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  1. Most of the stuff in the config are just more in depth versions of the options such as shadows and stuff, but it also contains stuff like screen resolution and how far the camera can go in and out.
  2. Glad you had a backup. Looking forward to the next update.
  3. I think it might be a deluxe version only thing.
  4. It happens to me too, I think (I'm not good at modding so I could be very wrong) that the getaway car does not have a path.
  5. Wow that is a really good looking map.
  6. This forum has many LA submods. Which one are you looking for?
  7. I'm not an expert but maybe, just maybe there is a bush under/inside of the building.
  8. I mean you do start with a lot of money, the lack of money you are talking about is to make the game more challenging. The thing with calling two of the same units, that is just how the game is and I do not think that there has been a work around made yet. (You have to remember that this game was made around 2006 and that this limits the possibilities)
  9. I have never heard of this problem nor experienced it. Did you make sure everything was installed right?
  10. Try using a stretcher to pick them up, then place them back on the floor where you can treat them.
  11. Interesting that there is only one picture of it. I think it might be worth adding.
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