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  1. ALS medics would be located in the stations but the BLS private medical providers would either have to spawn in or I'd have to make a depot with indoor or outdoor parking
  2. I live here and I'm currently a fire explorer. I have extensive knowledge in both Milwaukee Fire & Milwaukee Police as well as the many private ambulance services. I was shooting for the Northview South County map more than Mayberry. Maybe even the LA county map.
  3. I have a great idea for making a mod. I have some small experience in modding on video games and I'm not expecting people to come on here and do work for me. I wanted to make this post so others know I am making this mod and show the plans. I don't know much about copyrighted maps, but I plan on using the Northview map with permission from the original map maker. I'm planning to make 3 police district stations to scatter around the map as well as using all 4 fire stations. Vehicles for police: -Three crown vic models including regular, slicktop, and unmarked -Van -Taho
  4. I can host a server of 4 people including me.
  5. I am personally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I saw that there was Milwaukee police and sheriff models and I was wondering if those people who are making those models want to or are creating a mod.
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