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  1. Thank you Itchboy, I will try the game out now.
  2. Good evening Emergency Planet folks. This morning I had the typical game crashes on start glitch start up again for no reason at all. I validated the game files on Steam and then got into it and set the resolution to the proper value. It seems to run as usual. I loaded up a game however, and that's where things got weird. Whenever I rotate the camera to point at playable objects through another object, this bizarre green highlighting appeared. Anyone know a cause for/a fix for this?
  3. Hello, unfortunately I have a new bug to report. I was playing the forest fire mission and when I clicked the rapid deploy button on one of the engines, all of the engines and firefighters on the map turned invisible. The button had worked just fine on previous missions and for the previous several minutes into this mission, so it was probably a one time, freak glitch. But I thought I should share it.
  4. Those federal SUVs look great. You have done some great work these past few months on this. I applaud you. Hey! Now you just need to go back to the 60's and 70's and do an Adam-12/Emergency themed addition to the mod and you'll have the complete set of Los Angeles themed vehicles. /s
  5. I don't have any glitches except the rotators are appearing behind the lightbar, centered on the middle of the vehicle.
  6. I think you have to transport people who were contaminated in ambulances even if they weren't patients.
  7. Another thing I noticed is that the lights seem a little bit disaligned to the rear when vehicles are in motion.
  8. I give this new update to the modification five stars. Only bug I've noticed so far is that the new LAFD Utility rig doesn't seem to be able to tow or lift things in the campaign missions, I've yet to try it in freeplay so we'll see.
  9. I have been checking this website every day waiting for Itchboy's return. And he does not disappoint. The new models are gorgeous and well worth the wait. Itch, you do great work and I think you've earned a respite. We're all capable of delayed gratification with regards to new content.
  10. I just saw that The Northern Alex has a beta of the new version that he made a video with. It looks great!
  11. Thank you. I'm sure I speak for more than one person when I say that I was concerned because I heard something happened and then he stopped posting for three months. As far as I'm concerned any creator's first priority should be themselves and their health and not making more content.
  12. The new update with the variant switcher between the 90's and 80's isn't released yet.
  13. Well, that is certainly the most... interesting... parade I've ever seen. Certainly the most 'Murican.
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