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  1. hey itch, is there a estimated arrival on the car changer for PN? (no rush or anything just curious because its cool and useful
  2. Does anyone's else bomb dosen't explode? Like when the timer thingy ends the bomb just disappear (no sound or the bomb exploding animation)
  3. Looking fire, will all 3 of them be playable? another question, all the vehicles you show cased here will be playable when the mod is out?
  4. I hope this dosen't break the rules (if it is then don't answer) but, could you estimate the overall % of the entire mod? (including units, scripts, maps, etc.)
  5. Is this dead? its a shame if it is but what can you do
  6. I'm not sure if its a bug but if you get a supply line to the brush truck and then do a rely from the brush truck to a engine/the water tender, you can't get another attack line (I'm pretty sure its not because of the supply line)
  7. so after I added the new bugfixes and replaced the files, I got in the save and yes it does work if you add fixes
  8. If I got a save that has 20+ mins, when I put the bugfixes in, can I continue with that save or need to make a new game? also (this is me just asking you don't have to do it if you can't/don't want to) will you be able to update here or on the actual downloadable page for each version what you added/fixed, just so it will be easy to know whats new and what not
  9. I don't know if this a bug or you made it that way but you can't get the LAX fire engine water supply from hydrant I didn't test relay from engine to engine tho.
  10. Looking good! yeah like jennifer said, everyone needs a break
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