will explain)
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