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  1. Some things I've noticed, in the freeplay original map it will let you buy more units but not in deluxe freeplay map. Also the call frequency is far too rapid. I had three major fires break out within seconds of each other, I'm glad that is fixed in the patch. Also the rate of fire spread. I've had a single bush catch fire and in the thirty seconds it took the fire engines to arrive the entire block was engulfed in flames. How do I install the patch by the way? I can't find a separate download for it. Do I have to re-download the whole mod or is it just in a separate zip folder and I can
  2. I had issues with it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It works for me in freeplay but not on some of the missions.
  3. The mod has been working great for me so far with no bugs or other issues. The problem I have is that I installed it under the LA Mod 2.1 file. Now the game is crashing when I try to enter freeplay mode, I tried using the map switcher. I am on Deluxe Edition. Should I reinstall the mod?
  4. This appears for all three of the follow up parts. Am I overwriting the stuff I already previously downloaded is my main concern. Should I rename them? Why is the download divided into four parts and what are the differences between them? http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2021_01/Capture.thumb.JPG.edb911b07a26ead1bde5da44fc6a61f5.JPG
  5. I downloaded all four of the different files but when I started unzipping them it says they are being replaced, how do I install it?
  6. Does installing this mod require you to copy and paste the files into the original LA Mod folder and replace the vehicle and siren files there?
  7. I re-installed the NYC Mod into Emergency 4 Deluxe. When I play the deluxe freeplay map about half of the police units sirens don't work. This is isolated to the police units and not fire engines and or other units. And its just the patrol cars and some of the vans and not all of the police vehicles. What is causing this?
  8. Okay, can you tell me any more of how to do this? Specifically the log part?
  9. I just installed the Manhattan Mod 3.0.5. Previously I had 3.0.0 It worked just fine but now that I installed 3.0.5 it instantly crashes the game when loading into freeplay mode. Is there something causing this? How do I fix it? Also when I try to play the Hong Kong Modification V2 it will without fail crash during the game when I play freeplay mode.
  10. You don't need to worry about the Miami mod, it's still going strong. They post most of their stuff on their facebook page.
  11. I just re-watched the Jaws series for the summer. You going to model these?
  12. You are using the Deluxe freeplay mode instead of the regular freeplay mode it launches a different map.
  13. This is my favorite from that gallery. This looks kind of like Venice Beach which would fit with the vehicle.
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