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  1. I can answer a couple questions. MPPD is capped at four. MPFD is also capped at four because of the size of the town, it's intended to make the player have to be creative about the resources they use and to rely on mutual aid with a delayed response, just like real life Montana. As for the engines, I don't know what their plans are.
  2. It certainly is great to see this updated again. I wonder how difficult the coding for the supervillain attacks will be? I always like to see something creative and original, as long as this game's been around and new stuff still coming out for it, makes me feel happy.
  3. Hey Itchboy, can we have a guide to the Script menu, which difficulties and presets trigger which calls?
  4. RHD was the Receiving Hospital Department. They ran ambulance services for the City of LA before the Fire Department took over EMS care in 1970.
  5. Oh I would love an Adam-12 expansion to this mod. The old RHD ambulances would look great in EM4.
  6. Still having some odd problems with the missing person callout. I got it again tonight and must've ran the dog around half of the map before I decided to call it quits, the victim just doesn't show up.
  7. I had an interesting bug. I had a missing person callout in the center of town and spent twenty minutes running the search dog all around the area but didn't find anything. Also for the life of me, I can only find tasers, no pepper spray, and the suspects never surrender but always fight after I taser them.
  8. Odd thing I noticed. When I used the Assess patient command it kept saying 'Patient Not Found' I tried it on at least four different missions last night, and was unable to use the advanced scripts. I just used the traditional EM4 script with a medical bag.
  9. Do we know for sure that they are using Itchboy's models for their mod? Some of the vehicle's especially the county fire engines look similar to the original Montana models, but their page says the vehicles are reskins from their other projects. It might just be that they decided to model a Montana mod in the same fictional town and county because they were inspired by the original mod but they haven't actually stolen anything. I mean, it sucks that they didn't come up with an original idea and haven't credited Itchboy for the idea of the town of Monida Pass being a location for a mod, but maybe they aren't thieves?
  10. Are you guys talking about the one on em4resource.com ?
  11. Personally I use police men's direct pedestrians feature to push the crowd as far back as fast as possible. Then I park a car right next to the guy with the sign, catch him quick and put him in the car as quickly as I can. That keeps the other people from killing my officers and ends it before they throw firebombs.
  12. Again, I direct you and others to the Miami Mod which was first released in 2009 and didn't see Version 2 until February of 2020. I don't see anyone complaining about how long the wait was now that its released and is a great mod. These modders devote their free time to this. This isn't their job nor do they make any money from it. So shove off, it'll be done when its done, unless you and the other complainers want to keep nagging and drive the creators off of the site like what happened with NYC version 2 back in 2015? This is mostly about private mods, but it covers impatience as well.
  13. Itchboy will be finished when he's finished. It took six plus years for the Miami Mod to finally be released and its a gorgeous piece of work that several people worked very hard on. Have patience and when the mod is released, you'll be able to enjoy it along with the rest of us.
  14. You can grab the victims with a paramedic and put them in an ambulance even if they aren't on the ground.
  15. Oh I know that that Newport was a homage car or something, I was just curious if they ever actually did use Newports in the LAPD and thought you'd enjoy seeing the car as a car that might've existed.
  16. Found this 1978 Chrysler Newport LAPD car. Neat tribute car even though the lighting is wrong. Do you think the LAPD actually used Chrysler Newports though? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wZZokByMkww/VQ_ni5Qj58I/AAAAAAAADuU/sUC_drTKtuE/s1600/1978%2BChrysler%2BNewport%2BPolice%2BCar1.JPG
  17. It was still responding to calls back in February. Might've been retired since then.
  18. I have a cousin who is a volunteer firefighter in Ravalli County, MT. He told me that their oldest truck is a 1974 Ford brush truck on a pickup chassis similar to this one. http://media.liveauctiongroup.net/i/7443/9197799_1.jpg?v=8CC87BD44FFA290 It's certainly possible that smaller areas would have trucks a decade older. I live in Los Angeles, our neighboring county agency, Orange County Fire Authority, has a 1970 Crown foam tender that they keep in active service.
  19. Thank you Itchboy, I will try the game out now.
  20. Good evening Emergency Planet folks. This morning I had the typical game crashes on start glitch start up again for no reason at all. I validated the game files on Steam and then got into it and set the resolution to the proper value. It seems to run as usual. I loaded up a game however, and that's where things got weird. Whenever I rotate the camera to point at playable objects through another object, this bizarre green highlighting appeared. Anyone know a cause for/a fix for this?
  21. Hello, unfortunately I have a new bug to report. I was playing the forest fire mission and when I clicked the rapid deploy button on one of the engines, all of the engines and firefighters on the map turned invisible. The button had worked just fine on previous missions and for the previous several minutes into this mission, so it was probably a one time, freak glitch. But I thought I should share it.
  22. Those federal SUVs look great. You have done some great work these past few months on this. I applaud you. Hey! Now you just need to go back to the 60's and 70's and do an Adam-12/Emergency themed addition to the mod and you'll have the complete set of Los Angeles themed vehicles. /s
  23. I don't have any glitches except the rotators are appearing behind the lightbar, centered on the middle of the vehicle.
  24. I think you have to transport people who were contaminated in ambulances even if they weren't patients.
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